Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Did Anyone Mention?

(First of all, I finished this post on Sunday night, but internet was being evil since that night till Tuesday night, so I'm only posting this up now. :X)

Trust me for the umpteenth time that I'm back to blogging, but to find me procrastinating as usual! Hey, didn't they mention that I'm a LVL 999? :D

Before I rewind and talk to you about stuff I did the pass few months, or about TDC + TDC Reunion(which I told myself to blog about it right after reunion), or about Koperasi Camp and everything else in between, I'll blog about this weekend! It's fresh in my mind and I must must get it out!

Saturday, I had a lot of things I wanted to do:
  1. Taekwondo class 7.30-9.30am (which I have already skipped for so so many times D:)
  2. TDC12 Post Mortem 9.00am-12.00pm
  3. Fourian Fair 8.00am-4.00pm
  4. Jeremy's Farewell Party 6.00-11.00pm.
I had to prepare some documents before my meeting, which means I need to be at the temple by at least 8.30am, which means I had to leave home by 8.00am, which means I can't make it for Taekwondo. ;__;

It was a pretty sweet post mortem, and I realized how much everyone has grown, me included. Although there's still so so soooo much space for improvement in me, namely my epic procrastination. It was pretty late when we ended (we had Domino's and KFC!), so I was debating whether I should go to USJ4's canteen day. The main reason being I already have a RM20 coupon on my hand (Jasmine made me buy it! D:). In the end, I decided to head on home because getting transport back from USJ4 would be super hard. So "whatever lah, eat my RM20 as dana."

Got back home, Facebook-ed, then started running around the house looking for some decent pyjamas to wear. You see, our dear kalyana mitra, Jeremy Kuan is leaving for Australia, so he's having a farewell party. And guess what's the theme? PYJAMAS! I dug out the pyjama pants I sewed last year (but haven't worn to sleep) and scratched my head looking for a proper shirt to go with it. Of course you're asked to wear your pyjamas, but wearing huge T-shirts make me look weird. D: At one point, I wanted to throw on what I always wear to sleep - my nightgown.

THANK BUDDHA I DIDN'T. Sat my brother's car to SS19 (did anyone mentioned how huge the neighbourhood is?) and hopped into the Kuan Residence. Jem and I were the only ones in old school, stripped pyjama pants. D: Everyone else was in their so called I-sleep-with-this-at-night pyjamas.

I -- we had fun anyways :D

Oh - which reminds me - have I mentioned about my cow yet?

Aida and the cow! (which is in black and white for the uninformed)

For those who went to TDC and Koperasi Camp, you must've seen this. :D It has been called a zebra-cow and a snake on numerous occasions (it's a cow darn it!), and can turn into a flying cow in seconds! (it has velcro!) For the rest who haven't met it, or have not had the luxury of knowing its name, its called Calcium Oxide! Short form, Cal-Ox! (get the pun?) This was another genius name given by the same person who came up with "Gula Melaka" (thank you Debbieee). Who wants to guess why it's called Calcium Oxide? :D ideas yet? Lemme help you. What's the chemical formula of Calcium Oxide?
[[ CaO ]]

If you get the joke, welcome to the Lame Club. :D

Another funny thing during the farewell was that me and Ai Vee made a huge discovery. You see, Jesmine Kuan was seeing someone. With the technology of the internet and Facebook, Ai Vee realized that the guy in question was a "mutual friend". Hearing the oh-so familiar name ("The name something like 'Yun Sem'"), I spazzed.
We totally spazzed! How small can the world Subang Jaya be? I have a locker of memories from my primary school days I treasure a lot. And a part of that primary school experience was sitting the bus for 6 years. We used to play hide-and-seek on the bus, and we hop when the bus goes over the bumps (hard to explain, but it's fun!), and stopped the bus to buy pisang goreng or take a walk round the petrol station kiosk, and OH I just remembered - we used to have this session where we tell ghost stories or attempt to make the others cry. GOSH - those were the days. And Yun Sem was one year my senior, and part of the bus gang.

I have this knack at remembering names and faces from super long ago during my childhood times. And the other person just have to forget who am I (Yohann! Grrrr!) or forget my name, like in this case. At least he didn't mistaken my name for "Ai Yee". HAH. Such coincidence eh? :3

I got to hang out with all my other kalyana mitras, share happy moments in a long time with Jeremy, laugh at the sweet video they made of Jeremy (hamster with a mohawk!), and last but not least, I watched Argentina vs. Germany.

Holy cow!  I was planning to get through the World Cup season without watching any of the matches. But circumstances changes things. I had zero idea on what was happening - except that my pants looked like the Argentinian flag, that the guy from the Astro and Maxis ad, Messi was on the field, and that Germany totally busted Argentina, 4-0. I feel sad for them. .__.

All the best to Jeremy Kuan in his life down south!

Sunday, as usual, was supposed to be temple day:
  1. Teen Quest Gathering 10.30am-12.30pm
  2. Gavel Club Meeting 2.30-4.30pm
  3. 1st Unified Taekwondo Championship 7.30am-6.00pm
The last one on the list totally crushed temple day. As with all other Taekwondo Championships, it's a full day affair. It was only Eleena and me, plus Jessica from Subang Utama this time around. Eleena and I only had one match, and so we waited. I'm so soooo happy I have super hip and cool doods who are twice my age as my masters. :D

In a nutshell, we snacked super a lot,
I watched How to Train Your Dragon on Master Neng Keong's iPhone,
Talked super a lot of OWH-EM-GEE nonsense,
Slept super a lot on the canteen table,
Kicked not so many asses.

In the end, I won a Gold medal! Woohoo! I finally I won it through a fight! Double woohoo! :D And then my super cool masters bought us McD!

My lunch! That bit of ketchup was honestly not enough


Oh yeah! Have I also not mentioned that I took these pictures with my new phone? :D

I dub it the new old-used-to-be-mum's-phone-used-to-be-Dennis'-phone-used-to-be-Felicia's-phone-but-coloured-with-camera-and-music-and-more-canggih-than-my-current-phone phone!

I'm so happy with the new phone! Immediately, I started filling it up with tons of Final Fantasy and Ace Attorney what-nots, and got a new ringtone and message tone that I so so love now. And also the super fitting screen picture! Aaaahhh~

Yup. That was pretty much the weekend and what I needed to get out of my system. :3 Now I can pat myself on the back and congratulate myself on the Gold and the perseverance to finish this blog post!

Quote of the Day: "Girls dress to impress other girls. If they want to impress guys, they wouldn't dress at all." - Jessica Lee (from what I remembered of what she said today xD)

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