Monday, August 24, 2009

G4CC Infected

Before I start to the main topic, a mini update. School was okay, Koperasi AGM happened, mum was funney, and the K.L. Leo Joint Installation was surprisingly, OWHSM(I'll get to that, ASAP :3). Once again, I have totally and utterly procrastinated this. 8D But at least, I've decided to post up about GACC before all else as 1. I might forget; 2. Other events might come up and this post would be delayed; 3. GACC is TOTALLY OWHSM.

Yes, as my faithful bloggers know(I'm starring at ya), I have a thing for cosplay, gaming, anime and what-nots. And as my faithful bloggers know(I'm STILL starring at ya!), I went all the way down to Malacca to attend the Games Anime Comic Circle(GACC) for the last weekend! It's one of the most awaited conventions of the year, along with Comic Fiesta. And of course, I had to get a taste of that, right? :3 Surprisingly, I realized that this was the only convention(other than Comic Fiesta 2008) which I actually informed my mother about not less than 3 days prior to the event, like my other experiences. xD So, the plan was that I went down to GACC with the Sun-U's Anime Club's bus, then stay a night over at my aunt's place(Malacca's my turf xD), then go for day 2, and go to Melaka Sentral and come back home with Metrobus, straight to USJ. And of course, my mum would never let a young girl like me sit the bus alone. The ol' original plan was to get the Chee's to tag along with me, but Jasmine was about to have her Theory of Music exam, and Desmond was in his PMR mode. Of course, I couldn't take no for an answer, so I went on and invite... Carol Ann! My primary school senior, who happened to be Wai Hong's cousin and so conveniently lives right next to him. But due to some problems, Carol can only make it for Day 1, and without someone to accompany me on the bus trip home, I won't be able to stay for Day 2 either. =(

The day before I went, I had to spike up my wig, again. Obviously, I was cosplaying as Road Kamelot again as I didn't have the luxury of owning so many costumes. I had help from the owh-so-talented Goddess of Flowers. Anthea only managed to do two spikes on my wig, as she was rushing off for tuition. But gosh, her two spikes beat all the spikes I attempted to make in my entire life. After that, I had dinner at Melur with the Chee's and Rayhan, after which I walked to their house, got my fingernails painted black, and then totally spazzed about GACC.

And so came the day! I packed up my stuff and perched my wig on a poorly crushed ball of newspaper. I was planning to hold it that way for the whole bus ride, as I didn't want to mess up the wig. Funny experience, as I walk into the Sunway University campus, seeing a bunch of familiar faces from temple. Pei Song came up to me and we asked each other what's up. When I told him I was on a trip with the Anime Club, immediately his face went liek "zamagawd, geek alert, must run away from random weird object on Shu Hui's hand"(merely figurative :D). To add to my weirdness, Carol was holding Lero for me, a pink umbrella with a pumpkin atop it. Yeah man.

As I approached the Anime Club people, I still seemed much like a weirdo. Then on the bus, Carol and I entertained each other as we didn't dare to approach anyone else, nor did anyone else dared to approach us(darn you Wai Hong! D:). We slept most of the ride, as I still held my wig closely to me. It honestly made my hand sore, and it even fell out of my hands once(!!!). Me, the wig and Lero made it to Malacca in one piece though, feeding only on the sandwiches my mum prepared for me(I only had a piece and a half for the whole day). The bus driver was owhsm enough to lose his way, but we still got to MMU.


We walked into the campus, and saw the first signs of GACC! Flyers! And soon, we got to the exam hall, where I saw familiar cosplay faces. AAAALRIGHT!

Gotta love this one

I had already changed into my shoes on the bus, and was already wearing the skirt from home. I went into the toilet and changed into my blouse, had a rough time wearing my wig, further spiking it, and whining that its not spiky enough. Owh well. Poor me. =( I decided to let the issue rest and went on to my make up. And ta-dah! I'm sooooo ready for GACC!

But unfortunately, GACC wasn't ready for me. I changed into my costume in 30 minutes, against the 1 hour+ spent at Comic Fiesta as I didn't want to miss anything this time around. But there were some hiccups where the hall couldn't be prepared in time. In the end, we got delayed and entered around noon-ish.

Carol posing with the Comic Fiesta ad!

Carol and I browsed through the hall in less than 15 minutes. As usual, I would warn my friend that if they didn't know the cosplayers or frequent con-goers at the convention, the event would tend to be boring when there's nothing happening on stage. I'm used to it, but meh. Sometimes I wish I could poke the other cosplayers much easily, as although I'm acquainted, I'm not that close to their circle. To top that up, there were only 2 D.Gray-man cosplayers there. o__O And the grand project most of my cosplay friends are keeping from me, turned out to be a huge Code Geass group. And I do mean HUGE. They're liek, everywhere! They populated liek half of all cosplayers there! AAAAAaaah! Epic sesat-ness!!! But man, were they awesome. :3

This was not all of them

The two D.Gray-man cosplayers at GACC, and the flat side of my wig 8D

Supaa phail face of blurness. But with the epic win side of my wig. :3

And then, there was the band performance. The first band was kinda hard to listen to, as the drums were overpowering the whole performance. =[ But then came the band called Zeolites. Boy, was I blown away.

It sounded better life, trust me. =] It was one of the few bands that wasn't killed because of a terrible vocalist. The singer sounded good and she had a really unique voice. They performed Houkiboshi, some FMA opening song, Don't Say Lazy from K-ON and Kiss Kiss Fall in Love(?) from Ouran High School Host Club. We made them encore twice too. xD

There was a non-electronic games and electronic games area at GACC, which was kinda awesome. At least games were really highlighted too! Not just for sponsorship purposes, but just games. There was a PS3 going on with games like Tekken 5 and Street Fighter 4, and games corner, which I think was for the PSP, and a computer which is hooked up with osu! for the whole day. Remember :this: osu! post I wrote? TOTALLY OSUSM! Wai Hong and I totally ruled the game, along with very few other good osu! players. Everyone else I watched who was playing entertained me by their newbness, MOFAFAFAFA!!!

*cough cough* Anyway. The sad thing about the electronic games area, although I was such a big fan of games, is that 1. The hall was really dark and quiet with this really freakey aura; 2. The ratio of dudes to dudettes was 25:1. WTH. I would've loved to show the gaming side of me to grab the controller and play a few rounds of Tekken 5. But maaaaaaan, it was so "manly" intimidating. So in the end, I didn't get to play, and I scrapped the idea of joining the competition, as I would obviously be pwned in seconds, and it was scary and awkward being the only girl there(not to mention cosplayer). But my brother said they would probably give chance to me if I did play, so hmmmm...

Anyhow, we tried all ways to kill time as the Cosplay Group competition was only at 3.30pm. Carol and I browsed at doujin booths a couple of times, osu! a few rounds, watched Tekken 5 on screen, sat on the chairs and rested on our feet. And the long awaited event I've been waiting for came at 3pm...

Epicsauce. xD You see, the Comic Fiesta forumers were secret agents for a Grand Freeze project, codename Project Shiva. Basically what we do is on cue, we would stop what we are doing, making it seem as if time stopped, and letting bystanders go "WTF IS GOING ON". We did it for 3 minutes. xD Watch :this: to learn more! It's even epicsauce.

What happened to me was I heard the cue, then I quickly threw my present box(it was my prop) on the floor, act as if I was tying my ribbon, go into a daze and freeze. Carol was picking plushies at that moment, and she turned to me, asking me which she should choose. And she said,

"Hellooooo. Shu Hui?"
*Carol waves in front of my face*
"Shuuuu Hui. Aiyo, don't be so poser la."
*Carol snaps a picture of me*
"Alright, you can stop now. Uh... Shu Hui?"
*Carol knocks my hand*
*I maintain my professionalism o_o*
*Carol looks around*
"OWH! I know this! You're doing a freeze aren't you?"
*I don't respond*
*Carol goes back to her shopping*

It's so fun not telling Carol about it, and then doing it to her. xD Comic Fiesta should do this Grand Freeze thing!

And then came the peak of the day, the Group Cosplay competition. Before they started, a Code Geass group did a sample skit, which was OWH-SO-EFFIN'-HILARIOUS. Reno-san who was cosplaying as Suzaku and the Zero dude is just epic win. WATCH THE SKIT, I URGE THEE.

After that, then the real thing commenced. There were 4 groups with equally entertaining performances: Code Geass, Air Gear, Devil May Cry and Suzumiya Haruhi. I'll attach the Code Geass and DMC one here, because they are worth watching, and they are top two. :3

Code Geass group!

Devil May Cry group! They had really good facial expression and small movements while talking, even if you can't see it through the video. And lawl, Vergil's blade dropped off it's handguard and he holds the blade with his barehands after that. xD And Dante's original hair is black. :3 The ending part actually made me went "Ooh! Ah! Ouch!".

And after that, the judges went for their deliberation. But I've already told you the results, yes? :3 Then, the cosplayers raided the stage and did some random performances, like Cirno's Perfect Maths Class and Caramell Dansen, which of course, I took part in. xD

Then, I spent my whole time stuffing my face in osu! And that was it for me. D: I got changed back into my normal clothes and took a look at the Chibi Matsuri for awhile, which was really, really, chibi. Due to some hiccups, again. Carol and I had a chocolate dipped banana before leaving though, mmmm...

And on the bus ride back, they watched Resident Evil while Carol and I, once again, slept the whole journey. Got back to Sun-U before 10pm and me and the family went for supper.


My souvenirs!

One of the products from the same person. EPIC WIN.

And that is GACC for me. 8D I wished I stayed for Day 2. It looked epic. o___o Reno-san was in maido, and there was a Dragonball group, and Hetalia!!! Nuuuuuuuuu!!!

Hetalia group was made of owhsmness

If you're interested in seeing the epicness of GACC, go to YouTube and search GACC 2009, or just put "Uploaded: This Month". Alternatively, search for CommandoChaos. He has lots of good videos. And for pictures, go :here:.

ZOMG. I haven't wrote such a long post in a loooooong while. Aite, hopefully I'll get the mood to finish up my blog debts. xD

Side note: TIS MY 100th BLOGPOST!!! WOOHOO!!!

Quote of the Day: "So you have a girlfriend, mate? I bet she has a fine beard." - Dwarf, Radiata Stories.

Friday, August 14, 2009

It doesn't take a genius(it just takes a faithful blog reader. Yes, I'm staring at YOU) to guess that I have procrastinated from posting about events way back which I said I would like YES Camp(ZOMG, that was liek last year), TDC, Animangaki, TDC Reunion and my Bali Trip. I'll wrap them all up... in another post. :D

For now, an update about my past week! I finally got back to school after one week of absence. We had a transfer student when I was away! Her name's Mariel, and she's a French born in Madagascar! It's really cool knowing someone from another country and getting to know about France. On top of that, we get to learn French!

Bonjour! Comment alley vous? Je' mapelle Shu Hui. Enchante!

But of course, along with the good stuff came the bad stuff. My BM teacher, Pn. Usha is on maternity lift and will be replaced by a trainee teacher. How's that bad news, you ask? Trainee teachers should be lenient, give less homework and easier to bully... NOT. 10 minutes into our first class, we were already wishing for Pn. Usha to be back.

She is evil... yet forgiving. But definitely evil!
She has a twisted smile... and a twisting eyebrow.
Her sarcasm... so cold and deadly.
She is...

No offence, but she really is ebil. D: I don't mind her teaching techniques, as I would never pass up my homework if she didn't use such ways. But maaan. The way she speaks is just so disrespectful, arrogant and sarcastic.

Man... I want to post more, especially about Choir, but I'm still in a procrastinating mood. On top of that... I'M GOING TO GACC TOMORROW! WOOHOO!!!

For the uninformed:

Um yeah. See you, as usual? 8D

Quote of the Day: "(Here's a travel tip for you Gavin: leave the bling at home, you glimmerous fop.)" - Apollo Justice, Ace Attorney.

Sunday, August 09, 2009


CHOIR COMPETITION TODAAAAAAAY!!! (it's a lil' late, but meh :D)

We're going for a Patriotic Choir competition, just like the one last year. Good luck guys! And me! :D SMK USJ 13 Choir, we can win this one!

Wish us luck. Or better still, watch us sing. :D

Time: 1.30pm
Venue: Subang Parade, near McD


Quote of the Day: "Every word is music!" - Anthea, on choir.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

I'm Baaaaaack

Whoooopie! I'm back from Bali! A few hours ago actually, but I got lazy to update. :P All in all, the trip had good times, not so good times, and OMGWTF times.

I'll be posting about the trip once I get the time. :D

...which I should. Because the SMK USJ 13 Karnival is postponed... WHUUUT? After all that anticipation, I got home and turned on my handphone, receiving and SMS to inform me about the postponement. And why the postponement? Because of H1N1. =.= And then I had to receive a call, where I found out that some of our school students were infected by H1N1, and that we might have to stop school after the PMR trials. WHUUUUT.

Maaaaan. I was really, honestly, looking forward to the carnival. And pleaaaaaaaaaaase, don't close down my school. D: Because that would mean pointless replacement class, which would be a big waste of my Saturdays.

And now, I go to sleep, and will update soon. :D

Quote of the Day: "True kindness isn't something we're born with. It's something we had to work on." - Honda Kyoko, Fruits Basket.
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