Wednesday, November 11, 2009

As usual, I'll boast about my mushrooms and word count at the start of the post. The mushrooms are slowing down, at 10 as of today, but 10 days into NaNoWriMo, I have 17,000+ words! Woohoo! I can taste the 50k! I'm still writing the early part of the story, but I'm getting feedback that the plot is pretty good right now. Gosh, if it is good, wait till they read the ZOMGWTH plot twists I have in store later. xD I can't wait till I get there!

Anyhow, that means that YOU should be reading my novel too!: :My Writing Blog!:

Now, moving on with life. First of all, we had our last Teen Quest Gathering of the year, and I've decided to return to the organizing committee by January 2010 after my months of well deserved break. I'm less bitchy and angry without having to worry about piano practices or all the political what nots I faced mid-year this year. *ahem ahem* Meanwhile, the Sunday Dhamma School Concert preparations are going on well, and will happen this Saturday. On top of that, I'll be watching my brother's choir perform tomorrow! Yay!

For school, I've only been going to school these few days because I'm involved in the Amazing Race organized for the form 3's, just like the one I had for my post-PMR activities last year. But then, last year's was just a lame treasure hunt which was just a bunch of station games. But with me organizing this year's event, I made it 100% ala Amazing Race, with envelopes of clues and Roadblocks, Detours, U-Turns and all!(they even hopped on the "mat" to check in at the finish line!) So, just to prepare this, I went to school on Monday and Tuesday, with today being the event. Anthea helped me take lots of pictures and videos, which I'm planning to compile them up and make it into an "episode" of Amazing Race. But then, I'm pretty lazy right now(having only written 300+ words for NaNoWriMo at the moment!), so maybe I'll do it next time.

Sadly, I had somehow lost my wallet today... For all SMK USJ 13-ers, if you spot a brown, bulky, Crocodile wallet, please return it to me!

On the bright side, I've done pretty well in my exams this time around! Not the best results, but definitely great for my standards, and for the first time with full format of my SPM path! Get a load of this!

Bahasa Malaysia - 71 - A2
English - 79 - A1
Modern Mathematics - 90 - A1
Additional Mathematics - 62 - B4
Biology - 75 - A1
Chemistry - 61 - B4
Physics - 71 -A2
Pendidikan Moral - 66 - B3
Sejarah - 51 - C6
English for Science and Technology - 94 - A1

Woohooooo!!! 6As3Bs1C! Does that mean I'll get 9As and a B for SPM? :3 Anyhow, I'm quite glad with this results, since I got quite some low marks in my last exam. But at least now, my marks are all about 60(with an exception of Sejarah, pfft). I'm especially happy with BM(one out of 4 in class with A), Biology(still maintaining As, when others can't), EST(EAT THAT YOHANN, top scores man!) and Physics. To top that up, I'm number 5 in class! Wew! So, yay! MOVE ME INTO 5 AMANAH, YOU HEAR?

So, I be skipping school the next two days to spend some time with NaNoWriMo and the computer. Whoopieeee. More updates to come.

Quote of the Day: "A lot of people are too scared to admit that they're still children. They do everything they can to avoid it. So people who can admit that have a lot of courage." - Honda Tohru, Fruits Basket.

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