Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Week After Exam

I've been super productive these pass few days, as explained in the previous post. But I'm just gonna state it again. :D I have done 9 mushrooms in a week and 10,500 words in 6 days of NaNoWriMo! I'm owhsmness!

Mushroom Mushroom!

On a side note, due to the owhsm multiplying abilities of my mushroom, Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom Snake has been a fanatic among Fiametta-inkers. To find out more, go watch this so you would not be left out!

As stated, I have written the blogpost for the Fiametta-ink sleepover, as Anthea bummed out of it.
Read about the Fiametta-ink sleepover: here!

However, as certain happenings during the sleepover are just too owhsm, I have to show them here on my blog too.



ZOMG, DIVINE FAKE EYELASHES!!! It's just supaa owhsm! It makes me look so sparkleh, muahahaha. Obviously, this is just for cosplay, I'm not the type who would wear these sort of stuff on a daily basis. Still... :D

Okay, fine, I just wanted to show off the eye lashes! I'll throw in a picture of Anthea's adopted kitten, Oreo, too.

School has been all the same after exams. Boring, uneventful, etc. etc. Thank goodness for my cross stitch. So, we performed on Wednesday, Ian totally killing the girls in our school with his rapping and glare at the end of his fashion show catwalk. The was pretty much the only eventful thing of the week, other than Pn. Rachel requesting me, Sarah and Kuan Yee to help organize the Amazing Race for the form 3s.

But my marks, OMG. I'm sooooo glad with my marks! I got a high A1 for my EST!(94!!) I should be able to get an A1 for my Biology, again(I need to reconfirm folio marks with teacher, but it's a definite A). Chemistry's a C(could push to B), Modern Maths an A1, and the rest I conveniently forgot, or simply haven't gotten the results back yet. But no fails, woohoo! I'm holding onto my no fail streak maaaan.

Today, I went out for almost the whole day. Morning was Taekwondo, then I had my Hello! Project dance practice with Cherry and Amelia again(became more of a lepak session). I was supposed to have a concert practice at the temple, and a Leo Halloween thingy I wanted to represent my club to attend. I opted for the former, as I "ffk-ed" them last week. On top of all these, I had a primary school gathering at Sunway Pyramid, which I opted to skip for the concert practice, but then went anyway because the former got cancelled.

One thing I was skeptical about the gathering was that there would be too many groups wandering on their own. It happens 90% of the time, as it's Pyramid and people just don't get the definition of "gathering", not "hang-out". But this time was pretty okay, probably because of the number of people I reunited with, and the short amount of time given to them to ditch me, haha.

I saw Kang Shyan, Wooi Sheng, Chun Ye, Eu Mun, Kar Soon and Kuan Yee again. And after 4 years, saw Hsiang Xin, Pei Zhen, Hoe Yen, Chee Yee, Joo Yee... and many more! Whoooo~ Sweet memories. Although the guys were all so quiet and reluctant to talk, making it pretty awkward. All they would do is cross their arms, or put them in their pockets, then answer in a monotonous manner with the least words possible. Funny. We watched Jennifer's Body, which I thought was only selling because Megan Fox was apparently the main character, which is not quite the case. And the show was pretty... iono... weird... So pleaaaase, don't get disillusioned by Megan Fox being on the poster, kthxbai.

Overall, pretty fun day today. 8D Now, I shalt go back to typing my story.

Quote of the Day: "Unless you puke or die, keep walking!" - Jillian, the Biggest Loser.


  1. ShuHui. Love those eyelashes. I just bought myself a pair too when I got here. Just tried to pasang them on myself. Hehe. I see the bf's sis is turning into a pretty lady there! :)



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