Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Taylor's Asaban Fest

I had a craaazy weekend last week! I've been holding up my blog post because I was waiting for pictures. :X

Melissa's Surprise Birthday Party! (loads of pictures on Facebook!)

Best Friends for 11 years and counting!

As I mentioned in the last post, I was going to Taylor's Asaban Fest that day. And as mentioned in the last post, I was rushing there because I woke up at 4am to finish up the last post. 8) And to do other last minute stuff as cosplayers love to do, of course. :3

Yes, it's a Tenten

I was doing Tenten, Shippu! Konoha Gakuen Den version, which means she was a martial artist. So I decided to be Tenten in my Taekwondo outfit for my photoshoot! But there's that big "WTF"(literally) logo at the centre of my garb, so I had to cover it with something. And therefore I did the below! :D


It took my hours to sew the symbol from scratch. (procrastination and blogging included) The sun was rising, so I rushingly, I took a bath, washed my hair, conditioned it, blow dried, and all that jazz. Then I had to do something with my fringe, because I had straight-cut bangs and Tenten's just, well, float to the sides. I never styled my own real hair before, and everyone was still sleeping. So I grabbed whatever I had to shape my hair and started blowing it!

Thread spool. 8D (no comments about the pimple!)

Sponsored by: GATSBY!

I packed up my stuff quickly as I was running late. Jayhan was supposed to pick me up at 9am, and it was half past nine. Then I got a call from Rayhan. GUESS WHAT. They were in Kota Kemuning McD. =.=  So, I had extra time to do my hair and other stuff. Got in the car with Jayhan, Rayhan, Xsaye, Desmond and Jun Yu and was on the way to Taylor's Lakeside Campus. And it was already 10am.

The few pictures I actually took of that day

We got there some time after the event started. I was supposed to have my Naruto photoshoot, so I waited around outside the hall, because I look out of place in a random Taekwondo outfit. .__. But nevertheless, my group came and I did my make up and we started shooting away! Pictures below are by Alan Chin, our photographer of the day. 8D For the whole day, I was trying my best to pose dramatically, to push every single muscle on my face and to make it very animated. (I must be watching too much Next Top Model) All while avoiding the camera from shooting the right side of my face. Haha. xD

Naruto challenges YOU!

Team Gai!

Dance with us Neji! :D

Tenten Camwhooores!

Handphone detected! Student Council President, Neji, RAMPAS!

The full group :D

Another group pic!

My favourite shot by the lake :3

Then I went off to change into Tsunade! It's really fun to prepare for Tsunade. It's a simple outfit, I get to wear a coloured wig, I get to colour my eyebrows (with colour pencils!) and I get to draw a purple seal on my forehead! Woohoo! Thing is, the toilet had absolutely no mirrors, so it was super hard to see how I looked on what I was wearing. And I can't walk out of the toilet without making sure I look alright! So I had to resort to using my phone to see how I look, and my mirror was the soap dispenser. Seriously. o__o In the end, I didn't get to take much pictures of my Tsunade because everyone else ran off. Meeps! At least I won't get stares from my Taekwondo outfit...

My only full shot of Tsunade

Close up! (from home)

It was a super tiring and fun day! I was supposed to join Melissa to Sunway Pyramid, but I decided not to. Instead I stayed at home... and then I started filming Tsunade's part for "Blame it on the Cosplay". For future uses. Lawl. xD

So, that's all for Taylor's Asaban Fest! I didn't spend a lot of time inside the hall. It was quite an okay event, (I missed the Live Action RPG! D: I want to join Jayhan's party!) but could've been better. But then I heard all the crap the campus did to them, so oh well. I watched the cosplay competition finals though. Xajin was super extra dramatic, Grell really is his thing. But best of all, Ukitake won! :D Wheee!

So that really is all for Taylor's Asaban Fest. 8D On a side note, other than the barbecue I had at Melissa's house until 11pm the day before, I ate nothing since 4am and for the whole Asaban Fest, until I went home at 6.30pm+. I super can puasa. 8) And on an added note, I'm joining my eldest brother for puasa today! Woohoo! Will blog about that later, along with little updates and what-nots from the week before.

Quote of the Day: " "SHEEP" happens. " - Anthea Hui.

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