Thursday, January 28, 2010

Need More Updates

Here's some picture updates since I've finally uploaded the photos on the camera.

Something I wanted to show in awhile...

My gift from Danh for my NaNoWriMo "win"! I got them a week or two ago and I lurve them tons! The Marin's on my Taekwondo bag and the Angeling is on my new bag my brother bought for me from Paris. :3

The shelf that overlooks my bed. Used to be filled with soft toys, now with my ACG stuff. Say hi to my ol' shuriken, the Tidus figurine from CF08, Ryu figurine from CF09, and the two random Gundam from both wins. Aiming for a third. 8)

I'm still doing pretty fine in school, doing my best to finish up my homework. Of course, it's starting to get to me as it starts to pile up, along with all the projects and what-nots that I have to do too. Keeping to the resolution of course has its cons too, as I "banned" myself from sleeping in class or doing nothing. Being the "sesat" one in my class, it's pretty easy not to get bugged and go on being a geek and doing my homework(I'm almost ALWAYS at my seat looking down at my books during class). But that also means that I'm missing a lot on the social side. =( Even during recess or free periods. And that makes me sad. I'm honestly feeling on the down side these few days. The only thing that keeps me going in school, scarily, is the homework that needs to be completed.

When the Social Bunny visits me, then I'll know that something is seriously wrong.(the Sims reference!)

It's great that I'm not procrastinating school work, but I haven't been able to do much for my hobbies and other stuff... Haven't been gaming much, playing the piano, preparing my cosplay stuff, picking up new skills I said I wanted too. Sigh... Will write my resolutions list and wish list and cosplay planning list in some other blog post... soon...

Larian Mesra(Robiah's smart idea of a 4km-ish cross country race because she thinks she's too awesome to settle with "Larian Lebuhraya") was good, and all the running with my brother during the holidays paid off. It taught me to maintain my stamina. I actually enjoyed the run because it's fun to see everyone struggling and running, and then I go on and jog past them when they run out of stamina and walk. On top of that, I had music. :3 Unfortunately, I missed the shot at the medal by a close margin, as usual. There goes my last shot. =( The only thing I can hope for now is MSSD Taekwondo and sports day, where I signed myself up for shot put(as usual) and 1.5km run, and somehow the teachers threw me into lempar cakera(I don't like it... actually...) and 4x400m run(WHAT?).

Meanwhile, I had a kick to do something for the past three days...

Sakura and Syaoran Jigsaw Puzzle!

I had this for a few years already, along with a Tidus and Yuna one that I've already completed(but had no way to hang it up). I saw and suddenly "hey, let's fix it!". Of course, the only time I would be in my room is at night. And at night is usually 11pm. And so I do this for an hour or two before sleeping. Go figure. 8D

Day 2 progress. Lots of time taken to sort out the pieces.

Moved Sakura and Syaoran up and fixed the borders, whee!

I have no life. And right now, I'm attempting to organize the pictures and videos from :my Amazing Race in November:.

Once again, I end by saying "I need to blog moar". *runs around hysterically*

Quote of the Day: "A lawyer is someone who smiles no matter how bad it gets." - Diego Armando, Ace Attorney.

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