Friday, January 15, 2010

Second Week

Second week at school and I'm still standing! You know how at the start of the new school year, we're glad we're free from last year's homework debts, and we make a resolution for ourselves to try out best and make a fresh start to finish up all our homework and leave a good impression on the teachers. Well, I'm happy to say that I'm still working hard on keeping that resolution, at least for a few weeks until the homework starts piling up. And for this whole year, I have yet to sleep in class. At all. Not once. Not even Sejarah! ZOMGWOOHOO! *pats self*

We had our Koperasi interview today and it was okai. Last year for me to bring up the fresh probates who are going to carry on our green legacy... I hope they turn out to be good! Aaahhh... reminds me of my old days. The peeps who were interviewed by me seem to be all shy and quiet and scared and... yeah. .___. Hopefully it gets better. But funny moments during the interview...

Interviewer: "Stok, Sumber Manusia, Keceriaan and Kebersihan, which of the 4 groups would you like to join?"

Indian dood: "Chinese group."

Me: "Alright, last chance to leave an impression. Why should I choose you out of everyone who came to interview to become a Pengawas Koperasi? What's so special about you? Impress us."

Interviewee, who was nervous and pretty quiet through-out the whole thing suddenly became gung-ho:
"I have a lot of certificates. I have certificate in karate. I have certificate in arts and crafts. I am number two in junior six."


And buns are coming back to the Koperasi, FINALLY! And they all cost less than RM2! Yay!

And clubs AGM is tomorrow. Choir! English! Leo! Whoopieee! And Taekwondo is starting again!

And TQG committee orientation! Fun fun fun~

Yes, I get excited over extra-curricular activities.

Quote of the Day: "Justice is blind, but she's not deaf. Sometimes you have to know when not to talk." - Diego Armando, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations.(yes, I'm a sucker for AA quotes)


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