Saturday, August 28, 2010

Melissa's Sweet 17

It was Melissa's 17th birthday yesterday and we had tons of fun! 8D First, she came over to my house after lunch to hang out. The one thing I "gave" her for her birthday was the freedom of making me watch anything she wants. Which is pretty hard to do, since the last time she made me watch Vampire Knight, I hid the CD. 8) She makes me watch a lot of stuff, namely Loveless, D.N.Angel (episode 1 AND the last one), D.Gray-man and stuff. She wanted to make me watch Kuroshitsuji 2, but my internet sucks so I couldn't load the anime. Instead, we watched...

High School of the Dead!

I didn't have any junk food, so Koko Krunch was our popcorn

We watched episode 3-7. It's a pretty nice anime, except that 50% of the time, the animation and drawing is pretty suggestive and uh... yeah. Thank goodness I'm a girl and I don't get turned on. By now I'll be forever disturbed by the dudes who watched this show... o__o It's like Viletta Nu and Kallen from Code Geass on a bigger scale!

Another thing on our agenda was making sushi! (which was why we didn't watch episode 8) So we went into the kitchen with almost zero skill in making them! Melissa had tons of fun messing around, since she hardly cooks. (which was why I'm making her cook at my house 8D)

Rice pwnage

She was actually enjoying the sound of the egg sizzling and "squeaking" o_o

The omelettes! My face was supposed to look like eet (if you're wondering)

Our ingredients for the sushi! (yes, it's not much, I know ;__;)

First roll of the day! (and first one all by myself, ever :D)

Mel going against the norm - TRIANGULAR SUSHI! 8D

My Tamago wrapped sushi! I'm a genius! :3

Our sushi! There's my "tamago" Nigiri sushi too, and Melissa's fat seaweed+egg wrap sushi

But all in all, both of us had TONS of fun. :D And we did it all ourselves too! (other than mum helping to slice the cucumbers) I swear I put too much vinegar in, but still it tasted great! And it tastes like victory! owo

Then, we scurried over back to her house. Her mum picked her up for dinner and I'm going along! But that's what Melissa thinks. Oh no, Shu Hui knows better than that, that's why she took a bath before following Melissa to her house. 8D


You see, Khai Xin asked Shu Hui a few weeks ago to help her with surprising Melissa for her birthday. Shu Hui was the distraction for the rest of them to sneak into Melissa's house. Shu Hui even got Melissa's mum in it, and even prepared a barbecue for everyone. Ain't Shu Hui awesome? And Melissa didn't smell anything wrong the whole day either! (except for smelling pretty sticky when she got back home)

We welcomed her to "Fandomland", where Melissa has to speak in third person. HAH. In the first 40 minutes, she broke the rule 20 times. For the whole night, she went OVER 9000!!! over 100. I asked her if she was a "boy" or a "girl" and asked her to name herself. (Pokemon game reference!) Of course, we made her do that in butt-writing. But true to "Fandomland", lots of suggestive stuff appeared that night.

Everyone was entertained by the gay action

Before we started eating, we told her that she had to collect "hearts" from all the guests by doing the specific tasks on their backs and doing another extra task of their choice. Collect 17 "hearts" and she'll make "Kingdom Hearts"! 8D We had quite a lot of silly stuff happening ("Doggy on my back" - I took the meaning literally, and so Mel placed Kingston on Jia Jie!)

Alas, with 17 hearts in hand Melissa opened Kingdom Hearts!

If cakes were made of Heartless, I'd have over 9000 :D

Tradition must be fulfilled :3

I was too drawn by her Dollyeye Brown lens! 8D Can't wait to get mine!

The random tasks sticked on the wall randomly

Melissa had one more task to do in Fandomland. She was supposed to find an item and give it to the mastermind of the party. It's blue. It's a feather. It's from Harvest Moon. 8D When she finally got it, she laughed hard. Told you it was Fandomland! After that, we had Truth or Dare, which was really really entertaining. Jun Kit has more pictures. ;__; Then we continued until after midnight (just Mel, Jia Jie and I) then I went home.

Hope you enjoyed your sweet 17 Melissa! I sure did. :3 And now, I'm gonna have lack of sleep for Taylor Asaban Fest later. And the pimple on my forehead is not going, and to make things worse a new one pop on my nose! Grrr.

See you tomorrow. :D

Quote of the Day: "If women made you a better person, I wouldn't want to know what were you like before." - Nara Shikamaru, Naruto

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