Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Busy much?

Yesh, I'm still busy, as usual. I've written a post about Koperasi Week, but it's not done yet. I'm planning to write about TDC Reunion and Animangaki, but I haven't had the time. I shall post about it, once I have the time. @__@

For now, I'm just here to show off some poems I wrote during English Society meeting! Woohoo! Wrote it in minutes. It's shooo fun. :D I can't remember what's the first style of poem called(starts with "C"), the latter is called a Diamante.

Round, profound
Blinking, twinkling, shining
Future - I see with

Excitement, fulfillment
Changing, breathing, growing
Start. Impermenance. Permenant. End.
Lurking, frightening, diminishing
Dark, empty

And also, I have a :writing blog:. Go visit it, although I update it infrequently. :X

At this time, I need to attend to Persephone. My piano exams are around the corner and my mum has been rather obsessed with me practicing. Meeps. I'll be back soon? :X

Quote of the Day: "Achtung baby! Today we play it my way!" - Klavier Gavin, Ace Attorney.

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