Friday, February 05, 2010

Snapped pictures in school today for 5 Amanah. But Suzanne + camera = MAGIC.

Tomorrow is Pn. Yee's Farewell, so more pictures to come! I'm gonna do more of these pictures, huahuahua. And then there's Jen Sion's set that I haven't collected from Kah Hong, teehee! Me, Deb and Anjie did some dancing in class too, teehee.

I needs a new blogskin. Garrr. I wanna do my own skin but I don't know what to do(can only think of game inspired ones) and I can't draw and I have minimal HTML knowledge. Suggest plox.
In the end, I got lazy to post the rant. And I spent last week finishing a game on the PSP, so I didn't continue on my puzzle until yesterday night.

At least I made progress. 8)

Garrr, blogger is phailing my picture attachments. I shall continue this post later.

Quote of the Day: "quote" - Annonymous

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