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Double Majlis

I got my appetite back! So back to working on overdued blogposts! :3

The two Saturdays before the last, my school was having two big events. Let's start with the one on 24 July. Majlis Makan Malam Amal! One of the PIBG's attempts of leeching money from us. Hurray! First, they make it a point by talking about it at every single assembly. Then, the teachers constantly harass asked all their students to buy the RM50 dinner tickets, shoving it especially hard at "pemimpin muda's" and those holding high positions in clubs. They had a board to record the sales for all the classes for the month, which I never knew existed until it was in its last week. And they were expecting to sell 135 tables! That's 1350 seats! In the end, they pushed the sales really hard and I think they sold almost 1500 seats. Where do they get a hall that big? Anthea, Nurul and Melissa were performing, so they had a first-hand look of the Hotel Singgahsana (dubbed the hotel behind PJ Hilton). It was smaaaaall. Immediately, I knew they never planned to put everyone in the hall.

Boy was I right.
We got there at 5pm and once we entered the hotel, there were already tables lined up right till the entrance. In the hall, ALL the tables were "reserved", for teachers, "VIPs"(there were almost 10 of those VIP tables), and clubs or people who bought 10 seats at one go. Even with the tables outside the hall, there weren't enough tables to go around, so they went all the way to two separate rooms that were cut off from the event. They had LCD screens and speakers for a live feed of what was happening in the hall. But it failed because almost all of the equipments weren't working outside the hall. Poor students who were cheated of their RM50, they probably never saw this coming.

The hall (look closely and you'll notice a guy in black standing higher up - we dub him the Phantom of the Opera :O)

Lucky for me, I was sitting with my friends at the performer's table, so I was in the hall with better view, and earlier access to food. :3 Who wants to wait till 9pm after all the long, boring speeches?

But gosh, the service there was horrible. First, they filled up the cups of people who weren't even there yet, then it took them forever to get to us. And when Melissa asked for a refill, the waiter came by and filled just her cup. Hellooo, don't you see a table of empty cups? Do you need us to call for you 10 times? o_O

And they served the fruits on the what-used-to-be-the-curry-bowl. AGONY!

The food wasn't that great. It's even sad for the other guests who waited through the speeches, only to find a mediocre meal waiting for them. Thank goodness my ticket was sponsored by Koperasi! (perks for being a greenie! :D) The PIBG sure is earning a lot from the ticket sales by giving us a low standard dinner for RM50. Anyhow, more pictures!

The boys who had seats in the "store room"

The strings performance!

Puan Zuana in Anna Sui makeup. Amazing. o__o

Okay... I don't have any other pictures because I was lazy to photograph, the battery was running out and Melissa photobombed me. owo The night went alright, with some pretty interesting performances. xD Everyone went home happily cheated and the PIBG gets a big plus in the bank. Yay!

31 July, Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang. I applied for Tokoh Kokurikulum with high hopes, wishing at least to get Tokoh Kelab dan Persatuan or something. A week before the Majlis, two of the school ustazah passed me the invitation to my parents. I was excited to have won something, but I had no idea what I won. Puan Zuana congratulated me, but she wouldn't tell me what it was either! Then we had two rehearsals with every club's president, every MSSD participants and PMR achievers. It takes at least 4 hours for them to get everything done. =/ It was then I found out that I had the biggest prize of all. Tokoh Murid Kokurikulum! Then they told me that on the day itself, they wanted my parents to go on stage with me. Wow...

I was really shocked and happy about it. I reckoned that it was "Tokoh Murid Kokurikulum" and not the real "Tokoh Murid" because my academic wasn't excellent. There wasn't a Tokoh Murid in 2006 too, so I honestly thought there was some requirements that needed to be fulfilled (all subjects B and above, president of a club, yada yada), and that my award was not the same one, but just a substitute for that. Then on Saturday, they told me that my award was the last one to be given out at the ceremony because it was the most important one. And it was only after accepting the trophy that I was convinced that I had really really became the Tokoh Murid.

Me and my beautiful mum :3

Piala Pusingan! With all the past winners names engraved on the side.

It was really a proud moment for me. =) Even my eldest brother came along, teehee. Other fun stuff that day was that the choir performed (it's always fun when the choir perform), and then there was the really cool choral speaking performance led by Ili! And we camwhored.

Rawk on!

Attempts of lala-fication :D

Epic wtf moment

The eldest brother doing what he does best :D

That's all for the photos. On a side note, I'm finally signed up for more than one tuition. Zomg!

Quote of the Day: "Live. You'll be my living legacy. My honor, my dreams...They're yours now." - Zack Fair, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

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