Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in a Nutshell

12 Months
365 Days
80 Blogposts

BEWARE. Big nutshell, long post ahead! Filled with pictures and videos and text. You have been warned. :D

Friday, December 30, 2011

Pre-Epic Post Note

I just came back from Youth Dhamma Camp 20 - The Dhamma Initiative, and it ROCKS! It was a brand new experience, so many new things I did in camp! Hopefully, for once, I'll fight procrastination and blog about my camp experience, because it was really epic and owhsm. Also, yesterday, one day right after coming back from YDC, when I haven't had time to rest yet (I haven't even rest well since Comic Fiesta!), I had a Ragnarok Online photoshoot with me as Soul Linker and Anthea as High Priest! Kyaaah~ I really had a busy November, and a super eventful December. It's kinda surreal, and unbelievable that 2011 is coming to an end.

In the meantime, I have to finish up my AFA 2011 post, and start on the Epic 2011 post! I've just finished scrolling through my Facebook Wall for the entire 2011, so I can start blogging about 2011 already! Maybe the AFA post will have to wait... lD

Here is the backlogged list again!:

  1. Anime Festival Asia 2011! (Day 2-3)
  2. SAM Corroboree
  3. Comic Fiesta 2011 Preparation
  4. Comic Fiesta 2011!
  5. X-Note
  6. 2012 Cosplay Plans
  7. The Epic 2011 in a Nutshell Post! (will tackle this first)
  8. Contact Lens updates and review!
  9. Rangarok Online Photoshoot!
  10. EDIT (I only just remembered this lD): TAS Hangouts in November (Sunway Pyramid, Nasi Lemak, BBQ, SDC Recognition...)

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve already! Probably going to Rayhan's house wheee. And a friend of mine has been looking to have a casual photoshoot of me, probably in early January. Gabagaba, eventful life is eventful. :3 So grateful for what I have now! On a sidenote, I'll have to work hard on getting into my university though. So much to settle and everything is still a blur... hopefully everything runs well so my mum can get a rest!

Shall be posting new content soon. :3

Quote of the Day: "When it comes to home and family, we never keep either as close as we should." - Oerba Dia Vanille, Final Fantasy XIII

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Anime Festival Asia 2011! Day 1!

Anime Festival Asia 2011 Reports:
AFA Day 1 [11.11.11]
AFA Day 2 [12.11.11]
AFA Day 3 and Home [13.11.11]

I decided to blog about Anime Festival Asia anyway, teehee. Since I don't have enough time to finish this before I go off to camp, this is going to be in several parts...

This year, I decided that I was going to AFA 2011 in Singapore! It was supposed to be a trip with Anthea, in the end plan fail because Anthea is in paddyland. In the end, it was a trip with the Anime Society! It was right after my SACE exams, next day meet with TAS and the next day, it was Day 1! Wee, Irfan, Nick, BK and I were headed down to Singapore on Friday (11.11.11) by different modes of transport.

Wee and I decided to take lots of V-logs on our journey too. I'll post them up if they are not too embarrassing, and if I have the time. So if you see Youtube videos embedded throughout this blogpost, feel free to listen to Wee and I talk crap. And fail angle. lD

So, on Friday, I was travelling with Wee. We left at 10.45am from Holiday Villa on bus, and Alex even came by to send us off!

AFA... Here we come!

My travelling partner! :D

Friday, December 23, 2011


Mini update again before I embark on the crazy long posts... lD

My cosplay experience last week was EPIC. First, my crazy cosplay prep. Second, fun time at Comic Fiesta. Third, 4th group cosplay win. Fourth, photoshoooot!

Tomorrow's my last day at work. I've been enjoying myself in Taylor's so far. SS15 is such a convenient place to be in, and the people here are fun to be around. My colleagues are rather entertaining, talking crap and discussing about Dragonvale as if it's srzbiznez. I missed the Christmas dinner on Wednesday as I had to go for a Japanese BBQ buffet with my family. They played boardgames in Meeples too! :C Although today made it up as we went for Japanese food (again!) at Edo Ichi, paid by the department! :D Ai Jou treated me to Starbucks on Wednesday too because of my depressing SACE results. I wouldn't mind staying longer in Taylor's, but for now this is where I stop! I really thank them for taking care of me during this short 3 weeks. Ai Jou, Ms Ooi, Samantha, Elaine, Raymond, Vincent and Malcolm. Thanks for making my time enjoyable! :D

After work ends tomorrow, Saturday will be Youth Dhamma Camp 20! I'll be away for five days... And when I get back, I have a photoshoot with Anthea! And then it'll be the end of the year and I'm not too sure what I'll be doing.

Also, I've just received my SACE results on Wednesday. I logged on to the website with my mum beside me. When we saw the results, my mum had a shock, she almost thought those results weren't mine. Well... I had A, B+, B+, B-, B-. Sounds pretty bad I guess... for someone who has gotten As for UPSR, PMR and SPM. (the only B I had was Chinese!) I could tell she was rather disappointed, and I really don't know what went wrong either. I thought my internal marks were pretty good, and that I did rather well for my external paper too... However, I managed to get an ATAR of 91.35! Meaning I'm in the top 8.65% of the population taking SACE 2011! Still, it didn't seem to justify my grades, at least to myself and my mother, especially since the people in charge told us that to enter dentistry, I needed all As... I only had 1. Ugh.

I'm not sad. I'm not happy. I dunno what to feel, so I'm just disappointed... .w. Sigh, nothing we can do! I'll just have to wait for the Uni offer and see where I can go after that...

Recently, I've been playing Zeiva's Visual Novel, X-Note. I must say I enjoy it tons! The storyline is owhsm and touching! And I love the characters too. Cried a few times playing it, although the gameplay is so simple and short, but somehow I still get attached to the story. ;w; I'll write more about it next time.

So... here's my current backlogged list (I know I do this all the time, but it's the only way for me to keep track of what to blog about :P):

  1. Anime Festival Asia 2011!
  2. SAM Corroboree
  3. Comic Fiesta 2011 Preparation
  4. Comic Fiesta 2011!
  5. X-Note
  6. 2012 Cosplay Plans
  7. The Epic 2011 in a Nutshell Post!

That's about it I guess... I feel like blogging about Comic Fiesta 2011 first... since it's still fresh and all... lD Poor AFA! It's been more than a month already! ...It'll come soon. :P I'm gonna attempt to start blogging tomorrow, but no promises if you'll see any new interesting content here before I'm off during the weekend for my 5-day camp.

Quote of the Day: "People who want happy endings have to write their own." - Paine, Final Fantasy X-2

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mini Update!

It's 4 more days till Comic Fiesta and I have so much undone! Almost 90% of my costume is not prepared, ahhhh! Every year as Comic Fiesta draws close, it always feels unbelievable! Hopefully everything will run smoothly! It's my 10th day working at Taylor's today, and it's been treating me well! I'm taking 3 days off just to complete my Comic Fiesta preparations, wahahaha. I spent the public holiday yesterday pretty well, prop-making till really late at night. I would be updating about what I've done here, except that Facebook is screwed up on the office network right now, grrr.

Meanwhile, here's my super packed schedule for the remainder of the year! ...And WOW the year is ending so soon already!
13-16 Dec: CHIONG COSPLAY! Fang costume and lance still undone! ;w;
17-18 Dec: COMIC FIESTA 2011! Fun tieeem!
19 Dec: Final Fantasy XIII Photoshoot!
20-23 Dec: Back to work. And prepping my Soul Linker costume.
24-28 Dec: YOUTH DHAMMA CAMP 20! (and Christmas!)
29 Dec: Ragnarok Online Photoshoot!
30 Dec: Free?
31 Dec: Cosplay New Year's Eve/Christmas Ball! LAST DAY OF 2011.

All that. And I still have lots of blogpost backlogs, not to mention when it's the end of December, I would be having loads of new content, plus my EPIC 2011 report! Meaning I have to scroll through my Facebook statuses again! Haha.
Backlog list!:
  1. Anime Festival Asia 2011!
  2. SAM Corroboree
  3. More TAS Hangouts - Post Exams (maybe!)
  5. Comic Fiesta 2011 Preparations
  6. Updated 2012 Cosplay Plans? :3
Oh wow... it doesn't look too bad at this moment. I'll work on it, probably next week at work too. Ngehehe. xD

And if some of you still don't know, I'm planning to pursue Dentistry locally. I have submitted my application for Penang International Dental College! If my SACE results (which will probably be released within the next 6 days or so) are okay, I'll probably get in! It's a twinning program to Salem, India for two years. The soonest I'll be leaving for my studies is in March/April, otherwise it will be September. And otherwise, it means I failed, and I'll have to pursue something else. lD If everything goes by plan, I won't be in Malaysia for 2 years. Meaning cosplay plans will be on hold ahhh! Meaning whatever I want to cosplay in 2012, I better start preparations after Comic Fiesta so that I'll fulfill my heart's desires before leaving.

Meaning I must not procrastinate! Less QQ, more pew pew! (Nicholas Tham 2011)

Yes this was a wall of text, I'm sorry. lD I'll blog more with interesting contents. Soon.

Just so that this post will look less boring, here's a Cosplay Meme I did on deviantART! (visit me there plox)


Quote of the Day: "I'm here to see how the story unfolds. Any self-respecting leading man would do the same." - Balthier, Final Fantasy XII

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Exam Week! ...and more TAS

Here is the blogpost that will tell you about the week before my SAM final exams, the final exams itself and TAS.

I thought that after SAM ends, and with our exams drawing closer, TAS would see less of each other. It seems that it wasn't the case...

22 October, Saturday, I headed back to college after dance practice as I had a meeting with the SAM Corroboree emcee. Was supposed to explain to him about Student Council stuff. While waiting for the meeting, I was in the cafeteria studying. Guess who was there? Wee! :D Besides the 2 hours I was away for the meeting, and walking around SS15 to look for egg tarts, I made quite some good progress studying my Physics, and I hung out with Wee and later, Jules joined in too! We would just sit at the table and sometimes, stay silent while we did our own things. Jules calls it the "silent company" though.

Some funny conversations that came up... (some what an in-joke too C:)
Wee: I like the egg tarts in Foh Foh. They're nice! And small.
Suzanne: Like how you like your girls? :B

And so after my meeting, I went to get egg tarts for Wee!
Suzanne: I got something for you! *gives egg tarts from Casamia*
Wee: I got something for you too. *gives egg tarts from Foh Foh*
*awkward moment* *LAUGH*

Random stuff, I know.

Over the next few days, the TAS SAMies were still hanging out together a lot! Me, Wee, Alex, Isaac and even Jules! We would either be in the Cafeteria, or the Study Lounge studying, me with my laptop for facebook music and past year papers. Later, we would start occupying empty classrooms all to ourselves with a projector. :P Sometimes it can get pretty distracting, and we would drown ourselves in jokes and laughter! But it's still a pretty good way to get some info drilled into our heads, and to release some stress, and to enjoy our exam period, ehehe. xD This is the first time I actually studied away from home. And I'm studying at college too, when I thought I'd be spending less time there after classes ended! In the end, for the next two weeks, I was there with the TAS SAMies almost everyday (including weekends), studying morning till night, lunch and dinner included. xD Aaaah those were the days. Good thing about studying in college, like at the cafeteria or study lounge, is that everyone is studying or doing something productive, so you kinda feel the pressure to do something too, instead of slacking. .w.

Tuesday, while I was studying alone, Irfan actually walked over from his house near Subang Avenue to the college cafeteria! He just sat at the table next to me and did his work while I studied. I truly understood the meaning of "silent company" now. xD I think later we met up with Jules and Alex.

Wednesday, Deepavali, the group went to Nick's Cafe again, without me. =( It's a little too much to spend the whole day out from home to go KL during the exams. In the end I slacked in my living hall, studying just a little. lD

Thursday, I kinda spared a bit of time to help Irfan on a little project of his. I guess I could say I had quite some fun playing with Volvo again! :3 That day, me, Wee, Irfan, Alex and Jules were at Classroom Cafe together. Jules had to go out constantly for her tuition classes though. Meanwhile...

Hung out with my high school gals too!

Anthea was back for the week, and the A Level girls were done with their trials, so we decided to meet up just to hang out! More like dessert-testing though, haha! We went to the new dessert shops in SS15. They were having buy 2 free 1 promotions so hey, why not! Went to Snova and Blackball, one after another, ngekngekngek.

Friday, TAS decided to go to Pizza Hut to taste out the cheezy pizza!

Walking to Pizza Hut!

The group! (sans Jules, who was taking the pictar)

Jules and I :3

We told a lot of cold jokes there, haha. Must be because Sue-sensei was there! She was spamming pepper on everyone's food too. She can get pretty spazzy sometimes! After lunch, a couple of us went to Classroom Cafe to play Time's Up! It's a really fun game of Taboo/Charades thingy! Lots of talk, actions and random madness! With all that crotch signals and stuff, waterfaq! Me and Jules pwned the game! We took lots of videos that day, but unfortunately, I won't be sharing them here, wahaha. :P

Plugging the game!

I can't quite remember what happened during the weekend, but the TAS SAMies continued our studying sessions! We were at the Quiet Study Zone because there was some event happening at the Cafeteria, so we had to relocate. Many times, I was studying alone, or Wee would be sitting at the same table, studying with me. Sometimes we are joined by Jules. Then Alex and Isaac joined the studying team. And occasionally, we had to entertain ourselves with random stuff.

Alex and the start of his drawing habits

More randomness

It was 31st! We shared a quart of Baskin Robbins! Green tea and chocolate trilogy! We played Cluedo too!

After all that guilty pleasure, back to stress!

LAPTOP :3 Oooh look at my owhsm laptop skin!

Exam started on 1 November, Tuesday! I was always in the Multi Purpose Hall, so it was easy for me. I was pretty satisfied with my performance for my English paper. The next day was Physics, and I really slaved like crazy to fit everything into my brains. I'm kinda evil to myself when it comes to exams. I wouldn't sleep, I would abuse Brand's chicken essence and coffee as usual to keep me awake and energized, I would just keep reading with my music blasting in my room. It was so so so horrible... In the end, my eyes failed me, I was so exhausted, and I couldn't recall a lot of things during my exams. Have I mentioned how I hated Physics? ;w;

A day before Maths test, somehow, we were discussing Pokemon. Isaac made me start reading Pokemon Adventures manga. Then I was saying how I could recite some parts of the Pokerap, and so I went on Youtube to search...

Such troll...

Anyhow, we sparked quite a passionate conversation about Pokemon! That weekend after Maths exams (which was pretty easy, and a confidence booster!), during one of our study sessions in the cafeteria, as I walked in...

Isaac: Suzanne! I downloaded FireRed and LeafGreen already, you want?
Suzanne: Crazy ah! Later lah. Exams still on okay!
Isaac: Alex started already.
Suzanne: Give me now.

In the end, me, Alex and Isaac started playing Pokemon, wahaha. We started some sort of TAS Pokemon Trio! Me and Isaac were playing FireRed, while Alex was on LeafGreen. I used Bulbasaur, Alex used Squirtle and Isaac used Charmander. xD

Anyways... back to exams...

Well, nothing special happened! I was pretty much a nervous wreck before every single exam. I would be worrying over trivial matters, getting worked up, talking crap, bugging people with questions and revisions... when I think about it, I guess I could get pretty annoying at times... I can't help it! ;w; I'm such a last minute person though, grrr. Anyway, Chemistry and Biology went on fine. (I think I should procrastinate less, even for my cosplay I put myself in a bad position! Then again I always tell myself this but it fails...)


After that, everyone pretty much went for their own little celebration. I think I was left alone in Classroom Cafe, but honestly, I can't really remember what I did. :P

So that's SACE exams! And random stuff in between! I'm blogging so much lately and clearing off my backlogs, feeling somewhat productive. lD Next on the list... it's either something personal, or it'll be about Anime Festival Asia! :D

Quote of the Day: "Even if you take apart the chain of memories in my heart, the links will stay there. This memory will always be inside me somewhere." - Sora, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Friday, December 09, 2011

Last Days in Taylor's (October Update!)

This is going to be a random dump of randomness and photos from what I've been doing in October (and maybe November) before my SACE finals.

Here's the (hopefully) concise update!

What to expect in the post! :
Mostly about the Last Day in Taylor's - Camwhoring with teachers and friends, and TAS!
TAS Meetings (Karaoke, Dancing, Treasure Hunt)
World Food Day
Szeto's Birthday
...and other stuff in between
Also, this blogpost will be IMAGE HEAVY!

On my way to the last day of college!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Final G9 Theme Tuesdays

It's been awhile since my last Theme Tuesday. This will be the last update on it! During the last two months, Theme Tuesdays was slowly decelerating to a break because of Trials and the Finals coming up. We weren't as crazy and spazzy (we even had a sort-of failure!) but in the end, we finished Theme Tuesday with a bang!

The things you can do with shades... :P

Beware the creatures of the night!

Monday, December 05, 2011

See You on the Other Side

So December is finally here. The time has come for Jules to leave Malaysia. Ever since the day she dropped the bomb and told us that she would be flying back from Penang and wait in KLIA before leaving on the flight to Korea that transits to USA, immediately, I believe, me and half of TAS thought, "We're definitely going to send her off." Again, just like her birthday, she hinted at it 982432105 times. From long ago, a couple of us had already intended to make a trip to KLIA.

And so we did.

Whut? Jumpbreak is back?

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Lens Updates!

I came home from Karaoke with my juniors, and I was bored with nothing to do. So I started taking out all my lenses and playing with them. xD

Since I took the effort to start blogging, plus I was planning since months ago to write about my lenses, I'll post about my lenses and some other lens comparison shots then! (Yay one more off the backlogged list!)

The Dolly Eye Sugar Candy - Blue

Bought these from someone on Comic Fiesta forums, along with a bunch of TAS people. We got them in August, right before Cosplay Cafe. Decided to try them on for my Sice cosplay as I thought my Old Adult Blues were failing.
(I didn't take solo shots of them in the case...)

A close-up!

With and without. Enlargement is crazy. o_o

I dub these my yandere lenses! Somehow when I wear these, they look like black enlarging lenses

One with the colours a little more obvious (woohoo! sunlight!)

I'm a little disappointed with how this Sugar Candy lens look on my eyes. Firstly, the design blends better with the eyes, unlike the solid design of EOS Sugar Candy that Anthea had. Already my eyes are a darker shade of brown, compared to Anthea, so the colours of this Sugar Candy don't show that well on my eyes. I guess they would make good, natural-ish enlarging lenses. Enlargement from this is waaay awesome! And scary sometimes! They make me look yandere. xD But as I'm looking for cosplay lenses with colours that would pop, these lens on my eyes doesn't fit what I was looking for... =( Otherwise, these are just like all Sugar Candy lenses, thick black outer ring and crazy enlarging effect!

EOS G202 Candy Series (Barbie King Size) - Blue
nurin lens

Sugar Candy Blue on left, Candy/Barbie King Blue on right

I actually forgot to take more shots of this, ehehe...

Gosh this took waaaaay long to arrive. Ordered these from nurin in late August. We only got them during our exams, which was the start of November. WATERFAQ! This will be my last time ordering from her, rawr.

I first wore this at AFA 2011. They were meant to be my new Hannah/blue cosplay lenses as my Old Adult Blues were reaching the end of their time. Unfortunately, these were not a "popping blue" that I wanted them to be for cosplay, again... The designs are not too bad though! The colour shows better than Sugar Candy, but of course Sugar Candy pwns in enlargement. At least the blue tone for this is not as "fake" as Dolly lenses. But probably Dolly and Blytheye are still the better ones if you need popping colours for cosplay...

Now that I think about it, I have no idea why I have so many blue lenses, haha. lD

i.Fairy Hanabi - Red 

In the bottle! :3

The owhsmness!

Camwhored with it teehee

Random comparison shot of Sugar Candy Blue and Hanabi Red!
Kinda reminds me of Mukuro... lD

Hanabi is OWHSM. I guess the extra money you pay for it is worth it! They are a tad more comfortable than the other lenses. The colour blends pretty nicely with my eyes, but it's still a nice shade of red. The brown ones look rather natural too, from what I saw on my friend. My first red lens! My first i.Fairy! I think they are a pretty good buy. xD Oh, enlargement is not as obvious as Sugar Candy, because the black circle is not that thick, and there is more colour too it (rather than just looking black). But Hanabi is actually really big!

Now here are some random lens camwhore shots and comparison pictars!

Blytheye/Adult Grey vs. Brown

Dolly Brown vs. Blytheye/Adult Brown

Old Adult Blue vs. New Adult/Blytheye Brown

Old Adult Blue vs. Candy/Barbie King Blue

My current lenses! Notice how no two lens cases are the same... lD

My retired lenses! The defective New Adult Grey and expired Dolly Brown

My new lenses! Haven't opened them yet, mostly because I want to keep them longer, and because I have no new lens cases. lD
Puffy 3 Tones Green, Dreamy.i Brown, Blytheye Grey, A3/Bambi Grey

Gosh... I'm so addicted to lenses. xD Anyway, hurray that I managed to finish this post and update! o_o

Quote of the Day: "We'd realized along the way that choice was the only thing we had left. Maybe we'd fall short. Maybe we'd never even come close. But someone, someday, would know we'd tried." - Oerba Dia Vanille, Final Fantasy XIII

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Part Time Job Number 2!

SACE was over, I'm not studying currently, I've spent a valuable November with TAS and December is approaching. While waiting for my university offer, which the earliest intake will only be in March/April, the most obvious thing to do is to get a part time job! And so I did! No, not Sushi King again. Since I finished SACE exams, my SAM principal, has been asking me if I wanted a job. I agreed, and immediately I received a call from Ms. Ooi of the Marketing and Communication Department. I was hired to do Communications work, which includes writing, editing, data entry, web upload, photography, taking calls, making powerpoint presentations and many more! Not too shabby, sounds like stuff that I could handle. :3 Oddly enough, when all my friends (SAM, Jules...) left Taylor's, I'm the only one who went back instead to start working there, haha. For now, it's only for two weeks! But I probably can extend the job if I like to, and if they still want/need me. :3

At the moment, I was only hired for two weeks. I had no work on Monday, since it was a public holiday (I actually went to college that morning though... trolled...). So on Tuesday, 29 November, I woke up early and got to college by 7.40am! My work hours was supposed to be 9am-6pm, but I had to follow my dad to work, so I had no choice. Spent all extra time on the computer at the library!

So, I got to work! The office is behind the receptionist at the Placement Centre. Met my boss, Ms. Ooi who got me comfortable at the office. I was given a square table as my workspace! And I got a company Dell laptop to do my work on to. When Ai Jou arrived, she started giving me tasks. What I do mostly is to read articles written by other people on events and stuff at Taylor's. I would be like an editor, checking out for errors, correct format, and concising them. The edited work goes to two different media - the e-News and the Taylor's website. I have to screen through pictures and pick out nice ones for the photo gallery to. And put captions to them. Sounds easy but it's not! It's harder to pick out the important points and change the info because I didn't experience what the writers did. At this point, my ESL skills really came in handy. :P Other than that, I would help Ai Jou do some proof reading, or scan some stuff at the printer. Thankfully, I wasn't made into a slave or an office lady, as the others teased me about. xD The people at the Marketing department were really friendly! There was Ms. Ooi, Ai Jou, Elaine, Raymond. Then I met the often-missing Vincent today, and Sam will be returning to the office tomorrow. Also, another intern will be joining us next week! Today, Ai Jou made me hot chocolate too! Kinda fun at the office, feel like I belong there. ^^

Lunch break was around 12 - 2pm, but it was pretty much very flexible. Ai Jou and Ms. Ooi invited me to lunch on two different occasions! But I had lunch with Alex, and then BK. :P When I was bored, I'd go visit Ms. Wong at her office too! Sometimes I'd start snoozing off... probably from staring at too much text and pictures at one time. I wish I brought more snacks and stuff. Today, Isaac ninja-ed into the office, asked for me, dumped a cup of bubble tea and ninja-ed off. So sweet. xD

It's only day 2, and it's a pretty fun experience! I haven't been doing much different tasks, but still, since it involves words and typing and some creativity (and free time on Facebook, whee!), I'm pretty contented. Ai Jou has just gave me new assignments for next week - writing 5 different articles for the Taylor's website! Woohoo! Since most of the articles are from my point of view, and is about my experience in Taylor's, I would probably include the extended version of those articles here at my blog, ehehehe... It's nice that most of what I'm doing are editorial and journalism stuff - these are things that I somewhat enjoy doing!

Now I have to sleep early so that I won't go fishing at work! I'll update more on my job soon. Toodles!

Quote of the Day: "Wishes can come true. But not if you just wait for miracles. Miracles are things we make for ourselves. Here, and now." - Oerba Dia Vanille, Final Fantasy XIII

Monday, November 28, 2011

Animangaki 2011

Wooh, here comes the super epic backlogged post! It's been more than two months since. But for formalities sake, I'm gonna be blogging about Animangaki anyway!

After the Raya Holidays, I had about a week to prepare for Animangaki. On top of that, my trials begins the week after Animangaki. Epic timing and commitment.

Here's what I had to do in early September, leading up to Animangaki (12 September):
  1. Touch up on costume!
  2. Make owhsmshiz spear
  3. Prepare for cosplay competition
  4. Play Guardian Angels :X

I suddenly had a desire to join the cosplay competition at Animangaki. Usually, I'd only join the Comic Fiesta Group Competition. I suddenly thought, "Hey, why don't I take the challenge I join Animangaki's competition? I doesn't seem to tough anyway. (joo are sadly mistaken, Suzanne!)" And so I did! I managed to get Irfan to join me too. So yeah, we had to come up with the script (for a game that wasn't released yet!), and then record our voices, then practice for it - because I up for the challenge, wanting to do an action skit instead of my usual "comedy" ones.

Actually, the biggest mistake was being so overly ambitious. And procrastinating, of course. I had one week of holidays to plan what I wanted to do. I left all work for the week itself and as usual, placed unnecessary stress on myself (then again, what's life without it? lD). Staying back after college, planning the skit, not being strict enough... On top of that, I fell somewhat sick that week too! I only started getting materials for my scythe on Thursday (or was it Friday..?). Bottom line, it was lots of rush job that week.

Somehow, I was really blessed to have the support of my friends. Isaac was helping me tons with my scythe. I'm really bad at all these architecture/engineering/design part of propmaking. He gave me directions on how I should design the scythe and stuff. Will was pretty helpful with cutting the cardboard too! Nick provided the voice of the Narrator! Because I was facing some troubles, I couldn't do any of my scythe construction on Saturday (I had to study instead). Isaac took all my materials and did it on his own... ;w; I really don't know how else to say thank you! Even more so because he had trials coming up too. It was a mixed feeling of guilt and deep gratitude.

The super owhsm scythe

If only I had pictures to show of the Scythe WIP! I didn't take much pictures, and even if I did, they would've been lost with my hard disk. .w. Basically, we just drew out the shape of the scythe on this harder-than-mounting-board board, cut it out (it was REALLY HARD cutting it nicely). After that was all Isaac's hard work. Styrofoam pieces of the scythe was cut out to give definition to the scythe's blade. The handle of the scythe was a PVC pipe, with a wooden pole inside the hollow pipe to reinforce it and lengthen it. The boards and styrofoam pieces are taped together, then taped to the pole. The silver paint was sprayed on to the blades the day itself, ehehe... For a two day, last minute job, it was rather good (even getting props from another propmaker! :D [see what I did thar] )!

So! That was the construction of the scythe! Saturday, I was mostly working on fixing the skit audio, spraying Irfan's wig, and preparing other stuff. Saturday was Animangaki Day 1, but obviously, I couldn't afford to go. Saturday night, both me and Isaac had no sleep at all... srzly. .w. Early in the morning, me, Irfan and Isaac met up in college to finish up the scythe, and to rehearse our skit! We only left for Sunway University, along with Jules' car around 9am-ish. The scythe was quite a hassle to transport around, extending from the boot right up to the front seat (said car being a Myvi). Then again, we sorta made the scythe a little too long compared to what it should be... ^^"

We finally got to the event! I took about an hour getting changed and putting on my make up. I was pretty pleased with myself! Class Zero, although only just me, Jules, Isaac, Irfan and Jak, it was sort of our public debut! Final Fantasy Type-0, whee! (the game wasn't even out yet, at that time) I cosplayed No.6, the scythe-wielder, Sice. I wished I had gotten a more suitable wig, or at least had the time to style it. On top of that, I wish I had owhsm knee high boots! Anyways, here are some random pictures of my cosplay, and TAS!

TAS at Animangaki!

Class Zero epicness

More Class Zero epicness!
(the 5: Sice, Eight, Jack, Queen and King)

Can't get enough of it :3

Sice Solo Shot!

Royal Milk Tea on stage! :3 TAS Lakeside!

Camho with Hapiii~

There wasn't a lot of owhsm cosplays, actually (maybe they were hanging out outside the hall?) And for most of the event, I was busy over the Cosplay Competition. Irfan and I got on stage for our 2 minutes skit. The adrenaline kicked in, and our attacks were more ganas than our practices! We really got into the mood of the battle. Timing was a bit out, but still, pretty proud of our work! ^^
(not sure if the video or link works here!)

The stabbing moment

After that, all the participants had to pick out a card that had a "restriction" and "theme" in it, then we had to plan a new skit, to be performed about 2 hours later. We had to do a "free skit" (that's the worst thing you could give someone with a short deadline! D:) and we had to "use slang words like 'desu, kya, nyan...' ". I think I kinda pissed Irfan off a lot at this point... being distracted and indecisive and disapproving and stuff... ^^" We had help from the other TAS members, brainstorming on what to do. We had way too many ideas, but eventually we settled down on a parody of MMORPG's... of Ragnarok Online, more specifically.

Super random shiz! I felt really really sheepish after doing that! And I thought the crowd was quiet But apparently, quite a lot of people enjoyed it. xD And the crowd actually responded to our injokes, teehee.

So after that, we kinda just lazed around to wait for the results. Around 6pm-ish, the results were announced. Irfan and I won 1st runner up! Well, at least we had some sort of achievement after all that hard work! The prize wasn't much to bloat about though. :P After all that, we walked through the canopy walk and had dinner in Sunway Pyramid! While still in our uniform. And capes. Wahahaha! Everyone was staring at us, especially at Ichiban Ramen. I forgot that I left my eyebrows white, ehehe... We were at Pyramid until 9pm-ish. It was a good meal and time well spent with TAS. Not to mention it was the day where they noticed Isaac's assets too, haha.

So yeah, that was Animangaki 2011! It was mostly about the rush job, the cosplay competition and TAS. I did speak to the other cosplayers, met some old friends and hung out with Melissa and the others too. All in all, I was pretty happy about what I did for Animangaki, but I'm sure it was quite a trauma for some of us because of the last minuteness, ehehe... Anyhow, I had fun!

Before I end, here's the video by Studio Omoshiroi of the cosplayers at Animangaki.

Next on my backlog list seems to be lens pictars and cosplay plans... oh well, we'll see about that. Meanwhile, I'll be going back to Taylor's starting tomorrow to work for the Marketing department! I'll definitely blog soon!

Again, last but not least...

Quote of the Day: "I wouldn't know the motives for a person killing a person, but as far as helping a person is concerned, why should there be a logical mind?" - Kudo Shinichi, Detective Conan.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jules' Birthday!

 The Taylor's Anime Society advisor, Julianne, is having her 26th birthday on November 17. She's been hinting it for awhile now, and obviously, we already know it from long ago! In fact, we had our own plans...


What happened was, on the 16th, we were already hanging out. I had lunch with Jules' until 3pm, then we waited for Isaac and Alex till 5pm. Then we spend two hours lazing around at her house, then only we left for dinner (at a Thai restaurant!) at 7pm. When we were done, we decided to get gelato (HEAVENLY GELATO) for dessert at 9pm! So in the end, no shopping! lD On top of that, we only just found out that Jules has her company annual dinner on Friday evening, which was the original date for our BBQ! So in the end, we postponed our BBQ till next week! We fetched Jules back and then we went home.

That's what Jules thought. C:

Obviously, at 10pm, it was a little too late to go home, while we still had to continue our "Surprise Jules at midnight" plan! Me and Isaac sat Alex's car all the way to Seri Petaling because he had to pick up his gift for Jules (because remember, we were supposed to go shopping then go home to drop the stuff xD). While on the car I was SMS-ing Irfan to confirm if he was joining us. 40 minutes later, I received two SMSes.

Wee-kun: Suz. You got home d? Ju sensei worried bout you. =x
Irfan: Lol miss jue getting worried why she no see u guys online yet.

CRAP. They should've sent me home first to distract Jules! Oh well, nothing we can do now! From Seri Petaling, we went back to Subang to pick Irfan up. By the time we got to my house, it has been 1 hour and 20 minutes since we left Jules', and she was going to bed. We were supposed to chill at my house till 12am. But by the time we got back, and I got online, she has already went to sleep. :C Isaac said that we should surprise her earlier before she falls deep into sleep and would be annoyed. We got to her place around 11.45pm and we started knocking on her grills. Didn't work. So we resorted to calling her! Alex called her multiple times, we would hear her phone from the door, but no response! Finally after 7 times or so, Jules picked up the phone. (apparently because she thought Alex's phone call could wait, ehehe... sadly I didn't take my phone out that night, so I couldn't call her instead xD)

"Come out now. Just come out."

She came to the door and we sang her a birthday song! :3 With a Hokkaido cake and a candle! She seemed pleasantly surprised! And she said she didn't expect us at all. SUCCESS!

The owhsm people who stayed up that night!
(the one on the far left is the owhsmest :D)

Birthday girl with her personal cake!

The gift Alex prepared for Jules, complete with an owhsm drawing of Usui Takumi

We sat in her house again, chatted a bit and just enjoyed each other's company. ^^

About an hour+ later, we left for home. Jules still had work in the morning, Isaac and Irfan still had classes.

If you've read the Facebook chat log from above, you would realize that this was not the only surprise we planned for Jules. C:
Jules, you thought that was the only surprise? THINK AGAIN.

As you would know from our very detailed Jules-schedule in the Facebook chat log above, she had a formal training from 10am-12pm (Alex had intel from Sue-sensei!). Alex picked me up from home around 11am, then we bought a cake and zoomed to college. Originally, we were hoping for more people to join us to surprise Jules at the White Room. In the end it was just me and Alex. :X

Camwhore shot of Crime Work in Progress

Moments before running into the room!
(later, the flames would be blown out by the wind =.=)

Jules and her freshly-lighted-in-the-room cake! (and Sue's hand)

(I was supposed to film the whole "Happy Birthday song" surprise thing, but I forgot to press the button =w= *epic failed*)


She was super shocked! And we probably caught the staff off guard too! Muahahaha! Later, the 3 of us + BK went for lunch at the market, then the 3 of us went back to Jules' place, again! Just slacked there the whole day, just enjoying each other's company as usual. For dinner, we had Korean BBQ! :D

Slacking is an understatement =)

Jules using Ahdell!

We had the owhsm Marble Cheesecake!

Obligatory Camwhore Shoot so that it includes me lD


Tiem for omnomnom


Our nomnomnom!

The nomnom aftermath
(have I mentioned that the staff there was being an ass by asking us to order extra dishes because we had 3 people? We made our money worth it by bugging him to refill our side dishes 23403942 times. HAH, he shouldn't have done it in the first place)


In a nutshell, although we only had so few people and not many presents, we definitely enjoyed ourselves, and I hope we gave Jules a birthday to remember! Happy birthday again Jules! Love you lots! :3

Quote of the Day: "You're a tough, troublesome case, you know! With all these distracting emotions...Even if I were Holmes it'd still be impossible to figure out! The heart of a woman whom one loves...How can anyone accurately deduce that?" - Kudo Shinichi, Detective Conan
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