Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Post SPM, Pre Comic Fiesta

Lots have happened in a short time, and I haven't blogged in abit. As usual, let's start from where I left off.

My schedule was pretty packed during CF week. I pretty much slacked a lot right after my Bio paper. I'm back in Rebirth Ragnarok Online! :D I'm kinda sabotaging my CF I think, haha. I did manage to get some accessories for Leena done, but work was slow. I was waiting for my costumes to be done by my tailors too.

I spent quite some time at Anthea's house on Tuesday! Which reminds me...


We jogged, played with our wigs, did some work for cosplay and RO. But what I want to share is my owhsm wig and lens! The day after Bio paper, the postmen made me very happy when my lens AND wig arrived! PICTURE TIME.

My EOS Old Adult Blue!

Somehow, I failed at opening my second bottle =.=

 Took me looong to get the safety seal off! Nails were harmed. ;w;

Jeng jeng!


(ignore the SPM condition face)


My Hannah wig!

Abused face plz

Kah Hong Pose (Anthea made me! D:)

Being Anthea's wig stand while sewing my stuff

On Wednesday, right after my EST exam(last paper for SPM! SEE YOU HIGH SCHOOL, I NEVER KNEW YOU), Ikki, my Serge came over to practice for our group cosplay skit for Comic Fiesta. It was fun hanging out and doing things in the open(I created my whole group cosplay audio/video thing during SPM *shot*).

We still had 2 days till CF after that. But I had something else on my hands. My primary school friend, Hui Jun, was planning to visit us from Kedah. Being the nice person, I couldn't refuse her when she asked me to host her stay, especially since she took the initiative to meet us, even when we haven't seen each other since we were 11. She noticed that I was into cosplay, so I told her about Comic Fiesta and suggested that she come during that time instead. So, she extended and delayed her stay. And here I am thinking, "How am I going to finish up my cosplay stuff while entertaining Hui Jun?" I was worried Hui Jun was going to be a distraction. Turns out, she was the opposite, a blessing and my reminder to finish up my work. :P

Hui Jun reached the bus station at 6am, then we had breakfast at McD's. We had a long chit-chat in my room before meeting up with Chy Yun at Sunway Pyramid. Chy Yun! Although we live pretty close by, I haven't seen her since we graduated from primary school! She hasn't changed much. We watched Rapunzel, it was an awesome movie! Great graphics, nice music, wonderful plot, and the FRYING PAN. It wins. :D We had Sushi King after that and went shopping. Was supposed to get my cosplay stuff, in the end I only bought fake eyelashes. It was a fun day! And when we got home, Hui Jun immediately started discussing about my remaining cosplay stuff.

It was two days till Comic Fiesta and I had to complete:
1. Leena's headdress (fixing it together)
2. Leena's flip flops
3. Leena's armbands
4. Leena's frying pan
5. Leena's sash
6. Leena's hair ribbons


We went to Mydin that night with Anthea to shop for more stuff, but we had nothing. I still had Hui Jun though! Who came up with all sorts of ideas on how I can make all these accessories. She did all the planning, ideas and stuff while I sew them! We make an awesome team I guess. 8D We spent the two days finishing up all these stuff. We made my armbands using the gold satin I had and interfacing and pin buttons. My brother gave me his red counters used in card games for the gem to be fixed to my headdress. Mum loaned me the frying pan we use to cook eggs with, since no one sells toy frying pans anymore because kids nowadays think they are too cool for that. For the flip flops, I suggested hotel slippers, something I wanted to utilize for quite awhile now. And so we did! It was super cool.

Last minute working...

My sandals!

Finished product!

We worked on the sash last. It was a pain to measure, draw and cut satin, not to mention sewing it. And then we came up with the awesomemess idea. Cut the pattern out on paper, paste it on the satin with cellophane tape. And it makes the satin "hard" and easier to deal with! The edges won't come off too! Win win!

Sewing the pattern!

The very owhsm "embroidery" :D

My "embroidery" came out BEAUTIFUL. I finished up the pouch thingy and pasted the patterns on it and poof! Bed I went and just a couple more hours till CF!

And that, is a tale for another post. 8D

(Oh, I forgot to mention that the night before CF, I brought Hui Jun to my Koperasi Farewell BBQ too. Haha! Had great laughs there. I miss hanging out with my Green Family.
But imagine how I actually managed to finish up everything while hanging out with Hui Jun, SPM, and going for my BBQ. But then again, I had Hui Jun who helped me in everything. 8D It's liek an oxymoron, haha)

Quote of the Day: "When I play rock paper scissors, I always choose rock. Then when somebody claims to have beaten me with their paper I can punch them in the face with my already clenched fist and say, oh shit, I'm sorry, I thought paper would protect you, you @$5#073!" - Jin (behindinfinity)

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