Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Near-End year Update

My holidays have been pretty eventful this year. I had my SPM, stressing out for two weeks and more. Then I rushed for my Comic Fiesta stuff, had an awesome Comic Fiesta. And also I forgot to mention, I was of age to join Youth Dhamma Camp!

Youth Dhamma Camp (YDC) was for 16 and above, and I've always wanted to join it since being a part of Teen Dhamma Camp (TDC) 8 in 2006. I had my chance last year, but I passed because it clashed with Comic Fiesta. Somehow, it's a good thing SPM ended 1 exam day late, which was why YDC19 was on Christmas week instead, hurray!

So I went for YDC19 - Heart Core Buddhism, in Pahang. And I just came back yesterday! It was a blast! Besides, it was my first SJBAYS Camp as participant since TDC8, so it was really meaningful to me. :P

And now, I'll have to make some time to blog about both Comic Fiesta Day 2 and YDC19. On top of that, it's two more days till new year's eve! So many different celebrations going on! Rayhan's house, 1U with secondary school friends, Pyramid with primary school friends, Brandon Loy's suprise party/BBQ... Where should I go? :X

Stay tune for my blogpost! (provided I don't procrastinate while RO-ing, haha)

Quote of the Day: "Baking you like a bread is the sun's right, you cannot argue; using an umbrella, going into an aircond room is your right, the sun cannot argue." - Venerable Ji Xing.

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