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First of all...


After much procrastination and mental kicks to my lacking-of-inspiration mind, I present to you THE EPIC UPDATE.
Now, let's scroll through my calender and Facebook for memories and pray that I'll get through this safely.

Suzanne's 17th Birthday (4 April)

It was pretty sad for me, as no one did anything special for my birthday. =( Except my family, where my mum bought me my sewing machine (which I still haven't named), my eldest brother bought me a ticket to Video Games Live (elaborated below) and my other brother bought me a 300gb hard disk!

Meet Guak-Guak!

And I celebrated the next day with Anthea, Nurul and Ili.

It's a tradition to take pictures in the toilet. We're not gonna break that. :D

Other than that, I just got lots of Facebook messages, one-lined greetings and nothing else. No birthday cards. No presents. Nothing else from my friends. ;___; It makes me even more emo when lately, everyone keeps collecting money to buy epic presents for the birthday boys/girls. I am hurt. Deeply. ;___;

5 Bakti Class Dinner! (10 April)

I was kinda sceptical about it at first when they wanted to spend RM50 for dinner at Italianies. You can do a lot with RM50, and you definitely don't spend so much of food. Besides, not everyone can stuff themselves with a full 3 course meal.

My favourite poser pic xD

I wub youuu~

But the dinner turned out to be OWHSM. Well, not the dinner itself, but the time we spent together at Republic (which was next to Italianies, and for the price we paid plus the amount of people, we get the venue to ourselves) was WORTH IT. We SS kao kao without restrictions. xD We had a lot of arguments to come up with the decision, but in the end we had a blast. :3 The outing definitely brought us closer together.

5 Bakti forever!

Video Games Live 2010 Malaysia (17 April)

THE EPIC EVENT. For the uninformed, VGL is "an immersive event created by the game industry featuring the best game music performed by top orchestras and choirs combined with synchronized lighting, video, live action and audience interactivity. The first and most successful video game concert tour in the world.

Video Games + Music = GODLIKE

"Eh, did you hear about VGL?" asked the eldest brother one random day.
"OMG YES YES! They are coming to Malaysia!" I responded with an enthusiasm strong enough to get my eyes off Facebook.
"Want to go watch it with me? I'll buy you the ticket," he answered nonchalantly.

I died, went to heaven and came back in tears. Seriously! Those who know me long enough would know I have a fetish for video game sountracks, especially from Square-Enix and Ace Attorney. Immediately I dragged along my bestie, who dragged along another friend.

Weeks before the event, after we already bought the tickets (cheapest student priced ones), while I was away somewhere I can't remember where, I got an SMS from my brother saying that I'll have to watch it myself.

Me: "Alarh, why? Got event that day is it? Your ticket how?"
Brother: "I can't go because I'll be singing it! :P"

I died again. To be able to sing video game songs, and to sing it with the choir in parts, and to sing it with an orchestra, all while having "front row seats" to VGL. LUCKY.

That day, I had a Public Speaking competition at Sunway University College that my teacher refused to let me skip. Dilemma! In the end I planned a rushy day where my dad picked Melissa up from Japanese class, then me from Sun-U, straight to KL. I got changed into Mia Fey really quickly.

The show was SPECTACULAR. It was spell-binding and so unreal! I went trigger-happy, snapping photos and videos of the day. Although I wasn't familiar with most of the songs they played, it was amazing! It was a really interactive show! The creator, Tommy is a genius! They played Metal Gear Solid (with super funny acting xD), God of War (EPIC SOPRANO SOLO), Sonic, Zelda, World of Warcraft, Mario and lots of other cool stuff! They had one of the audience go on stage to play Space Invaders on the HUGE screen and with the guy running around as the space craft. :P Then they had the winner of the Guitar Hero competition before the show to perform on stage.

Then they just had to put the big ones near the end of the show. When they played "Hikari" from Kingdom Hearts, I felt like I was flying. xD Then for the last song they finally played "One-Winged Angel"! People say it's overplayed, but if it wasn't performed, there'll be a massacre by the fans. LOVELY. I wanted to run down to the stage and steal Tommy's electric guitar! Then of course, there would be the fake ending, and then the call for encore. They played Castlevania and was screaming inside for Chrono Cross. Then they did it! CHRONO! I almost fainted! It was then I really, literally, almost cried. Time's Scar! Ahhh! Then they finished the show and it was like my dream was over. owo

Me and my Mewie~

The famous toilet shot, again xD I can't resist huge mirrors.


I'm soooo soooooo hoping they'll come back next year. With Civilization IV. And Chrono Cross again. I be cosplaying Chrono Cross then. xD

Go to my YouTube for VGL videos.

Gavel Installation Dinner (24 April)

I'm a member of the 1st Malaysian Gavel Club, a public speaking club that's affiliated to Toastmasters International. And every year, we have a dinner to install the board of directors and our new members. I was the Secretary and now newly elected Vice President of Education by the way. :3

That morning was supposed to be a replacement class at school. But everyone skipped school and went to USJ12's Canteen Day. Didn't do much, but I somehow gotten 2 blisters from just walking in my sandals. o_o Went straight to Summit after that for preparation.

It was a pretty fun night with lots of unexpected people coming for the dinner. :D Did a sketch which could've been better. orz

The Epic video of pictures I took that afternoon itself and made in two, three hours :D

I had more blisters to bring home that night. 8 in total for one day, orz. These feet aren't made for heels!

Taekwondo Championship 2010 (1 May)

During Labour Day on 1 May, I went to Cheras for a Taekwondo sparring match. It was pretty fun spending time with the Taekwondo peeps, and definitely much more comfortable than the one in Kelana Jaya (this one was fully air-cond!). Once again, I only had one bout to fight, with 3 people in my category this time. I lost the match, but got a Silver medal. At least I got to fight this year, although I wasn't as good as I would like myself to be. But oh my goodness, the girl I went up against had this super make-people-piss-off face. Seriously! When we took our medal, she bent down, took her medal, the person announced the winners, then she turned around and walked off. Me and the bronze medalist just jawdropped.

All in all, we had fun. xD Although we didn't have Master Neng Keong and his laptop. Darn.

Sarah and Lay Teng's Birthday Celebration (14 May)

Although it was the start of exam, we -had- to go out and have some fun. xD What else is a better excuse than Sarah's birthday on 13th and Lay Teng's birthday on 15th? Me, Bing Xi and Charles got back to my house straight after school then went to Sunway Pyramid that Friday. The original plan was karaoke at Red Box. We went there and, well, the rooms were pretty packed. :X We walked around a bit, went shopping for presents, then me, Bing and Charles bought tickets for Ip Man 2! xD Went back to Red Box for a bit to kill time and I finally karaoke-d for the first time! Ever! I sang "Again" by Yui with memorized lyrics! Then yelled my way through "Complicated". Really got my adrenaline rushing! It's like drugs, and I want moaaar. We left after that to the cinema. Ip Man 2 was awesome! It's action, action, action, even more than the first movie.

After that we (with the exception of the other girls), walked over to Yuan's steamboat. Fun fun makan session! Had fun watching everyone rushing for the chicken, haha! We had two tables, and we started quite a lot of trend. First we sang a birthday song with a cake which the other tables joined in to sing too! (which another 3 tables then followed suit) Then we did a super long Yum Seng, where everyone joined in too! (the Yum Seng thing went on for the whole night) Trend setters we are. :P

Only picture I have on Facebook to remember the night

Everything Else In Between During May

May was pretty much an exam month. Although I had lots of fun with Debbie, Aina and Anjie planning for teacher's day! We wanted to perform a K-pop medley! And so I went through loads of K-pop-ness, learning bits of dances like Shock, Because of You, Crazy in Love, Sign, Ring Ding Dong, Genie (MY FAV) and others! Good exercise! Although we didn't make it through for the performance (they're just jealous we can do sexey moves), we had tons of fun.

Also for teacher's day, me, Anthea, Anjie, Rayhan, Nurul, Jen Sion, Ian practiced "Don't Stop Believin'", Acapella! It was super fun! Although we didn't sound as pro on mic or recordings, we had tons of fun practicing and being in touch with our musical side. :3

15 May, we had an epic Taekwondo session. Ili's director wanted to film kids with 5As in UPSR who are active in kokurikulum. So he wanted to film our Taekwondo class! It was pretty cool being on "set", seeing them at work although the crew was pretty small.

Eat powaaah! :D

- To be continued -

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