Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Good Luck!

Wow! I procrastinated blogging again! First post in October, and I'd like to just say...


Just relax, chill, don't stress out. PMR is not that tough, and I know all of you can do it. Even if it's not important, do your best! It's the most important short term goal ahead of you. It's not too late to start studying! Just read lightly, don't drill your heads too much, and you'll do fine. Sleep after you're done with your paper, regardless of what your teacher might tell you. o__o

(then again, 9 out of 10 of them are studying right now and wouldn't come to my blog)

I'm rooting for you guys! All the best!

Quote of the Day: "The only point for UPSR and PMR is for people to give you praises, give you certs, and lots and lots of moneeeeh." - Suzanne Yin.

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