Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today, I went to school, did some stuff, met my friends, had some laughs. I came home and got on the computer, surfing the net and doing my own fun stuff.

And then came the news from Kang, a really close friend of mine from Ragnarok Online. It wasn't happy news. A friend of ours from the game has passed on.
I didn't know El well enough. I cried.

It must be funny that I have gotten close to people from the net. On top of that, I must be pretty emotional to actually cry for someone who lives halfway across the world whom I've never seen before.(then again, I always cry) But still, El was a dear friend, and this was the first time I ever had a friend passing on.

It was someone real I was speaking to through my character sprite on Ragnarok Online.
It was someone who had feelings, who was living a life just like mine behind that screen.
That someone had left this world, just like all of us would one day.
The reality of it all scares me. Life is so fragile, we'll never know what will happen to us and those around us. Impermanence, just like the Buddha's teachings. All we can do now is live in the here and now, to cherish every moment and close ones so we'll never regret what will happen in the future, or what has past before us. Maybe it is high time for us to say all our "thank you's" and "sorry's" to our friends before it's too late.

El was full of energy, humorous, and fun to be with. She spreads the "zor"-ness in town(literally). El was fighting a lethal brain cancer for two years, and now she's gone. At least, she wouldn't suffer from it any more.

I'll pray for you El, may you rest in peace. May those close to you be relieved of the sadness from losing you soon enough. Wherever you are now, I hope you'll stay well and happy always.

El, 2 January 2010

Quote of the Day: "Life is like a cherry blossom, so brief, yet so beautiful." - Annonymous

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