Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cut the Head, and the Body will follow

Wow! What a hectic March! Yes I haven't been blogging much, and I'm still busy so... But I'll just summarized what happened for the past few weeks.

1. 27th February was the very owhsm Koperasi trip! Not many people went, but it was loads of fun. Taman Tasik Titiwangsa is beautiful and I snapped lots of pictures, but mai scmupish memory card got corrupted by the computer's autorun virus. D:

2. That night was En Lai's birthday party. It was filled with people and zamagawd, the house was... zamagawd! We had a dancing corner with the flashy lights and all. Then we had fireworks! Lots of them!

3. Chinese New Year carolling! My yearly event with the temple where I shout my lungs out, running from house to markets to spread the new year cheer. I'm one who loves singing and being gung-ho and all, so this was really fun, as usual.

4. Exaaaamsss. It equates to lack of sleep. I've been slacking lately, but I'll pick up the pace again after the holidays.

I haven't had any rest after the exams as on the Friday itself before my exams finished, I was sent out of school to attend a debate competition! I've been part of the debate team since I was form 3, but I was in the research team then. Last year, our debate team has only attended one competition. Of course, I was all gung-ho for this one.

The debate was held in KDU and was called the Dato C. Q. Teo Debate Challenge. There were 66 teams participating(!). It was a really great event! And you can tell right from the first second you enter the auditorium. There was a briefing going on about the basic rules of debate and what is expected from the speakers. Really eye-opening, since no one really told us how a proper debate runs. We were shocked to find out that the competition wasn't a knock-out style, but instead a league-style, and that the competition lasts for 3 days!!! No mental preparation for it, but we were ready to rock.

Every round starts with the release of the match up, meaning which team is the government or opposition against which team, and in which venue. Then, they'll announce the theme of the debate that round, along with 3 topics where the two teams have to agree on one to debate. Here are the themes and topics I've debated for the first two days! Bolded are the topic we debated and the team who won.

1. This House Would place CCTV in schools.
2. This House Would include homosexuality in sex education.
3. This House Would make Physical Education a part of SPM.
(Government vs. Aminuddin Baki)

1. This House Would punish people who openly promote that global warming is not real.
2. This House Would ban the use of animals as objects for sports & entertainment.
3. This House Believes That developed countries should force developing countries to protect the environment as a condition for aid.
(Opposition vs. Bandar Utama Damansara (3) )

Round 3: RIGHTS
1. This House Believes That prisoners should be allowed to vote.
2. This House Believes That the "don't ask, don't tell policy severely weakens gay rights".
3. This House Would legalise polygamy.
(Opposition vs. Damansara Jaya)

1. This House Would support military intervention in Somalia.
2. This House Would pull out nato forces from Kabul.
3. This House Would apply the One Child policy in India.
(Opposition vs. Chung Hwa)

1. This House Would go easy on students who download music illegally.
2. This House Would ban the broadcast of videos made by terrorists.
3. This House Would protect the celebrities no the paparazzi.
(Government vs. Subang Utama)

I was teamed up with Yohann and Wai Howe. We had a really owhsm first day, 2 out of 2 wins! :D And other than me, we were first timers. For every round, we only get 20 minutes prep time. We lost the first two matches in day 2, but they were both really really interesting topic. Imagine us and Damansara Jaya having zero idea on what the "don't ask, don't tell" policy is about. After the debate, the adjudicator told us that... it applies in the US Army. ZAMAGAWD. For world politics, I literally cried for help. Thank goodness Yohann and Wai Howe had reaaaally strong thoughts about Taliban. The topic made lots of good quotes too. :D I quoted Sun Tzu's Art of War and made reference to chess, haha.

We went to hear the results on day 3. Out of the 62 teams(4 dropped out), only 16 would make it through to the octofinals. We didn't make it through, but I'm still really happy with the whole experience. =) We made it to the end with 3 out of 5 wins, which was pretty awesome. We were probably in the top 20 or 30 on the list, which was even more awesome. I learned a lot about debate from this, and I think this won't be the last you see me debating. >D

Other stuff happening? I guess that would include TDCXII and the Gavel Installation Dinner. Koperasi Camp has been postponed zorrrrr. And this weekend... GACC!!! I wanna go for both days!!! Anyone wants to go? :D

Quote of the Day: "Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat." - Sun Tzu's Art of War

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