Friday, October 30, 2009



Ish in Anthea Hui's holy abode with Nurul and Melissa for Fiametta-ink sleepover[Jasmine didn't come because she's at some 2nd-grade concert, pfft(just kidding o_o)]! I wanted to blog yesterday, but couldn't, wanted to blog today, but couldn't, so I shall blog tomorrow when I get home. 8D


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Saturday, October 24, 2009


WOOHOOOOOO~ I can't wait for November!

1. Exams will be over!
2. Fiametta-ink will be active! (
3. Holidays!
4. More game time!
5. Tan Academy Courses!
6. Cross-stitch time!

Now... what the heck is NaNoWriMo? Read more about it at my writing blog, Pen, Paper & Sugar(yes, I actually have one). It's actually the reason why I created my writing blog in the first place, and that's why the layout was of a Heartless, because I was writing a Kingdom Hearts fan fiction for NaNoWriMo last year. xP I'm not gonna elaborate much, but I'm just gonna say...

I really really really hope I'll achieve the target this time around! After all, the Ragnarok Online story(named the Eminent Guardians) I'm planning to writerewrite for NaNoWriMo has been a brainchild of mine since primary school. It's just that as I progressed on it, I keep going back and rewriting it. xD In the end, I didn't make much progress, despite the many angsty scenes I've already planned ahead for the characters. SO THIS TIME, I shall progress and get to my goal. 8D
I'm so excited over it! I spent liek 2 hours on my bed yesterday just drawing out the timeline of the story. I threw extra spices into my character(DIE EDEL, DIEEE) and you can take my word for it, it's ALOT of spices compared to the old version of the story(which you can find lurking at my deviantART).

So please please pleaaaase! I appreciate all comments, critiques and support for this project. I really want to reach the finish line this year, and I really want to see the Eminent Guardians make progress too. Poor Amelia, she's been bugging me for an update since two years ago.

Yeah, I'm mostly excited because of that. But also because Comic Fiesta is approaching! Therefore all the preparations for Fiametta-ink, and I really need to start making some cross stitches if I plan to make a proper debut this year. My cross stitches was supposed to make Fiametta-ink unique(chewaaah) for last year's sales since you don't see much of it, but in the end I was selling off my old work...
And wheee! Ace Attorney cosplay! I can't wait to see it happen! :3 And then, there's also our plan to conquer the Group Cosplay competition! Muahahaha... I sincerely love the series and wanna promote it. xD It's a good chance to do so!
Just as a side note, I'm doing a Fruits Basket and Chrono Cross cosplay in 2010. :D Whoopie!

Oh yeah... I'm a middle of my final term examinations, aren't I. 8D This week's papers were pretty tough. With Add Maths, and Physics, and all the other Science stuff. And most of all, History. OwhAmGee, thank goodness I could answer the questions. I just hope I do better than the last exams.
Next week is slacking week! Multiple-choice questions? Modern Maths? Civics? PJK? Pah! xD The only thing I'd worry about is Add Maths 2 and Sejarah 1.

Whoooooopieeee!!! I can't wait!

Quote of the Day: "I do not fight because I think I can win. I fight because I have to win." - Kurosaki Ichigo, Bleach.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lotta Love!

It's the looong Deepavali weekend! So, what's Suzanne up to, other than lvl999 procrastinator-quality last minute studying?

1. Getting Rayhan back in Ragnarok Online.
2. Getting banned from the computer until the end of the month.
3. Getting dance practices! WOOHOO!!!

Fun fun fun! Today, I was going to meet up with a few C
omic Fiesta friends to practice on a few dances we were going to perform at Comic Fiesta this December. There was two groups, the H!P dance and the Korean dance groups. I was just dancing the more simple, cutesy H!P dances by Buono! and Guardians 4. I'm not really that big a fan of pop music. But I love dancing! And I love Amelia, and she asked, so I said yes. xD

So I got over to Cherry's house(who conveniently lived opposite my school, and was my senior!), got her to drive me to the studio, along with some other of her friends who I met for the first time today. They started out with Sorry Sorry by SuJu, and I just watched, as I decided I'm not gonna stress myself out during Comic Fiesta(with cosplay
ing and boothcaring already!), and I'm not gonna screw up a cool dance with my not-so-smooth steps. I only practiced Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! b Buono! before this, but then we decided on Rottara and School Days, the former being ABSOLUTELY LOTTA LOVE! Amelia came and I glomped her and she taught me how to dance Rottara. And now the song and dance is stucked to my head. It's honestly so cute!

Watch! - (because I can't embed this)

It makes me feel giggly and happy. :D And now to master it! Then to learn School Days. I cant't wait for Comic Fiesta! Aaaaaaah!!!

And after this, we fetched Cherry's friend, Sam off to a PS3 tournament. It's going on for a few weeks, and today is the Street Fighter 4 tournament. I didn't stay to watch, as I was off to the temple. But why I talked about this was because the same PS3 tournament had a Puzzle Fighter tournament last week. ZAMAGAWD.

This is liek my childhood game! I played this in pre-school on the first computer my family ever had. And I went on to buy the PS version(which was exactly the same) because of the nostalgia. GOSH! It ish luv! If I went for the tournament last week, I had a fat chance of winning, especially since Sam said most of them were pretty bad at it. xD But gosh! A Puzzle Fighter competition! That's good enough, considering most people around me wouldn't play this with me. Sniff. At least the AI never fails me.

So, I went to the temple to lead the Sunday School kids to the "We're All in This Together" dance again. They're getting better in it, thankfully. =] But one thing I felt was that this bunch of kids were being overused, and so am I, lawl. I was only supposed to be there to choreograph their dance steps. I then was asked to actually dance with them, and then to act the scene about the Teen Quest Gathering, and then to sing You Raise Me Up. Whuuuut. Oh well. I'm just too kind. :X

So, that's today. :D Haven't been going out much lately, not even the temple, so this was a breath of fresh air! Alrighty, Physics and Add Maths on Tuesday! Time to daaaaaai. Toodles!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tis' the Season to be Stressed Out

Soooo, PMR ended today. Great for the form 3s, but its not a celebration for us(sadly). End Year Exaaaaaaaams!!! We have already entered our second day today, Chemistry yesterday, Biology today. The next two days would be language.

Quote my Facebook status(inspiration from Anthea!):

Suzanne Yin the lvl 999 procrastinator activates limit break!!! BURNING MIDNIGHT OIL!!!

Yeah man. I'm sleep deprived.

Exams aren't too bad so far. It's pretty hard to fail, seeing that you need to lose 120 marks out of 200 marks. But of course, that's not an excuse. I think I should be able to score. :D

Ugh, 11 days to go. I'll only be done on the 30th of October. Soooooo, wish me luck! Meanwhile, I wanted to blog about something, but I can't remember what I wanted to blog about, and I can't think of any other materials, so I shall stop here I guess. 8D

Quote of the Day: "The only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed!" - Lelouch Lamperouge, Code Geass.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Good Luck!

Wow! I procrastinated blogging again! First post in October, and I'd like to just say...


Just relax, chill, don't stress out. PMR is not that tough, and I know all of you can do it. Even if it's not important, do your best! It's the most important short term goal ahead of you. It's not too late to start studying! Just read lightly, don't drill your heads too much, and you'll do fine. Sleep after you're done with your paper, regardless of what your teacher might tell you. o__o

(then again, 9 out of 10 of them are studying right now and wouldn't come to my blog)

I'm rooting for you guys! All the best!

Quote of the Day: "The only point for UPSR and PMR is for people to give you praises, give you certs, and lots and lots of moneeeeh." - Suzanne Yin.
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