Monday, July 20, 2009

Yet Another "No Update"

What can I do? I'm busy. D:

So, lately much has happened as usual... Koperasi gotong-royong, Choir, Bon Odori, TDC Committee Dinner. And on top of that list is that-which-made-me-busy-and-unable-to-blog, my Grade 8 Piano Exams.

It is this Wednesday.


A few things I learned from personal experience or my teacher while going through one whole year of Grade 8 Practical:

1. Piano needs practice just like my brother dancing and eldest brother singing.
2. I'm sooooo not Mozart.
3. I play heavily like Beethoven.
4. My teacher's daughter has an awesome scholarship.
5. I should go ask Anthea and Debbie how many hours they practice per day.
6. I need perfect pitch to pass my aural test.
7. Afternoon naps are evil.
8. Everything else should be less important than piano.
9. God won't help me pass my exams. (wuuud
10. I need a miracle to pass this exam.

Suzanne will be hibernating till her piano exams are over. See you then!

Quote of the Day: "A bet's only good when your life's the ante." - Godot, Ace Attorney

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