Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sick Girl is Sick

Random post time! (whoa, rajinnyer)

Fell sick the pass few days. .___. Oddly, I fell sick just around this time last year too. How'd I remember? During the same Koperasi Annual General Meeting last year, I skipped school on Wednesday to rest, and went to attend the meeting. I'm that committed. :D

On Tuesday, went to school as always, feeling normal as usual (which meant feeling sleepy). Couldn't sleep during Moral period because we were sitting on the floor in the Dewan (Me: "Surely going to pengsan during Chemistry"). Felt dizzy and tired during Chemistry. After recess, I didn't feel any change of temperature, but my body was cold. Reaaally cold. We had no idea what was happening to me, but there must be something wrong with me, and I've never felt this way before! So, I took a rest at the Bilik Kesihatan (first time!), and was surprised that there were already three girls resting in there. (probably their ponteng spot :X) I felt much better and got back to class right before school ended. But then, turned cold again during EST. Finished up my exercises in a jiffy and dropped dead on the desk. Thank goodness there wasn't English Society meeting that day! Went home for a needed short rest before Add Maths tuition. Got back home in the evening and my whole body, except for my palms and feet, turned hot.

Then, I finally knew it. Fever. =.=

It was hoooorrible! My brother was sick that day too, and my dad fell sick the next day! Sad, sad. For me, looking or smelling any heavy food, especially oily stuff makes me feel sick to the stomach. (omg that sounds like I'm pregnant o_o) Even eating porridge was painful! So for the whole night, I lay shivering on the couch with my blanket watching Biggest Loser.

The next day, I felt better but my stomach's still being evil. I ate nothing but two slices of pizzas (Koperasi AGM made me! D:) and some dragonfruit. It's Thursday today, and my tummy's still being evil. If this doesn't lose me any weight, I dunno what will.

Wanted to blog about something emo, but I'm not in the mood at the moment. Sky juice, anyone? owo

Quote of the Day: "I'm so poor, I don't even have calcium deposits." - Lich, Warcraft III.

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