Sunday, August 22, 2010


Guess what? I was sick, again! D: Twice this month already, sheesh! Still coughing a little now, but I'm pretty much healed. And I've been feeling better lately about stuff, so yay! Blogging really helps you get everything out, whether or not people are reading it. (I hope there are!) =w=

Nothing much happened lately. Sooo, I'll tell you about what happened in the past few days. 8D I'm back on a YouTube/music/piano/cosplay high! WOOHOO!

Please log on a computer with high speed streaming and click play on all the videos below. kthxbai. 8)

It started with this. YOU. MUST. WATCH.

First, the music is OWHSM. It's by DJEarWorm, and it's called the "United State of Pop 2009 - Blame it on Pop". It's a mashup of Billboard's 25 top pop music of 2009. And it rocks socks! It flows super duper well! I've been listening to it like 9358392 times in two days I know the words to it. 8D

Second, what an owhsm idea! 8D I so so soooo want to do this too! (one day... I will...) Now I cry at my minuscule cosplay collection. ;__; Now I miss cosplay...

Third, OMG HER COSPLAYS ARE EPICCCC. And her expression! :3 Then I went on to watch her other videos. Hillarious! Demyx Time! Ahhhh!


So now, I'm stuck on YouTube, watching people who are funnier and cooler than me and wishing I was the same. D: Taylor Asaban Fest next week, so at least I get to cosplay! Whee! So, from YouTube, I checked my videos. And from there, I was listening to other people on the piano. So now I'm watching people who are funnier, cooler and more talented than me. D:

So, I spent some time with Persephone! And now I'm gonna try to perfect some of my songs and add them to my channel. The last piano cover I did was July last year. .__. At least I can brag that I was the first person online to make a "Distant Traces of Beauty" cover. (Dahlia's theme from Ace Attorney) :3

Which, ended up with me looking for more sheet music too, because I liked "Sacred Moon" (theme for "The World That Never Was" from "Kingdom Hearts") sooo much I need to play it. Then I found someone on YouTube playing it, from some original sheet music. MUST. HAVE. So, Google abuse! After a few failed downloads and discovery of other stuff (KINGDOM HEARTS HAS A PIANO COLLECTION), I finally got what I want. :3 I would share the link here, except that I forget which are the correct links that links to where, orz. So, I shall be hanging out with Persephone more often. 8)
(EDIT: Oh wait, I just found out my download doesn't contain sheet music... Darn.)

And then, Anthea tagged me with this.

Me Nurul Anthea must sooo do this. 8D With better pitch and in harmony of course! And pwnage cosplay.

And we are getting contact lenses! DOLLYEYE BROWN HERE I COMEEEE. (dubbed Twilight lens)

Yeah, spazzage! 8D

Quote of the Day: "I like my sitar, I like my sitar. I play the sitar, sitar, wherever I go ohoh." - Dr. Bombay, My Sitar.

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