Saturday, January 30, 2010

Something to Talk About

Okay, so the Amazing Race video thingy will be pretty tough to make with the lack of photos and videos I wished I had... (it's more of a perfectionist thing kicking in)

I've decided that one of my New Year's resolution shall be: Blog more! It keeps me updated with myself, and it also keeps my typing, which I should do more often, and it's my form of entertainment. Also, I've just got an account on nuffnang, so let's see how much my blog will be worth. :D

Now, for the lighter moments of the two days. We had a Lembaga Koperasi meeting yesterday. Nothing much happened(that was interesting), but the funniest thing I heard from a teacher occurred after the meeting while we were treating ourselves to Pizza Hut. To top that up, my teacher said all the below with a very straight face.

Us: Cikgu, add saya kat Facebook! (Teacher, add me on Facebook!)
Pn. Azlinda: Tak nak lah, saya tak nak add student saya kat Facebook lagi. (Don't want lah, I don't want to add my students on Facebook anymore)
Us: Kenapa cikgu? (Why, teacher?)
Pn. Azlinda: Saya add student saya kat Facebook, dia jadikan saya pet dia pulak, tak nak lah. (I added my student on Facebook, and he made me his pet, don't want lah.)
[Friends for Sale reference]

Pn. Azlinda: Waah, hari tu saya on Facebook, tiba-tiba ada gambar gadis ni pop-up, terkejut saya! Suami saya tanya saya, "Siapa ni?" Saya kata, "Student saya." (Waah, that day I got on Facebook, suddenly this picture of a girl popped up, I got a shock! My husband asked, "Who's this?" I said, "My student.")
Hsiu Jiuan: Cikgu, kamu jangan balik on Facebook dulu. Saya delete gambar saya tu. (Teacher, don't go back and turn on your Facebook yet. I'll delete that picture.)
Pn. Azlinda: Tak boleh! Saya nak balik cepat harvest pokok saya ni! (Cannot! I need to go back quickly and harvest my trees!)
[Farmville reference]

Aaaah, the wonders of internet.

Tomorrow is temple day again, along with the Gavel club meeting. We're gonna start planning for :our Installation Day: again. I'll be pushing hard for an "Oriental" theme so that I'll have an excuse to buy a cheongsam, or better still, a yukata! I'll be seeing myself very busy in February, with both Bahasa Melayu and English orals to complete, my big EST project to present and lots of other school related stuff that would somehow effect my marks for my exams. And for the March holidays... GOSH. The Gavel Installation will be on the first day of the March holidays, like last year. And then I'll probably have to move my Koperasi camp from June to March too because of the Pemimpin Muda camp and perlantikan then, which means I'll also have to scrap the idea of giving out the probation results during camp(you didn't hear this from me). There's a high possibility of my class trip happening on 17 - 19 March at Port Dickson, and have I forgot to mention that :GACC 2010: is on 20 - 21 March in Malacca? I'm planning to make a new costume too.


I wanted to rant here too, but I guess it wouldn't fit into this post... Next time then, and another next time for my lists too. :X

Quote of the Day: "..but you know there's something I believe. I want to try and live my life carrying all my memories with me. And even if those memories are painful, even if they do nothing but hurt me, I want to keep them. Even those memories I sometimes wish I could forget. As long as I cary them with me, as long as I can keep holding on, then someday I'll be strong enough that those memories don't hurt me anymore, and I'll be glad that I have them. Thats what I believe with all my heart. Thats why all my memories are precious to me, I don't think it would be okay to forget a single one." - Danh [Rest in Peace, El]

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Need More Updates

Here's some picture updates since I've finally uploaded the photos on the camera.

Something I wanted to show in awhile...

My gift from Danh for my NaNoWriMo "win"! I got them a week or two ago and I lurve them tons! The Marin's on my Taekwondo bag and the Angeling is on my new bag my brother bought for me from Paris. :3

The shelf that overlooks my bed. Used to be filled with soft toys, now with my ACG stuff. Say hi to my ol' shuriken, the Tidus figurine from CF08, Ryu figurine from CF09, and the two random Gundam from both wins. Aiming for a third. 8)

I'm still doing pretty fine in school, doing my best to finish up my homework. Of course, it's starting to get to me as it starts to pile up, along with all the projects and what-nots that I have to do too. Keeping to the resolution of course has its cons too, as I "banned" myself from sleeping in class or doing nothing. Being the "sesat" one in my class, it's pretty easy not to get bugged and go on being a geek and doing my homework(I'm almost ALWAYS at my seat looking down at my books during class). But that also means that I'm missing a lot on the social side. =( Even during recess or free periods. And that makes me sad. I'm honestly feeling on the down side these few days. The only thing that keeps me going in school, scarily, is the homework that needs to be completed.

When the Social Bunny visits me, then I'll know that something is seriously wrong.(the Sims reference!)

It's great that I'm not procrastinating school work, but I haven't been able to do much for my hobbies and other stuff... Haven't been gaming much, playing the piano, preparing my cosplay stuff, picking up new skills I said I wanted too. Sigh... Will write my resolutions list and wish list and cosplay planning list in some other blog post... soon...

Larian Mesra(Robiah's smart idea of a 4km-ish cross country race because she thinks she's too awesome to settle with "Larian Lebuhraya") was good, and all the running with my brother during the holidays paid off. It taught me to maintain my stamina. I actually enjoyed the run because it's fun to see everyone struggling and running, and then I go on and jog past them when they run out of stamina and walk. On top of that, I had music. :3 Unfortunately, I missed the shot at the medal by a close margin, as usual. There goes my last shot. =( The only thing I can hope for now is MSSD Taekwondo and sports day, where I signed myself up for shot put(as usual) and 1.5km run, and somehow the teachers threw me into lempar cakera(I don't like it... actually...) and 4x400m run(WHAT?).

Meanwhile, I had a kick to do something for the past three days...

Sakura and Syaoran Jigsaw Puzzle!

I had this for a few years already, along with a Tidus and Yuna one that I've already completed(but had no way to hang it up). I saw and suddenly "hey, let's fix it!". Of course, the only time I would be in my room is at night. And at night is usually 11pm. And so I do this for an hour or two before sleeping. Go figure. 8D

Day 2 progress. Lots of time taken to sort out the pieces.

Moved Sakura and Syaoran up and fixed the borders, whee!

I have no life. And right now, I'm attempting to organize the pictures and videos from :my Amazing Race in November:.

Once again, I end by saying "I need to blog moar". *runs around hysterically*

Quote of the Day: "A lawyer is someone who smiles no matter how bad it gets." - Diego Armando, Ace Attorney.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today, I went to school, did some stuff, met my friends, had some laughs. I came home and got on the computer, surfing the net and doing my own fun stuff.

And then came the news from Kang, a really close friend of mine from Ragnarok Online. It wasn't happy news. A friend of ours from the game has passed on.
I didn't know El well enough. I cried.

It must be funny that I have gotten close to people from the net. On top of that, I must be pretty emotional to actually cry for someone who lives halfway across the world whom I've never seen before.(then again, I always cry) But still, El was a dear friend, and this was the first time I ever had a friend passing on.

It was someone real I was speaking to through my character sprite on Ragnarok Online.
It was someone who had feelings, who was living a life just like mine behind that screen.
That someone had left this world, just like all of us would one day.
The reality of it all scares me. Life is so fragile, we'll never know what will happen to us and those around us. Impermanence, just like the Buddha's teachings. All we can do now is live in the here and now, to cherish every moment and close ones so we'll never regret what will happen in the future, or what has past before us. Maybe it is high time for us to say all our "thank you's" and "sorry's" to our friends before it's too late.

El was full of energy, humorous, and fun to be with. She spreads the "zor"-ness in town(literally). El was fighting a lethal brain cancer for two years, and now she's gone. At least, she wouldn't suffer from it any more.

I'll pray for you El, may you rest in peace. May those close to you be relieved of the sadness from losing you soon enough. Wherever you are now, I hope you'll stay well and happy always.

El, 2 January 2010

Quote of the Day: "Life is like a cherry blossom, so brief, yet so beautiful." - Annonymous

Friday, January 15, 2010

Second Week

Second week at school and I'm still standing! You know how at the start of the new school year, we're glad we're free from last year's homework debts, and we make a resolution for ourselves to try out best and make a fresh start to finish up all our homework and leave a good impression on the teachers. Well, I'm happy to say that I'm still working hard on keeping that resolution, at least for a few weeks until the homework starts piling up. And for this whole year, I have yet to sleep in class. At all. Not once. Not even Sejarah! ZOMGWOOHOO! *pats self*

We had our Koperasi interview today and it was okai. Last year for me to bring up the fresh probates who are going to carry on our green legacy... I hope they turn out to be good! Aaahhh... reminds me of my old days. The peeps who were interviewed by me seem to be all shy and quiet and scared and... yeah. .___. Hopefully it gets better. But funny moments during the interview...

Interviewer: "Stok, Sumber Manusia, Keceriaan and Kebersihan, which of the 4 groups would you like to join?"

Indian dood: "Chinese group."

Me: "Alright, last chance to leave an impression. Why should I choose you out of everyone who came to interview to become a Pengawas Koperasi? What's so special about you? Impress us."

Interviewee, who was nervous and pretty quiet through-out the whole thing suddenly became gung-ho:
"I have a lot of certificates. I have certificate in karate. I have certificate in arts and crafts. I am number two in junior six."


And buns are coming back to the Koperasi, FINALLY! And they all cost less than RM2! Yay!

And clubs AGM is tomorrow. Choir! English! Leo! Whoopieee! And Taekwondo is starting again!

And TQG committee orientation! Fun fun fun~

Yes, I get excited over extra-curricular activities.

Quote of the Day: "Justice is blind, but she's not deaf. Sometimes you have to know when not to talk." - Diego Armando, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations.(yes, I'm a sucker for AA quotes)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where is the Love?

No one loves my blog anymore? ;___; I'm feeling lonely out here.

(it's a hint for you to post on my c-box and leave me moar comments. kthxbai)

Quote of the Day: "I'm an attorney. I live for needless procedures." - Apollo Justice, Ace Attorney.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ahhhhh! First week of school! As expected(and very unfortunately), the teachers were all keen in getting back to business. The first day and the we already have homework! They came in to class and started teaching as if we've been doing it for weeks already. I guess we don't get to cut any slack at all. *sigh*

I'm looking forward to all the activities coming along with the new year. Koperasi has already started getting busy, then there's all the other club stuff to do, and choir, and SJBAYS, and new skills I want to pick up(sewing, drawing...).

Nothing particularly interesting this week. Except that on Friday, I went to Anthea's house and we did a mini photoshoot of me as Mia Fey! We didn't put the mole on my face, so she's photoshopping all the moles into the picture. Can't wait to get the pictures. :3 And TGQ has started again! Woohoo! And Nurul, Anthea and I are gonna try our hand at some Ace Attorney sheet musics together. Violin, Cello and Piano. :D

Remind me to get back to typing more, haha. Will type when I can think, or when I get the mood to(or when I stop procrastinating). :X Toodles!

Quote of the Day: "By my hand, I will reveal the precious gem of truth!" - Miles Edgeworth, Ace Attorney.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

First Day for the Last Time

It's back to school again, and it's my last year in high school. It sucks having the holidays to end, but it sucks more knowing that this year would be such a big year, with SPM coming up and being the seniors of the whole school. Whoa! It's pretty scary when you think about it... Even more scary when you realize that after SPM, I'll be going to college, and move on to working and... ZOMG.

Okay, let's not talk about that.

I'm still typing up my Comic Fiesta post. All I need is some time with my dad's laptop because my pictures are in there. :X So no sweat, I'll get to that soon!

See you guys at school!

Quote of the Day: "Sora... you're lucky. Looks like my summer vacation is... over." - Roxas, Kingdom Hearts II.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Cheers to the last decade! Helloooo 2010!

A new year.
New events.
New experiences.
More stress.
More candles on my birthday cake.
New resolutions to break!

The first resolution I shall make and try to follow is to procrastinate less and finish blogging about Comic Fiesta. I even wanted to blog about Post-Comic Fiesta, and about how 2009 went, and even the first decade of the 21st century in a whole(2000-2009 for the blur ones).

So... see me there? 8D

Quote of the Day: "Abondandlain... en som?" - Various Sims, Sims 3
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