Friday, August 27, 2010

Number 150

Post number 150!!! Wheee! Just gonna spazz a little more because today and tomorrow will have me with loads more to write about. It's Melissa's birthday today and we'll be spending some time together at my house. :3 She's coming over soon~ And tomorrow is Taylor's Asaban Fest, which was actually my first ever anime convention way back in 2006. Cosplaycosplaycosplay.

Random note: I'm chosen for NS/PLKN. D: Apparently only one third of the school gets in. I must be pretty luck to be in... if only this luck went somewhere else.

Nothing much happened for the whole week, other than much anticipation for the weekend. :3 Yesterday night, I was testing out my cosplay for TAF. I'm doing Shippu! Konoha Gakuen Den again! I'm supposed to do Tenten this time around, but I've been planning and looking forward to do someone else...

Tsunade sensei! :D Principle of Konoha Gakuen, ohohoho! Peeps who are reading this blog post early, this is first insight to what I'll be cosplaying, and also first full face picture of me in a coloured wig. o_o Colouring the eyebrows were hard! Maybe they are too yellow... Wig is Li-ann's, lab coat is Nurul's. xP

While digging through my stuff to make up this outfit, I was looking for my Mia earrings, which were kept in a box along with my Magatama and attorney's badge. So I opened it and I had a surprise.

One of those fake cardboard badges sound like a great idea now...

My Magatama's and badge were made from a mixture of bread crumbs, PVA glue and lotion, so... ;__; I guess I'll have to make new ones now...

I originally planned this post to be about my to-do wishlist. It's kinda a list of things I wish to-do. :X I'll just make a simple list for now(while my mind is still running) and work from there later.

1. Pick up a new instrument! (flute or violin)
After giving my mum hell with my piano lessons for 9 years, it'll be pretty evil to jump back in it with a new instrument. :X But I really really want to! Some time. In the future.

2. Learn sewing!
For cosplay, duh. :P Makes costume making easier and sooooo much cheaper.

Obvious again. .__.

4. Play more piano!
Perfect some fun songs and record them and YouTube them! 8D Before that, I need to tune my piano. Garrrr.

I just lost my thoughts again. 8D Will type more later. :3

Quote of the Day: "If I wasn't laughing, I'd weep..." - Klavier Gavin, Ace Attorney

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