Monday, April 05, 2010


Pay respects to your ancestor's for Cheng Beng,
Celebrate Jesus for Easter,
Go to MPSJ for SMK USJ 13 Sports Day,

Wish Suzanne Yin a Happy 17th Birthday!

Over 100 notifications on Facebook and lots of SMS, woohoo! Thanks everyone! I wanted to thank everyone personally by listing everyone out, but then I realize it was going to take me forever, and the fact that my blog posting is taking forever isn't going to help out the situation. 8D So yeah, thanks peeps! :3

I didn't have 5 cakes this year to celebrate my birthday, but two days before my birthday, my mum took me out to somewhere "secret". So I was on the car, and she totally blew her cover on the telephone.

Mum: (on the phone) Eh, Siew Lian, where's the place ah?
Mum: Oh... Jalan 222? Turn then can see the Singer building already? Ok.
Mum: (off the phone) *random talk with brother*
Mum: *pauses* Eh, Shu Hui, do you know where we are going?

Way to keep a secret, mum! So we went to the Singer building to look at sewing machines! Yes, a sewing machine, because I'm a sucker for cosplaying and wish to be able to sew her own costumes. :3 And so, I got a brand new sewing machine for my birthday!

The sewing machine in question!

Anyone want to suggest a name for my new sewing machine? :3 I'm probably going to keep it with me till I'm old, and pass it down to my kids. xD

Other than the sewing machine, my birthday wasn't much, actually. Except that I got a tan on my birthday from marching at Sports Day, for the first time of my life! I was marching for the Pandu Puteri upon request, yes I'm so nice. Then I had a TDC meeting and well, nothing much. Just like a regular day, with lots of birthday wishes. Birthdays are starting to feel very much like Chinese New Year, a special day that I note, but have not much excitement for it anymore. D:

At least, I'm not as emo this year as I am at this time, last year.

Today, we're off from school because of Sports Day. I spent it at Sunway Pyramid with Anthea, Nurul and Ili! We watched How to Train Your Dragon in 3D! It was epic! And we are epic! We take epic pictures! 8D

And at this moment, I'm on Facebook, blogging, script writing, reading manga, writing minutes for TDC and chatting on MSN at the same time. Go me. 8D

I needs inspiration for Script Frenzy! I'm only on page 5 and it's already day 5! I'm supposed to have 3.3 pages per day! I'm plotting a murder case and I haven't had the whole thing set up yet! AHHHH!!! Anyone wants to read it though? :X It's named Mia Fey: Ace Attorney, mohahahaha.

Quote of the Day: "No matter how bitter the memory... It can never be as bitter as dark black coffee." - Diego Armando, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations.
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