Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lotta Love!

It's the looong Deepavali weekend! So, what's Suzanne up to, other than lvl999 procrastinator-quality last minute studying?

1. Getting Rayhan back in Ragnarok Online.
2. Getting banned from the computer until the end of the month.
3. Getting dance practices! WOOHOO!!!

Fun fun fun! Today, I was going to meet up with a few C
omic Fiesta friends to practice on a few dances we were going to perform at Comic Fiesta this December. There was two groups, the H!P dance and the Korean dance groups. I was just dancing the more simple, cutesy H!P dances by Buono! and Guardians 4. I'm not really that big a fan of pop music. But I love dancing! And I love Amelia, and she asked, so I said yes. xD

So I got over to Cherry's house(who conveniently lived opposite my school, and was my senior!), got her to drive me to the studio, along with some other of her friends who I met for the first time today. They started out with Sorry Sorry by SuJu, and I just watched, as I decided I'm not gonna stress myself out during Comic Fiesta(with cosplay
ing and boothcaring already!), and I'm not gonna screw up a cool dance with my not-so-smooth steps. I only practiced Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! b Buono! before this, but then we decided on Rottara and School Days, the former being ABSOLUTELY LOTTA LOVE! Amelia came and I glomped her and she taught me how to dance Rottara. And now the song and dance is stucked to my head. It's honestly so cute!

Watch! - (because I can't embed this)

It makes me feel giggly and happy. :D And now to master it! Then to learn School Days. I cant't wait for Comic Fiesta! Aaaaaaah!!!

And after this, we fetched Cherry's friend, Sam off to a PS3 tournament. It's going on for a few weeks, and today is the Street Fighter 4 tournament. I didn't stay to watch, as I was off to the temple. But why I talked about this was because the same PS3 tournament had a Puzzle Fighter tournament last week. ZAMAGAWD.

This is liek my childhood game! I played this in pre-school on the first computer my family ever had. And I went on to buy the PS version(which was exactly the same) because of the nostalgia. GOSH! It ish luv! If I went for the tournament last week, I had a fat chance of winning, especially since Sam said most of them were pretty bad at it. xD But gosh! A Puzzle Fighter competition! That's good enough, considering most people around me wouldn't play this with me. Sniff. At least the AI never fails me.

So, I went to the temple to lead the Sunday School kids to the "We're All in This Together" dance again. They're getting better in it, thankfully. =] But one thing I felt was that this bunch of kids were being overused, and so am I, lawl. I was only supposed to be there to choreograph their dance steps. I then was asked to actually dance with them, and then to act the scene about the Teen Quest Gathering, and then to sing You Raise Me Up. Whuuuut. Oh well. I'm just too kind. :X

So, that's today. :D Haven't been going out much lately, not even the temple, so this was a breath of fresh air! Alrighty, Physics and Add Maths on Tuesday! Time to daaaaaai. Toodles!

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