Monday, November 02, 2009

Limit Break!

The lvl 999 procrastinator has been working hard since she finished her exams! As of today, I have made 6 Mario mushroom cross stitches in 4 days and wrote 1,751 words for day one of NaNoWriMo!!! Gosh! I feel so enthusiastic all of a sudden! My procrastination must've been passed on to Anthea, because she was hardly working during our Fiametta-ink meeting and she has yet to blog about our sleepover. *rolls eyes*

Just like last Friday, I wanted to blog on Saturday, but couldn't because I was still at Anthea's house for most of the day. Then I wanted to blog on Sunday, but I was out all day, and while I was at home I was rushing my NaNoWriMo. So here I am, blogging today before I wear my NaNoWriMo thinking hat!

At this rate, I won't have any time for games. :X
But meh! It's a good thing. I'm actually working, and I feel really proud about it.

I'd like to blog about the Fiametta-ink sleepover, but Anthea was supposed to do it, and I don't have my pictures with me here on this computer. Maybe I'll blog about it later on the Fiametta-ink blog after I finish today's NaNoWriMo quota...

But just to point up a few things of interest from our Fiametta-ink sleepover...:
Anthea's kitty, Orea ish sooooo adorable! Anthea picked her(well, we can't really tell... but there was nothing there, so we figured we'd call her her) up from the drain and adopted her till she's big enough to fend for herself. She's really tiny and fragile, I'll post up a video of her on Facebook, once I get on my laptop.
WE BOUGHT FAKE EYELASHES! *spazz spazz* It's so pwetty!
Melissa's first sleepover! Congrats darling!
Melissa sleeps like a spacewoman, says Anthea.
We should really do a sleepover again. :3

It's pretty boring at school now that exams are over. The teacher doesn't really teach much, heck, they don't even enter class! But for these 3 days, I'll be going to school to practice for choir's last performance(we already had 2 "last" performances) of the year at a 1 Malaysia jamuan. Obviously, we're singing a 1 Malaysia song. We're singing "Satu Suara", the one with the rapping and all. And I'm gonna be rapping Point Blank's part, in cantonese. :3 Hey, I'm a Cantokien(Cantonese-Hokkien) after all!It's pretty fun, but while I'm in class for the next few weeks, I'll be mass producing Mario Mushrooms. xD

On the other hand, class after exams are always about giving out results, and BOY, am I super proud and happy about today's results! I got pretty good marks for my Add Maths 1, an A1 for Mathematics aaaaaaaaaand... *drumrolls*
AN A2 FOR PHYSICS!!! ZOMG!!! It's liek one of my worst subjects, but I took a 20 mark leap from C to A! Woohoo!

I really am super happy and accomplished these few days. :D Let's hope the enthusiastic streak keeps rolling on!

Quote of the Day: "Do or do not. There is no try." - Yoda, Star Wars.

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