Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Last weekend was tons of fun. :D

We visited Anthea's house last Friday for Chinese New Year! As usual, it's phood, phood, and moar phooooooooood~ It was pretty maniacal and fun. :D (but no pictures to show!)

And on Saturday, yours truly was cordially invited by Anthea Hui to 5 Amanah's Class Dinner at Full House as a photographer! The biggest problem I faced was that, although I'm a really outgoing person, I have no proper dress in my wardrobe(sad, I know). But lucky for me, I had one hidden deep inside which I have bought two years ago during Chinese New Year(which my mum claimed, along with another skirt, to be a wrong shopping decision). I've never worn it out before, except for one occasion where I was performing Hare Hare Yukai my Gavel Installation.

My look for the night!

The real purpose of our outing

Of course, the dinner turned out to be a camwhore fest for us. :D For moar pictures, check out the photo album!

So, it's back to school again, with more homework flooding in, and other homework left undone. I'm picking back my pace at completing my homeworks. More hardwork from now on, on top o that having my exam starting next week, and then my camp - which is still needs a lot of working - during the holidays.

Meanwhile... ACE ATTORNEEEEY~ I'm still on my last case, and I probably have more that halfway to go. But as a genuine and true Ace Attorney fan, I shall complete it! Godspeed!

Phoenix = Stepladder
Maya = Ladder
Apollo = Ladder
Trucy = Stepladder
Ema = Ladder
Edgeworth = Ladder
Kay = Stepladder

Oh joy. :D
(Technically, a stepladder is the type that has a hinge at the centre and looks like ^ when you open it. You step on the platforms going up, so, stepladder! :D)

Yes, this is a random update. See you at my next post. :X

Quote of the Day: "That birthday present is for your wife's younger brother's wife's son." - Shi-Long Lang, Ace Attorney Investigations.

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