Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blast from the Past

I had a pretty crappy week the week before last week, and a bad start last week. Wanted to blog about it but then things look brighter so the potential emo post has left with the wind! Instead, I shall share something I did during that pretty emo period.

You see, I'm a sentimental person and I keep all sorts of crap from people or places that I found meaningful. By crap, it can include cards, notes, used tissues, sticks(seriously) and other stuff! In attempt to cheer myself up and remind myself of the great days I once had in the past, I dug out everything I had in my "sentimental drawer" and started reading and taking pictures of them.

My "sentimental drawer"!

My birthday present from way back when from my elder brother!

My 13th birthday present from Anthea, Zoe, Siew Yen and Jian Mei! Epic lawl. xD On a side note, I've been collecting can tabs since I was 8. :X

Birthday cards and stuff from my 14th birthday in 2007!  One of the sweetest times of my life. ;__;

TRU camp 2007!

Random Koperasi stuff. My acceptance letter into Koperasi! :3

Koperasi Camp stuffs! Strepsils were from Rayhan because I fell sick shouting for two days

The stick(see? seriously!) from Reuben and birthday card+flower from 16th birthday xD

TDCX 2008! I have marny~

TDCXI 2009, Metamorphosis!

TDCXII 2010, Take Two! (I haven't blogged about it yet, have I... :X)

Code Geass keychains from my really close epic hax Ragnarok Online friend, Kang!

You know how in primary school, people would keep these "memory books" (in Chinese, "Ji Nian Che") and make everyone they know write their personal details and some other extra words. I had two of those, but lost my bigger one with more writings in it. =( So I was looking through my really old one and guess what I found?

Written by Ai Vee. Note the second last line! Odd how life runs eh?

So yeah, that was most of the stuff I dug up. Those who know me well can easily guess that I had cried while looking through all these stuff. Hey, I'm an emotional person and I'm not afraid to show it. :3

Gonna blog about some cosplay stuff and C2AGE after I figure out my darn Add Maths project! .__.

Quote of the Day: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." - Benjamin Disraeli

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