Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Of School, Holiday, Spazz and Puasa

Update on the week before school holidays! I haven't been skipping school since I got well from being sick at the start of August, and that's saying something because I attended every Saturday replacement class, plus the Monday before Independence day where everyone declared holiday. Anyway, there was very little studying for the whole week. The teachers just gave out lots of exercises on paper. Seriously! For every subject, we have at least three sets of papers to complete! Whuuuut! In the end, I slept through the whole Monday and Wednesday, did my homework on Thursday, gossiped and spazzed on Friday. That's school.

So, what about my holidays? For the past three days, I eat, sleep, stare at the TV, and used the computer. And oh oh oh! I finally tuned my piano! So I'm spending a WHOLE lot of time with Persephone! She sounds so sooo much sweeter! I finally uploaded another piano video on YouTube, gonna make a piano cover of Music Box soon. :3

Spazzed a lot with Anthea yesterday. I seriously think of cosplay alllll the time. (although I don't cosplay as much as others)  Nurul's doing Edward Elric next year, so we're doing Full Metal Alchemist together! (refer to this post) At first, I was supposed to do Izumi Curtis and Anthea will be May Chang. After being Tsunade, I think I can make an okay blonde! So I have decided...

Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong!

Olivier is win. 8D When I saw her character, I totally loved her! She's super cool, and she's three ranks higher than Roy! (three ranks below the Fuhrer) I like Izumi too! But for Olivier, I get super excited, and I think I'll be super super happy if I cosplayed her. 8D So now I need to get blue lenses. Darn, should've got them with the last batch along with my dolly browns. .__.

I haven't had a solid cosplay plan for 2011 yet, until now, probably. So, I was thinking what else I could do alongside Olivier. Maybe I should get to the Soul Linker outfit I wanted sooo badly. (before someone else cosplays it!) Then, maybe I could get a short brown wig and do a few brown haired guy characters. Like...

Jack Russell [Radiata Stories], Jack/Hero [Harvest Moon], Hinata Shintani [Maid-sama!]

Just maybe. 8)

And then, I spazzed about how I was watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood yesterday morning. It was the episode where Roy kills Lust. I haven't seen it before, but OH MY BUDDHA. Roy Mustang... AND HIS HOLY ABS!

OH MY. How could I have missed this before? 8D Roy Roy Roy! He's just so smexy. He doesn't need some crazy hairdo or a bright shade of blonde or red, yet he has such a charm. 8)

Om nom nom nom nom.

I was supposed to keep this whole post for blogging about my Puasa experience today. In the end I overdid it from boredom... owo

So yeah, my brother has been joining his Muslim colleagues for Puasa a few days back. And he's been at it for a few days, and he said he lost a few kg's! So I thought, why don't I try it? Then I'll get to experience what the other Muslim's do during Ramadhan. I can't say that my intention wasn't to diet, but yeah. 8) It was really just a challenge for my self.

My brother woke me up this morning before 6am to "bersahur". I had a half boiled egg, a cup of milo, some biscuits and a cupcake. Super simple breakfast! I was wearing my retainers for the whole day because I wouldn't be eating anyway. I don't wear my retainers on normal days because I can't talk properly in them. =/ And I eat.

I was on the computer for quite a bit, then I decided that the weather was nice, so I wanted to take a jog. I know! That's totally suicide when you can't drink water. I took the dog out along for a walk, and jogged her home. It was pretty fun. I'm on the computer for almost the whole day now! I've been blogging, chatting, Facebooking, searching for more pictures. (like the ones above) And Melissa will be super happy to know that... I've finished all the latest episodes of Kuroshitsuji II. All 10 episodes. xD I haven't seen anything from Kuroshitsuji before this (except for reading the whole Noah's Circus Arc) so I'm pretty blur with the main plotline and I probably don't catch the little hints or jokes. But yeah. I can't believe I did it. o__o The character's are all so screwed up! Speared at the head, eye in the mouth... yeah. o__o I think I found something new to do over the holidays... watch Anime. xD

I tried to play the piano and record Music Box, but I think I was too sleepy to concentrate. .__. In the end, I slept, then went back to the computer. I started to get super thirsty and my mouth was pretty itchy. D: Then it was finally 7.20pm! Hurray! I had today's lunch for dinner, haha... But oh well, it was quite an experience, especially since I didn't really have anything solid to do at home, plus I didn't drink enough water before starting the day. I might consider doing this again. It's quite challenging. 8)

Um yeah, Kuroshits! And SNSD's Genie in Japanese! o__o

Quote of the Day Post: "No matter how many times I'm reborn. I'll keep falling in love with you Lulu. I suppose that it's simply fate." - Shirley Fenette, Code Geass. (she reminds me so much of Orihime. ;__;)

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