Monday, November 16, 2009


No updates on the mushrooms, as they has been no progress. As for NaNoWriMo, I have been slacking lately, not because I want to! ;___; I'll get back to that soon.

Last Thursday, I went to watch my brother's choir concert. It was AMAZING! Well, the Young KL Singers always are when you compare then with my mediocre(but improving, and totally owhsm!) choir at school. They sing unique songs, with cool rhythm and even tempo(pok pok alimpako... *insert random Filipino words I can't catch*), and have cool moves on the stage! Sooo farney. And entertaining! Especially when you're brother is as tall as a pole, and moves liek jelly even when he's so stiff. Win.

I've been skipping school after Wednesday, so there's nothing much eventful(not that school is very eventful to start with...), until Saturday came, which was the Sunday Dhamma School concert, where I have been helping kids prepare their dance since September. On top of that, I was heading the performance which is supposed to represent Teen Quest Gathering. And then there was the cheesy sway-your-body-to-the-music-and-look-emo ending to "You Raise Me Up". I was at Chee Wen since 3pm-ish, and the show started at 7pm. SURPRISINGLY, everything went well and was actually pretty cool and fun! :D The dance, the TQG act, the "You Raise Me Up", everything! But of course, we can't compare to Session 1's owhsm performance, and Jia Shuo and Shaun's singing. But all in all, the concert was pretty cool, although I went home early. xD

And now, I'm in Malacca! Since yesterday, and -should- be going back tomorrow. As usual, there's always no available computer and internet, until I got this laptop from my cousin brother who had no internet at his house, and brought it to my aunt's place with no computers, but internet. With my tight schedule since Thursday and the unavailability of computers these two days, I had to write my NaNoWriMo with hand, and couldn't update it until now. I'm almost 6k+ words behind schedule! I'll need to keep rushing now...

Oh yeah, I haven't told you why I'm in Malacca right? I'm at the "Tan Academy" right now to make my cosplay costumes, and my aunt has completed my Seychelles' outfit! Woohoo! I'll just need to lose some blubber now. When my aunt gets back from India, we'll work on my Mia Fey outfit. :3 I'm so excited!

So yeah, I'll now uh, go back to my NaNoWriMo. :X

Quote of the Day: "If the world were clear, art would not exist." - Albert Camus.

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