Saturday, November 06, 2010

Back from Hiatus!

So, I fell out of updating my blog regularly, again. 8C For the same reasons (*cough*procrastination*cough*) and because of exams! I have a super long blog post on my first job (more on that later) sitting in dust, and it's not even finished yet. That's what stopped me from blogging. I shall never attempt mindless blabbing about every single minute and feeling running through my mind of my day. ;w;

SO. Here's the update on my life. 8D

10 September - Selamat Hari Raya!

While everyone's celebrating Syawal, I have been busy with my newest first! first part time job. 8D
Yes! Odd time to be working! Pn. Natlie just so happen to send me and SMS going a little like this...

R u interested 2 work onli 4 3 days this fri, sat n sun RM100 per day as waiter at sushi king midvalley. U can ask non muslim frens. dey nid 6 people. Get back 2 me ASAP ok

I leapt at the sight of the pay. RM100 per day? 3 days? That's RM300! That's one cosplay costume! :D And Sushi King doesn't sound to shabby, since it's something Japanese and I liek Japanese. Teehee. Surprisingly, it was hard to get people to join me. They were either outstation, busy studying (OMGWTH), or plain lazy (JUNYUPLZDIEWITHMAPLE D<) Suddenly, I looked like I was the only one who loved money and was willing to work...

Thank goodness I managed to round up lots of form 4s later! Jen Sion and Rayhan who never disappoints!(the latter skipped Penang trip for money, I LIEK) Then we had Ger Lian, Ger Ean, Dylan and Jeremiah. Wheeew! For my whole week at work, I only packed kiwis and bread for lunch, wouldn't want to waste my hard-earned pay on expensive food in Midvalley. (except for guilty pleasures at Aunty Anne's, NOMNOM) Every morning, we took RapidKL from USJ8 at 9am+. We worked at the Midvalley 3rd Floor branch! We get to yell "Irasshaimase!" and "Arigato gozaimasu!" xDD

My lunch! Srsly.

But oh my, now I really know that money is hard-earned. Waiters have to take order, send the order to the kitchen, pour green tea, wipe tables, prepare drinks and desserts, and MORE. Not easy. I was standing all day with no rest in my 10 hour job except for 1 hour of break time. DD: Thank goodness we had friends! We could joke all day, talk between intervals. And the staff are super friendly and funny too. xD And sometimes comes along nice customers who talk to me. Mostly about the Big Bowl Challenge and my job. And they said nice things about my customer service too! ;w; Oh, and I saw Pn. Usha on day 1 at the lift. o_O She's totally not pregnant.

The end of the day is the best. Guess where all the leftover sushi goes to?

Technically, all leftover sushi has to be thrown away, Sushi King policy. Wouldn't want the staff bringing them home, selling them or eating them or what not right? But the secret is, as long as no one knows what happens behind closed doors and that the sushi doesn't leave the store, ALL IS GOOD. 8D

We ate a whooole lot of that in three days. And I went trigger happy on day three too! 8D

The owhsm possum Kanai-san! (Rayhan fangirls over him)

The very friendly Kaiten chef, G.P.

WE STALK SAROJ. Owhsm chef. Makes us happy. :D


Manager Asree! (we jakun-ed at how they dried the plastic covers)

Fisha! Who's working full-time and she's my age. o_o


Arigato Gozaimasu!

September Holiday

Nothing much happened other than lots of lazing at home. It was mum's birthday! Then on Saturday I went to SJBA for the mooncake festival where I MC-ed with Jen Sion.

Then on Sunday, I get to eat more Japanese food! Buffet at Legend Hotel! To celebrate mum's birthday! Nomnomnom! The food was deliciouuus! Sad that my tummy couldn't store as much food as before. I gave up pretty early, and I haven't had ice-cream! D: You can't complete a buffet without ice-cream! I was saaaad.

September/October - First Trials D:

And so came my exams. Need I tell you how it went in detail?

1am - Study
2am - Study
3am - Study
4am - Study
5am - Sleep
6am - Study
7am - School

Rinse and repeat. I study in the day too okay. Then on October 2, me, Anthea and Nurul went to see civilization! 8D We went to some career talk, but the main point is Subang Parade after that. Nomnom. C8

Life after First Trials! second trials. Which no one really bothered about. The main point is that I started studying. Alot. .__. And I'm going to a new Physics tuition. On top of that, I went for Kasturi's Seminar! My first time being such an exam-oriented freak, omg.

The thing is, before I ended my first trials, my modem broke down. So when I finished my last paper, I was welcomed by pre-1990's. OMG INTERNET I MISS YOU. ;w; And then mum went to the hospital for her hemorrhage surgery. I get to sit at home alone while no one can stop me from the computer. BUT NO INTERNET. So I played Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

And then, I attempted to sew my own dress as a kickstart to sewing my own cosplay costumes. Fail. It was okay, but my measurements were off... ;w;

13 October! Me and Mewwie went to Sushi King for their twice a year Sushi Bonanza! Where every sushi dish is only RM2. WE FEAST. We ate 7 plates each. xD It was fun going out with Melissa again. :3


Studystudystudy. The only other time I had so much studying in my life was PMR (on a smaller scale, but more kiasuness). My life now revolves around studying! (my fandom and cosplay still runs in my mind of course, but more on that next time) The last two days, I've been having troubles getting any work done or studying into my head. Doing work and realizing I don't know a lot and stuffing that into my head made me suffocate a bit. It's scary. D: When I can't take it, I stare into the space, watch tv, sneak on the computer, and my current best getaway - my piano!

Shameless plug is shameless.

So that is my September and October in a nutshell! Oh mai, my life is going downhill... But not to worry! A post on Animangaki and more fandom stuff coming up. C8 I have to keep my life sane by blogging.

Quote of the Day: "Do you play video games? Because you are my Final Fantasy." - Annonymous

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