Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Done done done done~

Whooooopie! I just came back from my piano exam! GOODNESS. It was soooo nerve wrecking. My exam was delayed because there was no steward at Venue 2. I was supposed to start at 9.59am, but I went in half an hour later I think... The examiner came out of the room and brought me in. I was getting all nervous and he was like smiling and then he said...

"Exciting day today, isn't it. :D"

Um, yeah, I guess. 8D" My examiner was yet another gay(as in happy) white haired Englishman, just like my gay(as in happy) grade 2, 4 and 6 examiner. So this dude who asked me how my day was is Donald Ellman. He's a really nice and friendly man. I think he was trying to get me to be less nervous, but I was literally shaking! And it was so cold in the room! My hands got all numb and hard I slipped some of my scales and arpeggios. And even in the middle of my second piece! AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! But I really liked how my Nocturne sounded on the piano, it was so awesome. :D My best piece, I guess. Aural test was okay, but I think I screwed my sight singing. Same goes to my sight reading. But I feel that he was being really lenient on me already.

So, I cross my fingers for a pass? 8D

Now I shall go check my 53 e-mails, read Naruto and Fruits Basket, test out Stepmania, play Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations again, and then go to school for my English Society meeting. I'll blog more once I get back. 8D


Quote of the Day: "Art is a bang!" - Deidara, Naruto.


  1. well... we can only hope for the best and that you pass.
    haha, why not bring gloves next time if you're cold..?
    gues it's sort of standard that everyone gets nervous before exams.
    yeap, just cross for fingers and hope.

  2. Lawl, I won't be able to play the piano with gloves. xD


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