Friday, September 25, 2009


My workplace for the week at the Tan Academy

I now have a new found respect for tailors. It doesn't take long to tailor something... after going through so many agonizing years of experience. o___o I'm in day 4 of my Tan Academy's Tailoring Course, and it's pretty painful. ^^" The past few days, I keep having problems keeping the line straight and maintaining a firm hand. Yesterday, I was working on pajama pants. Finally, I was sewing one on my own, with only my teacher guiding me to make sure it's not wrong. When we were about to proceed to the last part of the sewing, she dropped the bomb.

We have been sewing the pants bottom side up, waist side bottom.

So, we had to take apart the whole thing at midnight. What I worked hours on, was taken apart in 30 minutes, and was rebuilt by my aunt in 15 minutes. o__o

My heart cried as she took it apart D:

Honestly! She works sooooo quickly, it makes me look so newb. But then again, she has been doing this for decades. I wish I could be at her level of tailoring, provided I get more experience and have a sewing machine of my own at home. Although cross stitching takes a longer time to complete, everyone can do it and it's really simple! Tailoring however, needs soooo much experience and understanding of the subject. D:


At least, today, day 4, I have completed my own pajama pants while my aunt was out dyeing her hair. :D Finally, success!!!

Tadah! And in the background, my guilty pleasure

It's simple, but it means alot to me. @_@ And now, I'm working on the second part, and it gets pretty frustrating at times... Oh well, wish me luck. Tomorrow is my last day for this course, as I'm going home on Sunday.

On a happier happier note, I had more time to watch my anime. And as of this morning, I HAVE FINISHED CODE GEASS!!! Zomg, it definitely deserved its title of best anime of the year. It's soooo twisted, and the character developement is good! It's like Death Note, being behind the mask with some super power and all, but with mecha, more character relationships, more twists, and a hawt hawt Lelouch. ALL HAIL LELOUCH!

I cried many times. And cried tons on the last episode. I'm a sensitive girl who shows her sadness, so sue meh.

Now, I shall watch Avatar. 8D *disappears*

Quote of the Day: "False tears can only hurt others. False smiles can only hurt yourself." - C.C., Code Geass.

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