Saturday, July 31, 2010

C2AGE! (and other cosplay tales)

Suprise suprise! It's procrastination again! :D

Pass few Saturdays, I've been up and about. So, first thing to report on: C2AGE! Yes, it was two weeks ago, but it's never too late, right? 17 July, I followed a few friends to Tropicana Mall for the event! I didn't want to overdo Mia too much, so I decided to go as Seychelles from Hetalia!

Which reminds me! The day before C2AGE, I was worried that I'd be empty-handed with lack of poses, just like back in Comic Fiesta. I was bugging everyone in school, asking "Do you have a fish plushie?".

Seychelles and Tuna-chan!

In the end, Jeremiah, who was supposed to lend me his pink fish, couldn't find it. So the day before C2AGE, I started SEWING. Oh, I'm sooooo glad I have my sewing machine!

My workplace and the laptop!(for distraction reference)

Cutting up the cloth~

Completed body!

Tuna lieks cotton

Now for the tail! (this set were too small)


Kristy loves Tuna-chan too :3

And that, took me the whooole night. owo Decided not to put the other fins because I'm lazy it looks cuter that way! I sewed on the eyes the morning itself because I was too tired after finishing the whole thing. Haha.

Back to C2AGE, it was a pretty small event, but it was still fun to see the cosplayers and take pictures and other stuff. ^^ I'll let the pictures tell you the story!

Sephiroth battles it out with the Shinigami! omg masamune

FAAAAAANG. Why is there a Fang with a spear? D: All the Fangs everywhere has spear. I ish intimidated.


The Hetalia gang! (there were more of us :3)

We went for lunch after awhile. Jun Ee brought us Ninja Joe! omg heaaaven! The banner in front of the shop writes. "Pork burger. (yes, really)" OMG so delicioussss!


After we went back to the event area, I joined in the Cosplay Checkers! They have two groups, and all the checker pieces are cosplayers! My Tuna epic pwned. I killed 3 people and became queen!

Cosplay Checkers!

Group picture~ Right before the Cosplay Checkers competition

TUNA PWNAGE! (I call it King Tuna xD)

After getting killed by Nel Tu in the second round of Cosplay Checkers, I went home. :X I'm sooo glad I made my Tuna! At least I had something to hold when posing for the camera rather than standing without any particular pose available to me. I love my Tuna-chan so much it has now replaced Calcium Oxide as my favourite "plushie" and my sleeping partner! (no wrong ideas!)

Since I pretty much photobombed this blogpost, the plan of concise-ing all the Saturday events this July has failed. Therefore, I shall tell you more about my cosplay stuff! 8D

Remember the super long post about my cosplay plans? Well, I've added another one to the list!

Lucas [Pokemon Platinum]

POKEMOOOON!!! Me, Anthea and Nurul are on a Pokemon craze now. :D (me and Nurul managed to get Anthea to play Platinum, teehee!) I suggested long time ago that Anthea should do Dawn, and now she likes that idea. :D Nurul wants to do Cynthia, so I -have- to follow the Pokemon Platinum trend (it's not an obligation, but I don't want to be sesat, right?). So I shall be the male player of Pokemon Platinum, Lucas!

Another one added to my growing list of group cosplays with Nurul and Anthea. :3
1. Ace Attorney (Mia Fey)
2. Final Fantasy XIII (Oerba Yun Fang)
3. Full Metal Alchemist (Izumi Curtis) (but if Nurul does Cynthia, I can lend her wig and do Olivier, muahaha)
4. Pokemon (Lucas)
Three plans already for 2011!

Lastly, I FINALLY GOT MY ORANGE WIG!!! Woohoooo! Melissa's been keeping it for me for awhile. It's so bright and silky! And intimidating... owo My first long wig! It's hard just to think how to wear it and keep it, lawl.


I bet you're laughing at the picture now. 8D It's not that I look ugly, but my eyebrows looked funny with the wig since the bangs were long, so I -had- to censor it or I'll crai posting it up. xD But I really really love the wig. :3

WOOHOOO! More blog posts coming up. :3

Quote of the Day: "If Santa was real he'd be the biggest unlawful trespasser in history!" - Miles Edgeworth, Ace Attorney Investigations.

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