Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad
Other things just make you swear and curse
When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble give a whistle
This will help things turn out for the best
Always look on the bright side of life

Here we go again.
This time, I signed up for 3 weeks of blood, sweat and tears. For three weeks worth of acne, eyebags and insomnia.
On the bright side, it's less than 3 weeks to freedom now. =)
Wish me luck!

Quote of the Day: "The early birds catches the worm. But the early worms get eaten." - Yin Zhen Yao.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Post Bio-paper Plan!

It's definitely more fun to talk about the rainbow after the storm than the storm itself. Before the storm has even arrived, it's time to plan out how I'm gonna spend my time on the rainbow. C8

Post Bio-paper Plan!
(because EST-paper wouldn't mind the early celebrations C8 Pah! What EST?)

Well, actually the most part of my list will be about preparing for Comic Fiesta 2010 (which will be at Times Square again this year). So I shall break it up in parts. 8D

2. Leena Cosplay!
My long planned cosplay plan! Chrono Cross! It's so unappreciated, but it's an owhsm game. ;w; This is part of my plan of being the first Chrono Cross group in Malaysia! (on that note, there was a Kid cosplayer at AFA X in Singapore! o_o)
To-do List:
- Make sure tailor completes my costume
- Brown village flip flops
- Sash + Sun emblem
- Flower details on the fress
- Headdress
- Purple hair ribbons
- Gold bracelets+armband
- Frying pan!

3. Hannah Anafeloz Cosplay!
This. Is all Melissa's fault. No comment. C8
To-do List:
- GET a tailor
- Make myself taller?
- Attempt to prepare some props

4. Sohma Kagura Cosplay!
This. Is totally hard. It's just a "might" cosplay. :X My plan is to go into Limit Break and make this dress with my sewing machine in 5 days. Lul. If it succeeds, I'll wear it early CF day 2. It's easier to dance in this. C8 (hint hint)
To-do list:
- Sewing frenzy for costume!
- Cat backpack (maybe)
- Yellow ribbons

Which might or might not happen. Depending on how free I am. xP

6. Celebrate!
Right after my EST paper(15 December), I shall start celebrating!
Current plans:
- BBQ with Koperasians!
- Random hangouts
- Video games!

And other plans... it will come to me soon. C8

Quote of the Day: "Wear a smile - one size fits all." - Annonymous

Friday, November 12, 2010

Animangaki 2010

31 October was Halloween! I did what the celebration is famous for: dressing up! And where else is good for that? An anime convention! Hence, I spent my Halloween at...

Animangaki 2010!!!

Animangaki is one of the highly-look-forward-to-university-based-anime-convention by the Sunway University-Collage Anime Club. (SUAC, pay me royalties plz 8D) And when an anime convention is in Subang Jaya, you go to it. C8 Besides, I have quite some errands I had to do there too.

Woke up super early and prep for my cosplay. I'm doing Road Kamelot once again! The most heart-breaking thing about my Road costume is the wig. The sad-sad wig that was previously my Yuffie wig, which is then chopped and gel-ed and waxed and sprayed, cruelly. And just like every other time I did Road, I attempted to save the wig with my limited hairstyling skills again. (lvl1 plz)

Road Kamelot!

Yes, it's can tabs

Errand number 1: Pass all my remaining can tabs (800-ish) to Ikki.
FYI, I collected can tabs since I was 8, because I thought that stamps were outdated and having a unique and odd collection will be cool. Well, it worked, somehow. 8D My collection grew to 3000, then I decided to give them to Ikki to make into a chain mail for her Serge cosplay with me! At least I know my collection will go to good use, although it's kinda sad to part with it. ;w;

*proud* ;w;

I didn't have much time to finish my make up since Michelle was picking me up at 7.30am. I wore my full costume, grabbed Lero and left.

Errand number 2: SNSD Cosplay Group Genie dance practice
We were going to Animangaki early so we could have a dance practice. Yez, I know the whole Genie dance now. 8D I was at Sun-U at 8am, but we had to wait for all our group members, so I went and do my make up to make up for lost time. (teehee, make up to make up!) Bad choice: they kept melting during our practice ;w; I had to put on my new contact lenses too! (will blog about it later) Took me longer than my first time to get it in. Arisa was in the toilet with me while I kept poking my eyes, haha.

Phear my owhsm eyes. 8D

Errand number 3: COD brown/copper hairspray
Me and Anthea bought brown hairsprays last year for our Ace Attorney cosplay, which failed, because we didn't know how to work the hairspray and it takes awhile and skills to get the colour to be balanced. So, we sold ours off to Kelly Chua! And Anthea used me as a middle-man.

After I sold the stuff, I went straight to the changing room to touch up my make up. Then I saved a wig from being gel-ed by Lelouch!
(I learned from personal experience. ;w;)

Lelouch: How should I style my wig with gel? *whips out gel*
Road: OMG NOOO. Never ever ever ever use gels on wig! You'll keel it. ;w; Gels work on human hair fibres, but you can't use it on wig.
Lelouch: o.o
Road: Here, use hairspray! I have Gatsbyyyy! Gatsby is owhsm. You should use it. 8D
Gatsby, I await my royalties too

By 11am, I entered the hall and mingled with the cosplayers and people. I had a rather good time talking to everyone, although I went alone. I'm starting to be more interact-able with everyone. C8 Soon, the hall was filled with people, it was crazy! Last year, there was so much space you could run around the hall. Only 1+hour into the event, the hall was close to Comic Fiesta 2007 (Times Square) in terms of traffic.

The cosplayers weren't -super- impressive, but it was definitely a breathe of fresh air! There was very few double characters or over-cosplayed series/characters. I saw a Haruhi (back in 07 and 08, Haruhi was like an epidemic!), Akatsuki cosplays (they were the only Naruto cosplayers there other than Orochimaru and Kimimaro, which was super cool C8), minimal Bleach cosplays, minimal Kuroshitsuji (OMG Alois and Claude!) and variety of Vocaloids (but they were still flooding the population o_o). Woohoo! The usual Vampire Knights are still lurking around... and a huge increase in K-on! cosplayers. And by surprise, there was three separate Toradora pairs running around.
And there was someone wearing Justin Bieber's cutout face on their face. WTH.

I'll show you a bit of what I captured from the event. :3

Cool figurines! They had lots of Sabers. :3

Mei Ling from CCS! 8D Said cosplayer is a model. Jealous plz.

Xsaye and her blinged out camera :O Me like!

Alice's super cute bento! Genuine dietary fibre inside.

And where there is food, there are ants xP

D.Gray-man group! :3
(I recognize the Allen and Kanda as my hawt Lelouch and Suzaku from CF09! nomnom)

Sandplay Vocaloid! Anada, you and your team make me cry. ;w;

I didn't take much pictures as usual, sadly. =(

Errand number 4: COD FMA Costume
I'm buying an FMA State Military uniform, second-hand from Yuan for my Olivier cosplay. :3 I was super excited when I got it! Then I went home and tried it out and it was oversized. Sigh. ;w; I guess I'll just trace the pattern after SPM then sell it off and sew myself a new one. xP

Errand number 5: COD Anthea's bootscovers (failed)
Anthea using me as a middleman again. It was almost 2pm and my mum wanted me home (SPM is around the corner, it's a taboo to have fun during this period, apparently). The person didn't turn up or call me so meh.

So, I was done with my business at Animangaki! I hung out with Xsaye and Huishean quite a bit, we ate lots of shaved ice from the super owhsm 100 yen shop that had a booth there. Omg, the shaved ice was heaven. *w* Then I took a trip to the Omatsuri booths, which had a level up from last year. The Omatsuri booths are game booths, mostly of games that you would find at Japanese festivals/fairs. I found Wai Hong cheating people's money with evil Japanese games. Evilll. DD:

OH. And I almost forgot to mention! As I said above, there were really few doubles, and even so, those that were doubled aren't super popular characters either. There were three Taiga's (sad), two Kadaj's (sad), and then...
Two Road Kamelot's. o__o WTH
I was walking innocently without Lero to grab something from the changing room. Then I lay eyes on her. ROAD KAMELOT. GOTHIC LOLITA VERSION. ZOMG.
It came as a huge surprise, the last time I had a double being at CF07, and that time I was aware that there would be two Yuffie's too. (we were friends!) After Road, my characters are pretty low profile, not-mainstream characters. On top of that, there hasn't been another Road other than me since CF08, and the Noah family aren't often cosplayed to start with. So yeah, I never expected to see another Road.
I was like, "*gasp* Road! :D" She totally ignored me. WTH? Brat. D:

Other picture-taking ensued before I went back home.
(most of the following pictures are not mine :X and are mostly of me, teehee)


My fav picture of the day C8 Thanks Xsaye!

The only other thing I bought: LENS CASE! 8D
(I actually bought another lens case with Xsaye 20 minutes before I found these. It's super cute! I can't resist!)

I heart my lens 8D

Overall, I enjoy-ed myself tons! Any chance of seeing civilization is always good for relieving stress. ;w;
Coming soon(hopefully): more spazzm and post-SPM plan, huahuahua.

Quote of the Day: "The only way out is through." - Robert Frost.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Back from Hiatus!

So, I fell out of updating my blog regularly, again. 8C For the same reasons (*cough*procrastination*cough*) and because of exams! I have a super long blog post on my first job (more on that later) sitting in dust, and it's not even finished yet. That's what stopped me from blogging. I shall never attempt mindless blabbing about every single minute and feeling running through my mind of my day. ;w;

SO. Here's the update on my life. 8D

10 September - Selamat Hari Raya!

While everyone's celebrating Syawal, I have been busy with my newest first! ...my first part time job. 8D
Yes! Odd time to be working! Pn. Natlie just so happen to send me and SMS going a little like this...

R u interested 2 work onli 4 3 days this fri, sat n sun RM100 per day as waiter at sushi king midvalley. U can ask non muslim frens. dey nid 6 people. Get back 2 me ASAP ok

I leapt at the sight of the pay. RM100 per day? 3 days? That's RM300! That's one cosplay costume! :D And Sushi King doesn't sound to shabby, since it's something Japanese and I liek Japanese. Teehee. Surprisingly, it was hard to get people to join me. They were either outstation, busy studying (OMGWTH), or plain lazy (JUNYUPLZDIEWITHMAPLE D<) Suddenly, I looked like I was the only one who loved money and was willing to work...

Thank goodness I managed to round up lots of form 4s later! Jen Sion and Rayhan who never disappoints!(the latter skipped Penang trip for money, I LIEK) Then we had Ger Lian, Ger Ean, Dylan and Jeremiah. Wheeew! For my whole week at work, I only packed kiwis and bread for lunch, wouldn't want to waste my hard-earned pay on expensive food in Midvalley. (except for guilty pleasures at Aunty Anne's, NOMNOM) Every morning, we took RapidKL from USJ8 at 9am+. We worked at the Midvalley 3rd Floor branch! We get to yell "Irasshaimase!" and "Arigato gozaimasu!" xDD

My lunch! Srsly.

But oh my, now I really know that money is hard-earned. Waiters have to take order, send the order to the kitchen, pour green tea, wipe tables, prepare drinks and desserts, and MORE. Not easy. I was standing all day with no rest in my 10 hour job except for 1 hour of break time. DD: Thank goodness we had friends! We could joke all day, talk between intervals. And the staff are super friendly and funny too. xD And sometimes comes along nice customers who talk to me. Mostly about the Big Bowl Challenge and my job. And they said nice things about my customer service too! ;w; Oh, and I saw Pn. Usha on day 1 at the lift. o_O She's totally not pregnant.

The end of the day is the best. Guess where all the leftover sushi goes to?

Technically, all leftover sushi has to be thrown away, Sushi King policy. Wouldn't want the staff bringing them home, selling them or eating them or what not right? But the secret is, as long as no one knows what happens behind closed doors and that the sushi doesn't leave the store, ALL IS GOOD. 8D

We ate a whooole lot of that in three days. And I went trigger happy on day three too! 8D

The owhsm possum Kanai-san! (Rayhan fangirls over him)

The very friendly Kaiten chef, G.P.

WE STALK SAROJ. Owhsm chef. Makes us happy. :D


Manager Asree! (we jakun-ed at how they dried the plastic covers)

Fisha! Who's working full-time and she's my age. o_o


Arigato Gozaimasu!

September Holiday

Nothing much happened other than lots of lazing at home. It was mum's birthday! Then on Saturday I went to SJBA for the mooncake festival where I MC-ed with Jen Sion.

Then on Sunday, I get to eat more Japanese food! Buffet at Legend Hotel! To celebrate mum's birthday! Nomnomnom! The food was deliciouuus! Sad that my tummy couldn't store as much food as before. I gave up pretty early, and I haven't had ice-cream! D: You can't complete a buffet without ice-cream! I was saaaad.

September/October - First Trials D:

And so came my exams. Need I tell you how it went in detail?

1am - Study
2am - Study
3am - Study
4am - Study
5am - Sleep
6am - Study
7am - School

Rinse and repeat. I study in the day too okay. Then on October 2, me, Anthea and Nurul went to see civilization! 8D We went to some career talk, but the main point is Subang Parade after that. Nomnom. C8

Life after First Trials!

...is second trials. Which no one really bothered about. The main point is that I started studying. Alot. .__. And I'm going to a new Physics tuition. On top of that, I went for Kasturi's Seminar! My first time being such an exam-oriented freak, omg.

The thing is, before I ended my first trials, my modem broke down. So when I finished my last paper, I was welcomed by pre-1990's. OMG INTERNET I MISS YOU. ;w; And then mum went to the hospital for her hemorrhage surgery. I get to sit at home alone while no one can stop me from the computer. BUT NO INTERNET. So I played Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

And then, I attempted to sew my own dress as a kickstart to sewing my own cosplay costumes. Fail. It was okay, but my measurements were off... ;w;

13 October! Me and Mewwie went to Sushi King for their twice a year Sushi Bonanza! Where every sushi dish is only RM2. WE FEAST. We ate 7 plates each. xD It was fun going out with Melissa again. :3


Studystudystudy. The only other time I had so much studying in my life was PMR (on a smaller scale, but more kiasuness). My life now revolves around studying! (my fandom and cosplay still runs in my mind of course, but more on that next time) The last two days, I've been having troubles getting any work done or studying into my head. Doing work and realizing I don't know a lot and stuffing that into my head made me suffocate a bit. It's scary. D: When I can't take it, I stare into the space, watch tv, sneak on the computer, and my current best getaway - my piano!

Shameless plug is shameless.

So that is my September and October in a nutshell! Oh mai, my life is going downhill... But not to worry! A post on Animangaki and more fandom stuff coming up. C8 I have to keep my life sane by blogging.

Quote of the Day: "Do you play video games? Because you are my Final Fantasy." - Annonymous
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