Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pre-Comic Fiesta

Wheee for lack of updates. But here's something I absolutely cannot procrastinate. It's COMIC FIESTA 2009!!! It came as fast as it went, I can't believe the thing I've waited for one whole year have already gone. Now I need to anticipate scmupish SPM first, then anticipate Comic Fiesta 2010. .___.

Anyhow, aside from the phail stuff, let's blog on about my Comic Fiesta preparations first!

Just to refresh your memory, here's what I'm going to Comic Fiesta as:

Mia Fey from Ace Attorney. Early Day 1 and Late Day 2.

Road Kamelot from D.Gray-man(rewinding town arc, white outfit). Late Day 1.

Seychelles from Hetalia. Early Day 2.

Like 80% of all cosplayers across the globe, I opted to leave some of my preparations for the last hour and fuss about it like how a true cosplayer would(not scientifically proven). I have been doing very little since I finished NaNoWriMo. Two weeks or so before Comic Fiesta, my mum took the opportunity to bring me shopping while finding for my cosplay stuff. We went to Subang Parade and picked up my belt and a very cute black top on the way. A few days later we went to Mydin and found my beige scarf. Funny story: Mydin can be such a China of its own. You know how all the stalls in China or Thailand or Indonesia seem to be selling the same stuff? You walk everywhere and they sell them for a different price, although they obviously came from the same place. We found a plain scarf with ruffles in one of the rented shops in Mydin for RM5 and bought it right away since it was what I'm looking for. We ran into the real hypermarket area and was walking around when we happened across the same scarf... for RM2. Dang.

A week or so before Comic Fiesta, I'm rushing our recording for our Ace Attorney group cosplay competition. I really enjoyed mixing the sounds and all, probably because I like boasting about my end results, teehee. All together we had three re-recordings as the first recording sounded bleeh. My owhsm eldest brother(by the name of Louie Yin Zhen Yao) bought me a new microphone so I could do an epic recording like I did for D.Gray-man last year. :D It turned out well(on top of that, we had my brother lending his epic voice) and I made a crack recording in two days or so. Yay for my owhsmness.

The next few days was quite a headache. We needed to slot in time for the group to practice the recording together. And it's not easy when some people are just so busy running around singing and visiting places around Malaysia, and she's still at it now. *coughantheacough* The Sunday before Comic Fiesta, Nurul and I went to a Black Belt Taekwondo Clinic thingy(will blog about it later), and I woke up finding some weird crack on my lip. The next day, it turn white and look all pus-like. HOMG. I HAVE COMIC FIESTA THIS WEEKEND AND NOW THIS? *dies* Went to Nurul's house and we got some of our props done. She flaunt her Ema Skye outfit(she looks great in it!) and I tried to get my Coldkiller X done(please refer to evidence from "Turnabout Memories"). I got my "OBJECTION!" sign printed too. Less than a week before Comic Fiesta and I have yet to make my attorney's badge. Sad sad.

We had our full dress rehearsal on Thursday, except that the same very busy girl was late, and wasn't in her full dress. It was fun, and the worrying start when I needed to rush my props plus there's my Gavel Public Speaking Program to hassle about(will blog about it). I got my hands on some homemade bread dough, but it failed as I didn't add enough PVA glue and wasn't sticky enough that the clay kept cracking before I could form the shape. And Jasmine just had to take the PVA glue home... Ughh... I started painting my Magatama to put my mind away from the very depressing bread dough. I started with a shade of dark blue, then made it lighter, then rubbed it off and replaced it with a pretty shade of purple. I worked till... 4am? Mostly because I was on the laptop too. Teehee.

Even more of the headache came from the fact that my family would be going back to Malacca, leaving me and my very-busy-superstar-brother at home, and the latter was busy with his exams and dance competition he would have zero time to ferry me anywhere. And EVERYONE just had to have their relatives sleeping over at their place. Anthea had her aunts, Nurul had her cousin, Melissa had her aunts. So sleepover at Shu Hui's house plan phailed. In the end, I had to sleepover at Jasmine's house on Friday so I could get transportation. Which meant I have to start packing my stuff by Friday afternoon, after shopping for my Seychelles' sandals that morning. Ughh(I lieked the sandals very much though, except that the strap that holds it to my feet is so soooo annoying). I had a luggage packed with my cosplay stuff, another with my own stuff and clothes for the night, and another with my phail bread dough, shoes and other materials for props. Not to mention, there's Lero and my Road Kamelot wig to carry around too, WOOHOO!

Around 5pm, I left home along with my family who were on the way to Malacca. They sent me to Audrey a.k.a. Firera a.k.a. my uncle, Tyki's house. :3 She kindly offered to help me spike up my Road wig, which still had Anthea's two spikes. She did a pretty good job at it and we were done in an hour or two. Unfortunately, I had no where to go because Jasmine was dragged by her family out of home, and they were going to watch a movie till... 11pm... Audrey sent me home, while I dragged my luggages and stuff back into my house. UGH. Good thing is, I had the time to finish up my props, have a good bath with hair treatment, facial mask, coffee scrub and all, which also relieved me of one luggage bag that I used to carry said items and my nightwear. Wheeeee~ I gave up on my attorney's badge and instead, went on to make a file labled "Court Records" and "OBJECTION!" signage. I used a Secret Recipe cake box as the base, teehee. About midnight, Jasmine came to pick me up, and I was dragging two luggages and Lero and my wig and my "OBJECTION!" signage off the her home. Rayhan joined us after that and we sat at the table rushing our props, just for the heck of it. I mean, who sleeps early the day before Comic Fiesta?

Note the Coldkiller X, mini signage, Maya's Magatama, hairspray and UHU glue. Plus my green pants!

Here's Rayhan trying out his outfit. FOR THE FIRST TIME. Apollo Justice ZAMAGAWD!

Maya doing a hair test

A lot of madness ensues, just like how any sleepover would be like. Maya made supper for us while Desmond plays osu! Yeaaaah. Me and Rayhan seems to have the most energy, talking out loud with a lot of random singing. ("Nobody nobody but youuuu!") We made everyone couldn't sleep. In the end, we retired for sleep at 4.30am-ish. WOOHOO!

And that, my friend, was Pre-Comic Fiesta. See you on the other side of my Day 1 post!

Quote of the Day: "During anime conventions, I survive on nothing but adrenaline rush." - Suzanne Yin.

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