Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last Week in a Nutshell

Whooop! Haven't had the time to blog. But I had a reaaaaally owhsm week last week. :D

Here is my week in a nutshell, as posted on Facebook:

Suzanne Yin had a super eventful week! Cosplaying, more than 4 accounts of cycling to school, staying back after school the whole week, ran more than 4 rounds around the track, threw heavy objects across the field and tugging onto a rope while yelling under the glaring sun, and celebrating Anthea's birthday with a wig. Wooohoooo~! :D

And here's the week in point form!

1. Went to GACC 2010 in Malacca as Mia Fey with Mellie, Rayray, Jayjay, Rayjay's buddy Jun Ee, Xsaye and met other owhsm peeps! Funfunfun! (will post a full report on this later)
2. Crazy sports week! (elaborate below)
3. Went to Stadium Masushita and did Shot Putt(Lontar Peluru) and track running.
4. Got second last for 1500m(3 and 2/3 rounds round the track) and didn't stop running! Kinda proud of that achievement. :D
5. ZAMAGAWD, got Gold medal for 4x400m relay race! AAAAAHHH!!! First running medal in EVER! And Gold too! I lurve you Brendaaaaa!
6. Lempar Cakera for the first time. And they sent me for the competition. o_O Did pretty okay though, but it hurt my arm muscles.
7. Tug-of-War(Tarik Tali) on Friday. Fun, even though we lost two matches. But Nurul was so owhsmmmm. 8D And I had a horrible arm, leg and back muscle problems for the next three days.
8. Nurul and I surprised Anthea with a Taiga wig on her birthday! Imagine Nurul bringing it to school on her music stand with a plastic bag on top and the curls coming out from the bottom. xD Happy birthday Ant! :3

And WTH. Script Frenzy starts in two hours and I haven't prepared anything! Darn.

Quote of the Day: "My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work." - Sherlock Holmes

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