Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cosplay Plans!

So I'm finally here! Finally blogging about my future cosplay plans!

2010 may be SPM year, but cosplay is something really close to my heart, and I really don't want to not make a new outfit this year. Although my mum insists that I shouldn't, I insist I must! I've got a few pretty confirmed plans already. :3

1. Leena [Chrono Cross]

My number 1 must do cosplay! Chrono Cross is one of my favourite RPGs for the PS and it's the sequel to the super successful Chrono Trigger. Square is loveeee. Leena's dubbed the "Sweet Country Gal", and is the main character's childhood friend. Ever since Mia Fey, I have this kick to cosplay rare/less popular characters for the love of the series. And just like Mia Fey, I LOVE Chrono Cross. I figured I would NEVER pull off Kid, and the other girl characters in consideration were too awesome, namely Orlha, and I dunno what guy to crossplay, and they had lots of armour. So I go with Leena! (who is now one of the stronger characters in my latest replay of the game :3) Besides, she has orange hair, and orange hair is good for Orihime, who I really like! I'm not expecting many to know what character this is, but hey, there are 45 playable characters in Chrono Cross after all. And I'll make them know with a blow from my rainbow frying pan. =B

2. Sohma Kagura [Fruits Basket]

Fruits Basket is a manga I really really adore. The storyline is super sweet! And the best way to show affection is to cosplay the series! I reckoned I wouldn't fit Tohru's part well, and that the boys from the Sohma family were too cute and gorgeous. Kagura has a thing for Kyo (and so do I!), and she gets real mean when she's mad (me too!), so I figured it'd be awesome to cosplay Kagura! :D Her default green dress is pretty plain (it's nice though), and the hard part would be the boots, so I picked her uniform version instead. It'll go better with the rest of the cast who are wearing the uniforms too. If possible, I would really really want to do both Leena and Kagura for Comic Fiesta 2010.

Those are my two current plans. And I shall present to you my "I think I want to do this but I don't know if I should" plans!

1. Maya Fey [Ace Attorney]

This isn't really a choice. It's a MUST! The Maya Fey costume worn by Jasmine is actually shared between both of us. This cosplay will definitely be in the future, I just don't know when as I need to wait for Jasmine to finish enjoying the costume before I readjust it for myself.

2. Soul Linker [Ragnarok Online]

I don't care how, but I MUST do this one day. One day I will, I just don't know when. xD I absolutely love Ragnarok Online, and Soul Linker is one of my favourite jobs. They are really fun to play, and they are under appreciated! I must cosplay RO one day, and the Soul Linker outfit is awesome (without armour or having to bare her belly!), therefore I shall. :D It'll be really cool to cosplay Soul Linker, the details on the costume is just loveee.

3. Arch Bishop [Ragnarok Online]

I originally wanted to cosplay Arch Bishop as I'm really got at playing the Priest job in RO, and it was kinda to celebrate the 3rd jobs. And the costume is so pretty! But then there are already lots of people doing the Arch Bishop out there, and one in Malaysia already! ;__; Soul Linker's a definitely, but Arch Bishop we'll see.

4. Jack Russel or Ridley Silverlake [Radiata Stories]

I really want to crossplay, but I can't find the suitable male character I can pull off. So while thinking along the lines of games I really love, this loud, kicking (literally) hero from Radiata Stories came into mind. Jack would be fun to cosplay as he's really funny and loud like me. It'd be great to make a tribute to Radiata Stories, and also to stay in character by kicking stuff... and people. :3 In the case where I could convince a guy to do Jack with me, I'll do Ridley, because she's strong and has blonde hair. I want to get a blonde wig. :D

5. Oerba Yun Fang [Final Fantasy XIII]

This, is TOTALLY out of my league. But since Anthea and Nurul wants to do FF13, I'll joing them as Fang. ONLY if they do it. In a group. Or no. Don't get me wrong, Fang is really awesome, and that spear omg, I must have it! It can turn into a three section spear, and it's even foldable! If I could get that, I'll die. :D Oh, and the hair will be really hard to do. It's not long, not short, not thick. It's black, kinda red, but not. It's wavy, and she has little braids in them. SRSLY. And she's darn tall! One thing I'll look forward to if I do her, will be her Australian accent. :D But yeah, doing her will need a tremendous amount of work, including lots of workout sessions.

6. Izumi Curtis or Olivier Mira Armstrong [Full Metal Alchemist]

Another Anime series I lovelovelove. Nurul's doing Edward Elric for 2011, so I thought of joining her. I really like Olivier, because she's so awesome and kicks ass real hard! It'll be nice to wear the military outfit too. Izumi on the other hand is just as scary as Olivier in terms of their personality. Upside to Izumi is that she's Ed's master, and she's an alchemist! Meaning I'll get to clap my hands onto the ground for a reason. :D Izumi's outfit is pretty plain though, and those microbraids, ZOMG. So yeah, it's between both characters, if I want to join Nurul for FMA. :3

7. Klavier Gavin [Ace Attorney]

Ohhh hawtness~ One, Klavier's a prosecutor. Two, Klavier's a rockstar. Three, Klavier has blonde hair and he's tan. Four, Klavier's a dood. Mmmm! Once again, it's Ace Attorney, and I picked him because he's one of my favourite characters, plus he will be really fun to cosplay, with the air guitar and ACHTUNG! And Nurul's Ema, so yeah. xD

8. Kay Faraday [Ace Attorney Investigations]
Just a maybe. Kay is so adorable! She's kinda like me, noisy, enthusiastic, expressive... And Ace Attorney rocks socks.  If someone does Miles Edgeworth, Kay will definitely go higher on my list. But that hair... it's hax. D:

9. Golden Sun

This one I just thought of yesterday. You know how I've been wanting to cosplay less popular series that I really love? Golden Sun is one of them! It's one of the best GBA games, and many people love the game (just not many people I know), but there's only a very very small handful of them who cosplays Golden Sun. The only ones I found with pictures are on Curecos, and even then, there were only 3 pictures. It's that sad. ;__; Golden Sun is an awesome RPG, and it's coming out with its third instalment the end of the year! I would really love to cosplay Golden Sun, but this one I would really need a group... Even for fans, it'll take awhile to recognize a Golden Sun cosplay, because it's damn rare. This cosplay is on my wishlist!

A lot eh? 8D But yeah, it's just all pending. If you're interested to do any of these series, let me know! xD And if you have any suggestions of guys for me to crossplay, let me know too. So yeah, I'll add more if it crosses my mind, haha.

Quote of the Day: "Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday." - Don Marquis


  1. I wish you luck on all your cosplans!
    Haha, and cool!! Another Ace Attorney fan.

    Though you're more hard core than me. I finished Edgeworth's game and I kinda moved on after. XDv

    1. Squeee thanks for the comment! *w* Ace Attorney FTW!

      The only game I'm missing is Investigations 2 and Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. I'm currently considering cosplaying Franziska too, hurhurhur...

      Thanks again! :D (although I'm late with the reply ;w;)


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