Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mushroom Mushroom


I finally spawned a new mushroom to make the total to 12, during a mamak session with my mum, aunts, an uncle and a cousin. Yes, DURING A MAMAK SESSION. You can imagine how long I was sitting there. And then, the question that bewilders and surprises me till now remains...

Mr. ??? the XII (captured with a phail webcam)

"What is it?"

"Is it a beetle?"

"Is it a 'deeh'(pig)?"

OMG mummy, ah yee(aunty), IT'S A MUSHROOOOOM.

Surprising yes, that there are actually uninformed people out there who couldn't tell it's a mushroom. Poor peeps who never had the luxury of playing Mario. Even the mamak dude who came to count our bill said:

"Wah, Ah Moi, pandai buat ni 'Mo Gu'(mushroom)!"

YES. THANK YOU. It's a mushroom.


I should be going back home Wednesday night, unless my aunts manage to make my mum stay back, or if my Mia Fey outfit would be done in the next two days. My aunt who did the Seychelles outfit for me got tired and refused to do my Mia one, so my other aunt will be continueing the job after she cuts the fabric. Whoopieee. She made me really cute ribbons too! I'll post pictures up once I get back(I had to do the mushroom one, because it's such a spur-of-the-moment thing).

While I'm at this...


Quote of the Day: "I can resist everything but temptation." - Eugene's MSN Personal Message.

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