Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Still More Happenings

Lalalala~ Busy as always, which results in late blog post.(reaaaally late)

First of all, Koperasi Week!(22-26 June) I finally found back teh awesomeness of Koperasi since my form 2 days! Aaaaaah~ Greenies!

I was the emcee for both officiation, which includes the Monday afternoon assembly and Tuesday morning assembly. And as we all know, after the whole officiation, the greenies would sing "Semangat Koperasi", the noctorious song for making us look like weirdos. We sing it with pride!

Although I was supposed to be stationed at the Boeing 747 booth, I have been running everywhere as the camera(wo)man. Puhlease, my camera skills are too owhsm to deny. =D

I'll let the pictures paint the words. :3

Teh awesome me!

Too touched for words!

I see the head!

Rubix Challenge Booth

Some of my artistic shoots :3


The Lame Gang

Koperasi rules!

For pictures, please add me on Facebook and check out my album. =D And since I'm lazy, please visit :Rayhan's Blog:.

At the same time during the week, I was busy doing my Star N.I.E Mag. Inc. project. It's the project from Star Newspaper where you have to make a magazine and you earn pizzas! Obviously, I'm doing it just for the pizzas. =D So did my group members, Jasmine, Phei Wen, Bing Xi and Wai Howe. We even added a 3 minute video to earn a regular pizza instead of the original personal sized pizza. Owhsm~

It was a lot of last minute work, as usual. We did most of the arrangement of the magazine on Wednesday at school. Since I was still bringing my camera to school for the whole week, I snapped some pictures while we were working at the Computer Lab.

It's Wednesday, so I wear my baju uniform? =D

Work, work... OMG. IT'S ACE ATTORNEY!


Please do not kill me, Cik Muriza. =D

Alright, that's it for now. Will blog about Animangaki and TDC Reunion next. For more recent stuff... Things has been getting better in school. In class, in Koperasi... Although my piano exam is in 2 weeks(ZOMGWTHSTFUBBQ), I'm still enjoying myself much, lawl. I'm getting my exam pieces, scales okay-ish, arpeggios can faint, aural test and sight readings are killers. In 4 Bakti, I'm starting to get the class fellowship. xD Although I hate to say it, the Hari Keusahawanan/Hari Kantin/Karnival thingy the school is planning is actually an anticipated event at my class. The girls have been putting a lot of effort into earning money for this project. Instead of boring ol' selling food, stuff and drinks, we are selling services! We started off with massage services during Open Day. I was SOOOOO surprised and amazed how good sales was, lawl. Parents are easy to extort. >D During recess, we've started our manucure service, arm wrestling(which was banned) and Rent-A-Person. At the same time, we're earning money from the teachers through Car Wash, ohohoho.

And from teh awesome Suzanne, you will be seeing an awesome booth on the Karnival day itself(1 August). Visit my booth! It is...


I'm serious. =D And also Stepmania, the otaku version of DDR with Japanese songs and stuff. And Guitar Hero! WHOOPIE!

Will blog more soon. Gotta goes. xD *genki genki GENKI!*

Quote of the Day: "Move along or I may spill something on your face. Want a dose of experimental Hydroxyacelunodosetrase?" - Detective Ema Skye, Ace Attorney

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