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Comic Fiesta Day 2

(This post is still currently in progress. .___. Blame Sims 3. AND OMG, 5 or more of the paragraphs I wrote disappeared because of html tags... *dies*)

It's Day 2 and I'm up at 6.30am again! This time, with more sleep from the night before. It was much easier to get ready for day 2 since most of my stuff has already been prepared, and because I was Seychelles for early day 2. All I had to do was throw on my blue dress, tie two ponytails, snap on my pretty(pretty big) red ribbons and ta-dah! After that I took some time to wear my fake eyelashes. Hey, it was my first time doing it. I had my left one done pretty quickly, but somehow I just kept failing my right one. On top of that, my eyes were tearing up a lot somehow. I took a break from that and got on the computer to look at some pictures, do some general facebook-ing and upload a video(which was interrupted by dad later). After help with make-up from mum, I left home for Sunway Pyramid.

I got to the convention hall a little before 9am. It was reaaaally quiet compared to Day 1. The only people there were the bunch of volunteers(who were being submitted to edo's briefing) and a few people who were just sitting around. It seems that everyone, even the booth owners, decided that they should come late for day 2. I started cross stitching to entertain myself before Anthea came to get us into the hall to set up our booth again.

But before that, I met three very friendly cosplayers from Singapore. And they seemed very happy about me being Seychelles! And on top of that, there was a France! Wheee! Sadly, we lamented on the fact that I didn't have a Tuna-chan(a gray fish that Seychelles would always carry).

France: "You should go down to Jusco and buy a Tuna-chan." Seychelles: "Yeah! Canned tunas would make a nice prop! I'll just tell everyone Tuna-chan got stuck at the customs while I imported her over. And they chopped her into pieces and threw her into cans!"

In the end, I didn't get canned tunas. :X I asked everyone for whatever fish plushies they have. Anthea couldn't find hers and Jer Cherng forgot to bring his whale. So I was empty handed and propless with lack of poses. Sigh. So I decided that I'll be Seychelles with technology! Carrying my trusty camera with me and snapping more pictures so I won't regret not having more pictures(like I did the year before, since it's hard to cosplay while taking photos).

Melissa as a different version of Oz today

Lelouuuuuuuuuuch~ <3

I practically squealed like crazy from my booth when I saw them preparing their outfits. The number of Code Geass cosplayers this year made me so excited!

Nothing much happened, and it was a little pass noon already. No news from my Hetalia group as we were supposed to meet up for lunch and have a small photoshoot. So I started wandering around to hall doujin shopping instead. I have a weak spot for badges and keychains and trinkets you can hang around and flaunt, so most of my money went to that. I noticed that the more established and popular doujin groups seem to find no need of customer service... They would do their own thing(drawing for commissions, mostly) and I would stare at their stuff for like, 10 minutes, then I would buy them, and they would pack it up and attempt a smile and go back to their own worlds. We must look pretty scary at the Fiametta-ink booth greeting everyone and listing the prices of our merchandises, lawl. Hey, at least we're friendly.

Funny story. Anthea gave me the doujin layout before Comic Fiesta and we found a booth called "Zeiva". First thing that comes to mind is of course the very owhsm Zeiva on deviant-art who I adore very much.(flash games with bishies? I'm not complaining. =D) But then, Zeiva is from way out there not-in-Asia kind of there, and Comic Fiesta's not a very big convention when you compare it to stuff in Philippines and Japan and the US. So I sort assumed that it wasn't her. I got to the said booth and ZAMAGAWD. It's Zeiva's stuff on sale! I was so excited that we could find her products here in our little convention in little Malaysia! Then I thought that it was probably her representive from Malaysia or something, but the funniest thing was that the price labels were "2 RM, 4 RM" and so on. xD So I bought myself a Zelan badge(the Chinese astrological keychains sold out! Leeeenz! ;__;) and went on my way. After Comic Fiesta I went Google-ing and found out from Zeiva's livejournal that she was, indeed, in Comic Fiesta for her first convention in Asia.
I'm sad. I didn't get a chance to get her autograph! ;__; I can't believe I was so blursauce! Zeivaaaaa!!! I'm crossing my fingers that she comes back to CF2010 so I can buy her game.

I continued my doujin shopping, not until I was dragged off by South Italy/Romano to join the Hetalia group! There was a huge group of us! Unfortunately, due to the simple costume of Seychelles(and that they sing, dance and fish and don't do war there), I was pretty out-of-place as every other country was wearing elaborate(er) military outfits. We wandered around the hall to round up more members, ran out to get more space, got flashedmobbed by cameras, and yeah, it was pretty fun. 8D They then settled down to play Old Maid, Hetalia style! Someone made a deck of cards where each character had a flag counterpart. The goal was to match them up after a series of card swapping with the other players, but to avoid Prussia(his card didn't have a pair)! The verdict? Everyone successfully dodged Prussia, but Prussia himself. xD

After that, we had a mini, short photoshoot because some of us have taken lunch, so the Full House hang out thing was cancelled. Here's some of the pictures taken during the photoshoot. 8D

*insert photos*

We went back to the hall before 3pm to take part in the Grand Freeze. We originally wanted to line up by the red carpet that leads inwards from the entrance, but we got stuck by the swarm of photographers. In the end, we had a large group pose, and the Grand Freeze screwed up once again. Sigh. At least we had fun.

*insert photos*

In the midst of everything, my phone was ringing constantly with "Turnabout Sisters".

Nurul: Oh my god, SUZANNE! Where are you?
Me: Nurul! Sorry, I'm still stuck here with my Hetalia group. I'll change back to Mia Fey really quickly.
Nurul: We won the group cosplay competition!


Yes, they called Nurul to inform that we have won. It's probably to avoid situations where the winner is away for lunch(6pm) or outside the hall or where they'll waste time trying to make it to the stage, like before. But yeah, Ace Attorney won! WOOHOO!

But I still had something else to do before changing back to Mia. I excused myself from the Hetalia group and ran out of the hall to join Amelia and Cherry for our dance. We weren't going to perform onstage as Cherry couldn't book a performance slot for us. Instead, we settled down for a recording of our performance.

Buono! - Rottara Rottara

Now that my Seychelles dress have served its purpose, I ran off to switch back into my Mia Fey outfit. Back to the Fiametta-ink booth again. At least, things were still eventful. The DJ area suddenly decided to spice things up by playing... K-Pop music? Imagine our amusement when we heard "Gee" by Girls' Generation playing on the speakers. A lot of discussion ensued and the people at my row of doujin booth suddenly seemed like they were on a sugar rush. Everyone started dancing, even us who only knew the chorus and a bit of the words. =P Great job DJs! And after that, they really hit the spot by playing... "Sorry Sorry" by Super Junior! At this point, the WHOLE hall was bustin' a few moves while singing. There was even a girl nearby who started dancing on her chair! They went on to play "Genie", "Abracadabra" and some other songs. OWHSM. It injected a lot of life into the hall, especially the doujin booth area. Then the emcees took the opportunity to started getting people to dance on stage. Epic!

The random dancing on stage!

It was soooo fun!

Quote of the Day: "quote" - Annonymous

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