Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Last weekend was tons of fun. :D

We visited Anthea's house last Friday for Chinese New Year! As usual, it's phood, phood, and moar phooooooooood~ It was pretty maniacal and fun. :D (but no pictures to show!)

And on Saturday, yours truly was cordially invited by Anthea Hui to 5 Amanah's Class Dinner at Full House as a photographer! The biggest problem I faced was that, although I'm a really outgoing person, I have no proper dress in my wardrobe(sad, I know). But lucky for me, I had one hidden deep inside which I have bought two years ago during Chinese New Year(which my mum claimed, along with another skirt, to be a wrong shopping decision). I've never worn it out before, except for one occasion where I was performing Hare Hare Yukai my Gavel Installation.

My look for the night!

The real purpose of our outing

Of course, the dinner turned out to be a camwhore fest for us. :D For moar pictures, check out the photo album!

So, it's back to school again, with more homework flooding in, and other homework left undone. I'm picking back my pace at completing my homeworks. More hardwork from now on, on top o that having my exam starting next week, and then my camp - which is still needs a lot of working - during the holidays.

Meanwhile... ACE ATTORNEEEEY~ I'm still on my last case, and I probably have more that halfway to go. But as a genuine and true Ace Attorney fan, I shall complete it! Godspeed!

Phoenix = Stepladder
Maya = Ladder
Apollo = Ladder
Trucy = Stepladder
Ema = Ladder
Edgeworth = Ladder
Kay = Stepladder

Oh joy. :D
(Technically, a stepladder is the type that has a hinge at the centre and looks like ^ when you open it. You step on the platforms going up, so, stepladder! :D)

Yes, this is a random update. See you at my next post. :X

Quote of the Day: "That birthday present is for your wife's younger brother's wife's son." - Shi-Long Lang, Ace Attorney Investigations.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Parodies and Cameos!

Oh so hilarious. :D Ace Attorney Investigations is full of of parodies and cameos.

(Passenger in question is Sal Manella, for those wondering and concerned)

(spoilers edited)

I guess Edgey's plus point is dry, unintentional humour. And he has Detective Gumshoe as his comedic relief! But I do miss the court room...

*continues playing*

Quote of the Day: "I-I pinky-swear I do, on my honor as a professional prosecutor." - Miles Edgeworth, Ace Attorney Investigations.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Thanks all for the positive comments! :3 I'm definitely loving this new blogskin too~ I'm gonna try and come up with a nice background(that doesn't blind eyes) and some other stuff. Like - hey! There's something new flashing at each blog post now! :D (yes, I am a random, rabid fan-girl)

Meanwhile, I'm still playing Ace Attorney Investigations. And just for giggles...

Epic Win. :D (I should sooo make a "gif" out of this)

Quote of the Day: "Come what may, it's time to knock on Truth's Door." - Miles Edgeworth, Ace Attorney Investigations.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Phew! Finally finished the skin! It's reaaaaaally simple, but hey, I am noob at CSS. I'll probably add more details and stuff the click in the future. So meanwhile, please comment! :3


On top of the Ace Attorney madness...


Quote of the Day: "(Uh oh... Phoenix, we have a problem...)" - Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


If you see my blog changing designs and adopting colours that doesn't match, please do not be alarmed. is undergoing a facelift and would result in slow changes as I experiment HTML and CSS coding.

Look forward to it! ;)

Quote of the Day: "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" - A random sentence that if you type it, would utilize all the alphabets on your keyboard. :D

Kiong Hee Huat Zai

I found out that the "Image Adder" for Blogger is in fact, working. Except that you have to drag the picture out after you've uploaded them. Garrrr. Cheat my feeling!

So, Chinese New Year as always! It doesn't seem that special anymore the older you get. The only special thing is you get money from other people without working, you get an excuse to snack and you get to meet your relatives, a lot of 'em.

The only difference this year, we took Kristy back to Malacca for Chinese New Year! Wewhoo! :D At first there was a lot of problems about bringing her back, as not many(or all) of my relatives aren't dog lovers, half of them are scared of dogs too. But when we brought back home, she fit right into my uncle's house, where me, my family and Kristy have been staying at for Chinese New Year.

Thank goodness Kristy's cute.


We had Kristy for a year already. How time flies! She's now 21 doggie years and counting. I just took her back from her walk and she's now messing around with her cloth-toy with my cousin's husband.(cousin-brother-in-law?) Cheers to more years to come Kristy!

The internet connection in Malacca is horrible, so I haven't had the chance to get on Facebook(the only website that phails to load helluva-lot). Instead, I've been working on my new blogskin: Ace Attorney style! :D

I am too epic hax. :D

That's where I've progressed up till now. Meanwhile, I'm reading up on HTML and CSS so I can put the images to use. And I'm heading home today!(edit: already home)


Note to self: I soooo need to make a post just for Godot quotes. :3 (would work well for my new blogskin too! 8D *inspiration!*)

Quote of the Day: "No matter the man, we all wear masks... Either on our faces or over our hearts." - Godot, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A lot has happened the past week or so, but I'm sooooo lazy to blog about it because...


Attempting to make my own blogskin based on Ace Attorney. I ish crossing my fingers.

Zamagawd. Tomorrow Chinese New Year eve. *no CNY mood yet*

Quote of the Day: "When someone asks "who" I am, I always say "a housewife." That's the polite response... But just for today, I feel like showing off a little. I'm an ALCHEMIST!" - Izumi Curtis, Fullmetal Alchemist.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Snapped pictures in school today for 5 Amanah. But Suzanne + camera = MAGIC.

Tomorrow is Pn. Yee's Farewell, so more pictures to come! I'm gonna do more of these pictures, huahuahua. And then there's Jen Sion's set that I haven't collected from Kah Hong, teehee! Me, Deb and Anjie did some dancing in class too, teehee.

I needs a new blogskin. Garrr. I wanna do my own skin but I don't know what to do(can only think of game inspired ones) and I can't draw and I have minimal HTML knowledge. Suggest plox.
In the end, I got lazy to post the rant. And I spent last week finishing a game on the PSP, so I didn't continue on my puzzle until yesterday night.

At least I made progress. 8)

Garrr, blogger is phailing my picture attachments. I shall continue this post later.

Quote of the Day: "quote" - Annonymous
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