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Shuhui Pasti Menang! (SPM)

And so I'm unofficially done with SPM! 8DD

High school pretty much ended though. It's kinda odd knowing it's already over. I feel as if I haven't lived my fullest, haven't made enough memories or did enough silly things to leave a mark in high school. But we've only got one shot at some things in life, eh?

I thought that it would've been hard to leave on the last day, but it wasn't. The exam mood has already kicked in for a few months, it felt pretty numb. The feeling wasn't there, and I guess it didn't seem as much as a big deal as it was when I left primary school. I cried like mad back then, my whole class did! Even my teacher! :X But oh well, that's growing up.

So, pictures of the week before SPM a.k.a my last day of school. C8 (pictures by me and Anthea!)

ZOMG. The school's being generous! 8D It's gonna snow!

Sarah and I!

Speak no SPM, See no SPM, Hear no SPM!

Do not disturb the Zoe during her SPM ritual... Nomnomnom.

U-Sern Facebooking :D Good job!

Debbie's doing it too!

Teh owhsm possum photographer C8

Obligatory jump shot!

And more!

From behind 8D

Teehee! :D

Ahhh, just like the good ol' days C8



Last minute wrapping up SPBT books so the school can't cheat our money. D: Learn this lesson juniors!

Returning the SPBT books TO THE AGENT OF DARKNESS!!! and paying for the books our seniors didn't wrap


Tis is how you photobomb C8

And another photobomb! Learn it from Jin people!

When bored, girl's play with their hair, srsly


Anthea and I!

Camwhore with the teachers~

Pn. Natlie!

Pn. Nor Sairah!

Pn. Azlinda!

Pn. Tay! Teehee. C8

Pn. Wong!

Pn. Teoh!


Koperasi. Where I blossomed. :3 Once green, always green! (eh, don't forget to invite me back for yamcha 8D)

Stalking teh exam block!

The exam hall on the second floor!

My exam hall! Unfortunately, I was in a single, separate classroom with a few Baktians and other Cekal(ians? HAHA IAN IN PLURAL)

I have no idea why I looked emo, I was just looking at my slip 8D

Bryan hearts school walls (he actually talked to this particular wall)

Zoe and Debbie sucking out Anthea's brains! D:


Attempt at ruining a good shot :D

So, how was SPM for me? Like mentioned earlier, we were having exams since September, so I'm pretty much numbed by the whole idea about staring at a paper for hours and doing last minute revisions. The first week was smooth flowing.

Bahasa Malaysia was fine, first time I wrote so much BM for exam! I wrote something about perpaduan and 1 Malaysia like I did during my trials. :P Generic essays FTW! And paper 2 was super easy! It's like all my peribahasa and tatabahasa revision gone to waste, especially since I'll never use it anymore. D: "Tukar ayat di bawah kepada Ayat Tanya" LUL.

English! No biggie of course. I had fun with my essay! I learned my lesson to write fast and not spend too much time on my directed essay, which was about National Service. First thing I did was flipped to the back to see what were the 5 questions for Continuous essay. My eyes went straight to the one-word essay and "continue the story". AHA! Something about rain! You see, I wrote this story about a guy running in the rain who was cursing his luck and stuff until he came to a shed and climax happened. (read here!) When I saw the question, I thought about this same essay that I was pretty proud of. Started writing immediately, with more sentences and cooler language tools. :3 It was fun and easy writing something I wrote before, I already had my plot ready. It was fun because I felt like I redeemed myself. xD I wrote 2 pages more than before(my longest yet again!), and I even had time to check for grammar mistakes! This is a first. o_o

Then it was Sejarah. It was the first day I burned the midnight oil for SPM. It wasn't too bad, most of the paper 2 questions were spotted right. Except for two questions. I is sad they didn't ask about World War I. ._. And then it was the weekend! Maths was nothing much, but Paper 1 was surprisingly fun. The questions were suddenly smart and challenging. xD

Add Maths was horrible... a little. .__. It's like usual, where you see the questions, answer some questions confidently, sort of answer some questions, and you are totally not confident about the answers for at least half of the paper. .__. It was the only day I went home complaining to my mum. Not to mention I literally had cold feet during the exam. o_o Add Maths 2 was pretty much the same... sigh. And then it had to rain! o_o And I happened to cycle to school that afternoon for my exam. So meh, mum picked me up in the heavy rain, and my brother collected my bike later that evening. And so, it was half the battle done!

Physics! Finally the science subjects are here. I've been studying Physics since the start of the week, but still so much I haven't covered yet. I slept for 1-2 hours only, attempting to cover everything in my SUCCESS book, and read up on the spotted questions. I was super against Electronics! If they had a question on C.R.O I would cry. D: AND THEY HAD. The thing is, the whole paper was pretty easy though. I wasn't 100% confident, but I could answer every single question. Even the C.R.O one. Although that one I pretty much crapped. Haha. xD And I had time to complete 3 essay questions too!
The thing about that Thursday when I had my Physics paper, my luck was horrible. I woke up happily that day, mum made me coffee because she noticed how nervous I was during Add Maths and that I was "studying harder"(eh, I study all the time okai). I was staying back at school for paper 3, so she packed me bread, fu chuk yi mai(barley! Real good C8) and an apple. She gave me Brand's Chicken Essence too! I walked to school happily. And then I noticed my paper bag making some odd sounds. I walked some more, and it broke. D: My container with the fu chuk yi mai managed to break somehow, so everything came out. My apple rolled some distance away. My plastic bag with the bread fell on the puddle.
I called mum later to tell her about my misfortune. But that wasn't all. After paper 2, I noticed my bag getting attacked by ants. It was the plastic bag with my bread, that fell on the sweet puddle earlier. So I went off to wash off the ants, and I noticed my apple was injured badly from the falls too.
I attempted to eat my bread, then I realized I just soggy-fied it. D: In the end, I didn't get to eat anything mum prepared for my lunch that day.
Physics was good, all in all. But the day was not. ;w; Weekends again!

Started studying hard for Chemistry and Biology. These were the hard ones. On Monday, Chemistry was quite a breeze too. Not too shabby, I just hope my answers were right. But paper 3 was lul. First, the question at the front was about an experiment about Group 2 elements, not the usual "record the time, length" thing. o__o And the experiment planning, zomg. They had a rocket... Then they asked for a laboratory experiment for rate of reaction with copper(II) sulphate as the catalyst with metal and acid. o__o What the copper(II) sulphate? I used to like the blue solution, now it had to break my heart. =( I looked over at Long Xuan and Charlotte (both next to me) and gave them the look. O__O Thank goodness I made a wild guess and used zinc and hydrochloric acid.

Luckily we had one day off to study Biology, after Chemistry I was so worn out, I slept for 11 hours that night, haha. C8 I needed it, because Bio was such a tough nut! I studied all Tuesday and through the midnight too, but I barely covered my form 5 topics. And I never slept at all that day. Zero, nada. 8C I haven't read about the spine, hormones and reproduction and the darn menstrual cycle! DD: Paper 1 is easy as usual, I had more than 30 minutes after I finished and double checked. I catched some Z's during that time. =w= I was jumpy all day because I haven't covered the form 5 topics properly, and it'll be horrible if any of those questions came out. But thank goodness Paper 2 was good! Easy stuff like organelles, hypertonic solution, enzyme, mitosis. Nothing I haven't read about! 8D Even the essays were good, although none of my favourite topics came out(inheritance), most of the essay questions, I happened to have read about it, and remembered it. C8 Never thought I could write about antidiuretic hormone and aldosterone, not to mention neurotransmitters! Whuuud. I only skipped one essay, because I couldn't come up with 10 points of how excessive emission of carbon dioxide harms the environment. (I could write 4 maybe, but 10 points worth?) Happy happy. C8 And paper 3 was exactly like our trial papers too. Lul everyone was studying potometer and its crazy procedure.
"Immerse the potometer in water to remove air bubbles..."
Wasted. xD

And so that's the end of SPM! I have EST left! And that was my experience whoaah it was long... And I was supposed to give "wise words" to my juniors too... o_o Basically, you should take SPM seriously, but easily. Start revising now! Doing exercises, going for tuition, whatever works for you to drill the knowledge into your head so when you do your last minute revision, it won't be hard. I say this because I can never deny last minute revision, it has been me since primary school. :P Internet is still your best friend. When you're on the computer and your mum's nagging, go Google something useful like "SPM Biology" or "SPM analisis" or something. Point out how good Google is. It really can help. :D Other than that, take it easy! This will always happen, the form 5's lamenting on how tough SPM is, post form 5 laughing about it; form 3's stressing for PMR, post form 3's say it's no big deal. Anyhow, just do your best during the test! Seriously, don't compete with your friends on how much earlier you can walk out of the hall, then sit in your car and gossip. So pointless. o_O

Currently spending my first day after Bio slacking. I was planning my Comic Fiesta stuff (IT'S NEXT WEEEEEK), then I got distracted by... everything. :P But that's for another post!

Quote of the Day: "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you get." - Forrest Gump.

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