Saturday, November 20, 2010

Post Bio-paper Plan!

It's definitely more fun to talk about the rainbow after the storm than the storm itself. Before the storm has even arrived, it's time to plan out how I'm gonna spend my time on the rainbow. C8

Post Bio-paper Plan!
(because EST-paper wouldn't mind the early celebrations C8 Pah! What EST?)

Well, actually the most part of my list will be about preparing for Comic Fiesta 2010 (which will be at Times Square again this year). So I shall break it up in parts. 8D

2. Leena Cosplay!
My long planned cosplay plan! Chrono Cross! It's so unappreciated, but it's an owhsm game. ;w; This is part of my plan of being the first Chrono Cross group in Malaysia! (on that note, there was a Kid cosplayer at AFA X in Singapore! o_o)
To-do List:
- Make sure tailor completes my costume
- Brown village flip flops
- Sash + Sun emblem
- Flower details on the fress
- Headdress
- Purple hair ribbons
- Gold bracelets+armband
- Frying pan!

3. Hannah Anafeloz Cosplay!
This. Is all Melissa's fault. No comment. C8
To-do List:
- GET a tailor
- Make myself taller?
- Attempt to prepare some props

4. Sohma Kagura Cosplay!
This. Is totally hard. It's just a "might" cosplay. :X My plan is to go into Limit Break and make this dress with my sewing machine in 5 days. Lul. If it succeeds, I'll wear it early CF day 2. It's easier to dance in this. C8 (hint hint)
To-do list:
- Sewing frenzy for costume!
- Cat backpack (maybe)
- Yellow ribbons

Which might or might not happen. Depending on how free I am. xP

6. Celebrate!
Right after my EST paper(15 December), I shall start celebrating!
Current plans:
- BBQ with Koperasians!
- Random hangouts
- Video games!

And other plans... it will come to me soon. C8

Quote of the Day: "Wear a smile - one size fits all." - Annonymous

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