Friday, August 14, 2009

It doesn't take a genius(it just takes a faithful blog reader. Yes, I'm staring at YOU) to guess that I have procrastinated from posting about events way back which I said I would like YES Camp(ZOMG, that was liek last year), TDC, Animangaki, TDC Reunion and my Bali Trip. I'll wrap them all up... in another post. :D

For now, an update about my past week! I finally got back to school after one week of absence. We had a transfer student when I was away! Her name's Mariel, and she's a French born in Madagascar! It's really cool knowing someone from another country and getting to know about France. On top of that, we get to learn French!

Bonjour! Comment alley vous? Je' mapelle Shu Hui. Enchante!

But of course, along with the good stuff came the bad stuff. My BM teacher, Pn. Usha is on maternity lift and will be replaced by a trainee teacher. How's that bad news, you ask? Trainee teachers should be lenient, give less homework and easier to bully... NOT. 10 minutes into our first class, we were already wishing for Pn. Usha to be back.

She is evil... yet forgiving. But definitely evil!
She has a twisted smile... and a twisting eyebrow.
Her sarcasm... so cold and deadly.
She is...

No offence, but she really is ebil. D: I don't mind her teaching techniques, as I would never pass up my homework if she didn't use such ways. But maaan. The way she speaks is just so disrespectful, arrogant and sarcastic.

Man... I want to post more, especially about Choir, but I'm still in a procrastinating mood. On top of that... I'M GOING TO GACC TOMORROW! WOOHOO!!!

For the uninformed:

Um yeah. See you, as usual? 8D

Quote of the Day: "(Here's a travel tip for you Gavin: leave the bling at home, you glimmerous fop.)" - Apollo Justice, Ace Attorney.

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