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2010 In A Nutshell

Okay. I am finally going to write a proper end-of-the-year blogpost. I actually clicked through all the "Older Posts" in my Facebook till I reached January 01 2010. :3 And I saved the page. And it was 16mb worth of memories, LOL.

12 months
365 days
45 blogposts
BEWARE. Big nutshell, long post ahead! You have been warned. :D


Post Comic Fiesta 2009 jives!
First day at school for the last time.
Pn. Yee decides to be revolutionary for her retirement year and screws up the kokurikulum stuff with a "3 from 1 class per club" policy. The students say screw you!

Had a mini Mia Fey photoshoot at Anthea's house!
Had Koperasi interview.
Ran the last Larian Mesra! (almost qualified for the medal, again =/)
Lost a friend to cancer. We're always thinking about you, El.

Received 6 Porings from Danh!


Gave a surprise birthday gift to Nurul.
Pn. Yee retired, and so the choir sings!
We Abracadabra-ed in school?! o_O

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day!
We terrorized Malacca by bringing Kristy back for Chinese New Year. :3

Created the current awesome Ace Attorney blogskin! :D

Crashed Anthea's house for Chinese New Year. (nomnomnom)

Crashed Invited to 5 Amanah's Class Dinner as the photographer at Full House!

Koperasi trip at Tasik Titiwangsa! (I was the owhsm photographer, then my memory card DIED on me when I poked it into the port so bye bye owhsm pictures! ;w;)

Celebrated En Lai's Birthday + Chinese New Year Celebration!

Chinese New Year Carolling with SJBAYS! (last day of Chinese New Year and February!)


Ray: "if you dont know the answers, Just look on the RIGHT side!"
Shu: "right ish... window..."
Ray: "right of left will do"
Shu: "left is... Wai Howe D: epic phailzor, no where to look"
March exams...
Debate Challenge at KDU! It's a 3 day affair, we never knew till it happened. Won 3 out of 5 debates! Learned a lot. :3
Here came the sudden inspiration to cosplay Final Fantasy XIII...

Went to GACC 2010! (I FINALLY HAS ATTORNEY'S BADGE) - click for Grand Freeze -
Sports week of SMK USJ 13 for school championship! I joined shot putt(lontar peluru), lempar cakera, 1500m run, 4x400m race and tug-of-war(tarik tali).
I ACTUALLY GOT MY FIRST GOLD MEDAL. FOR 4x400m! Thanks Brenda! :D Go Temenggung!
Gave a surprise birthday gift to Anthea! Taiga wig (on a music stand)! 8D


Hello September... APRIL FOOLS!
Attempted Script Frenzy. (and failed)
Celebrate Cheng Beng, Easter Day, SMK USJ 13's Sports Day, and I turned 17!

Birthday meal with family

Volunteered myself to march with Pandu Puteri, OMG. (I turned supah tan)

My birthday present: Volvo the Sewing Machine!

Went to Sunway Pyramid the day after my birthday (it's a public holiday) and watched How to Train Your Dragon!
Had my only haircut of the year.

Class Party at Republic, Sunway Pyramid with 5 Bakti! :3
Public Speaking Competition at Sunway University College. On the same day...

VIDEO GAMES LIVE IN KL! Teh brother bought me the tickets for my birthday! AND HE WAS SINGING FOR VGL. NOMNOMNOM Photos here! Videos here!

Belated birthday present from the second brother! Guak-Guak the Hard Drive! My constant companion. :D
Started planning an Acapella for "Don't Stop Believing".

The 1st Malaysian Gavel Club's 5th Installation Dinner! (I made the owhsm video above)
I started playing World of Warcraft... o_O
The blog went on an unannounced hiatus for more than a month...


Joined the 4th Universal Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo Championship and got a Silver medal! (fighting a girl from Kuching, whoa!)
K-pop Dance practices ensued! With Debbie, Aina and Anjie. :3
Teen Dhamma Camp 12 - Take Two sold out in a week!

Had EST exam, but went to Sunway Pyramid to celebrate Lay Teng and Sarah's birthday! And my first time at Karaoke, OMG ADDICTIVE.
May exams. Suck. ;w;

Had a Taekwondo filming for a "documentary" on Ili!
Performed "Don't Stop Believing" for Teacher's Day celebration.
Dad finally reformatted the laptop, and installed Windows 7!
Didn't make the cut for ASEAN scholarship...
Lee DeWyze won American Idol! Yay! :D


Cynthia's 17th Birthday Celebration at Sunway Pyramid! More Karaoke! And Prince of Persia omnomnomJakeGyllenhaal!
Fullmetal Alchemist ended! D: *sniff sniff*

Teen Dhamma Camp 12 - Take Two: Rewind, Review, Redirect. Sweet memories. :3

3rd Koperasi Camp! - Spread Your Wings. Webcamwhore here. Pictures here, here, here and here. (video unavailable due to copyright D:)

Switched to a new(er) phone! :D
English Language thingy at Sunway University College, and Essay Competition

Aneneh Reunion! :D TDC 12 forever!

My last TQG session as committee.



Minggu Koperasi and Perlantikan! Which means that I officially step down as the Treasurer of SMK USJ 13 Koperasi.
Marielle went back to France. I'm sitting alone again. :X

Jeremy Kuan leaves for Australia. Your hotness will be missed!
Joined the 1st Unified Taekwondo Championship and got Gold!
Paul the Octopus has a 100% correct prediction for the 2010 South Africa FIFA World Cup, and Spain won!
My rather emo period starts.

Tuna-chan is born! And I went to C2AGE 2010! :D
Said goodbye to half my can tab collection - gave them to Ikki for her chainmail.
I got picked for National Service. EWW.
OneManga closed it's manga viewing... ;w;
My orange wig arrived!

Majlis Makan Malam 2010! Some charity dinner thingy.
We dissect a frog for EST! :O

Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang, I was named Tokoh Murid. =)


Struck with a sick spell.
Joined Kasturi tuition centre... o__o

SMK USJ 13 choir joined Subang Parade Patriotic Choir Competition!

My Magatama and attorney's badge got eaten by bugs. Sadz.

I caught all Unowns on Pokemon Platinum! Yeyz!

5 Bakti made soap during Chemistry class. And had fun. :3 (we got the guys to lala with us, ZOMG)

Celebrated Melissa's birthday with a bang. :3 Photos at my house here.

Taylor's Asaban Fest! Had another Shippu! Konoha Gakuen Den photoshoot.


Hari Raya holidays!
Finally tuned my piano! Hurray! Made more videos with Persephone. :3
Puasa-d for 3 days with my brother. Fun fun.
I watched Kuroshitsuji II... o_O

First part time work for 3 days at Sushi King! Photos here.
Mid-Autumn Festival at SJBA, I was the MC.
First trials... o_o


Modem rosak!
Finished trials! But modem still out of service!
Joined a Physics tuition.
Went to Sushi King's Sushi Bonanza with Melissa! My treat. :3
Study stress begins to kick in. (with less computer time)
Attempted to sew her own dress! Failed at fitting. ;w;
A friendship was changed in a way I could never anticipate.

Styled my orange wig, and my dolly brown lens arrived! (played with BB Cream from my cousin too)
Began random dance practices. Genie!

Signed up for Kasturi's SPM seminar.
Found out that Jin (behindinfinity) is a girl. Old news, but ZOMG.
Cleaned up my Facebook friend list. Still at 800 friends.
Second trials!
Signed up to do Hannah Anafeloz for Melissa. OMG.

Animangaki 2010 at Sunway University College! Photos here.

Gave away the rest of my can tab collection to Ikki. At least it is used well!


On SPM mode.
Skipped school, a lot. Teehee.
Went for Taekwondo Dan 2 grading!

Last TQG session!

"Last day" of school! Photos here.


Completed Comic Fiesta 2010 Group Cosplay Skit recording DURING SPM. (you'll see it in a bit)
I am not chosen for batch 1 of NS. Suckerrrr. D:
End of Biology paper! Started to slack at home all day. :D
Finished SPM!
Went back to RO, mofafafa.
(The following in a nutshell: here)

Purple wig and old adult blue lens came! Whee!
Comic Fiesta 2010 preparations! Bugging tailors to complete my costumes.
Genie dance practice! We are pretty cool. :3
My primary school friend, Hui Jun came over to stay!
Hung out at Sunway Pyramid with Hui Jun and Chy Yun
Hui Jun helped me TONS with my cosplay stuff.

Comic Fiesta Day 1! Day 2 post still in progress. Photos here.

Performed Genie. :3 Video above is LONG.
Won the Group Cosplay competition, 3 years in a row!

Had steamboat with 5 Baktians.

Went to Youth Dhamma Camp 19 - Heart-core Buddhism! (will blog later)

Today. 31st December. Blogged about 2010. I'm going to be celebrating the New Year's Eve before you see me again!

Zam: What would you rate 2010 out of 5?
Me: It's OVER 9000!!!

Happy New Year in advance! Cheers to an awesome 2011!

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