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Comic Fiesta 2010 Day 2

Whee! This took forever since I had soooo much on during the new year. But here is day 2!

Day 2, I was on my own since Anthea, Jasmine, Hui Jun and everyone else won't be tagging along with me, since they said they have seen enough of Comic Fiesta, and Hui Jun has already headed back to Kedah. Woke up really early to put on my costume nicely, since I don't have any personal assistants anymore. :P I left the braids Jasmine and Hui Jun tied for me on the whole night I slept, since it was just a few hours of nap till I put on my wig again anyway. xP I was lazy, so I made no touch ups to my costumes, unlike the years before, haha. Poked on my brown contacts! Took me much faster today, with little tears too. Secured my orange wig nicely and wanted to work on the hair ribbons, but Michelle came by around 7am+ to pick me up.

My dance group met up at Time's Square at 8am for practice again. Everyone was running on Malaysian timing, of course. I headed to the toilet and managed finish up the hair ribbons! Met up with the group again and practised a few rounds of Genie before going to the event hall to change into our costumes. Clipped on my headband nicely today. It shows that taking time is important. :X Since I was going to dance, I wore my mum's sandals instead of my hotel-slippers-turn-flip-flops.

12pm! The dance performance! It's 15 minutes long, and I did Tiffany's part in Genie. :3

Leena doing Genie!

Abracadabra, Good Girl Bad Girl, Gee and Genie.

After that, we were supposed to have a videoshoot, but it was cancelled. Instead, I met up with my Serge again! We ran around hunting for Guile, who was still getting ready. And before we found him, Amelia stopped me as ChibiNeko wanted to talk to me. The Serge and I found out...


Serge and I started spazzing so much we ran down the hallway like school children. 8D Serge's handphone even slipped out without notice, and somehow the battery was lost too. :X And soon we found Guile!

Claude from Singapore, as Guile!

We fangirled much. :D With our Chrono Cross group completed, we met up with Claude's other friends who were photographers and we started shooting! Looooved the outcome. :3

Sweet Country Gal

This frying pan's made for whacking

-999 HP!

Dark Serge...

Group shot

Fishing :D

Leena and Serge hearts you :3

We were photoshooting near the event hall. Then we decided to go to the 15th floor and shoot outdoors, since the Singaporeans are hotel guests, so we get access there! :3


*puppy eyes*


To top the whole mini photoshoot up, we have one last gif!

Rapunzel's is Leena's friend :3

I love my Chrono Cross group! I'm so glad I had Ikki, ItoMaki and Claude in my group. They were owhsm.  And they made my Comic Fiesta! ;w;

After the photoshoot, Claude retreated back to his room. (being a magician in the hot sun is tough job) It was around 3pm, and I needed to change into my second outfit so that it's fully utilized at Comic Fiesta. :X Melissa and group is off for lunch, so once again, I only had myself to change into my costume. Thank goodness I met Chia Mei and her sister! After we got shooed out of the big, comfortable toilet into the crammed, wet one, they helped me get into my big dress and wig. My first time attempting to do a character with so much fabric! I think it took me about half an hour to get dress. But alas! I debut!

Hannah Anafeloz from Kuroshitsuji II


Woohoo! I'm pretty happy I did this cosplay with Melissa, it was a huge group too! I haven't done an over-cosplayed series since Yuffie. And Kuroshitsuji was SERIOUSLY over-cosplayed. |D But I'm proud to say I'm the first Hannah Anafeloz in Malaysia! 8D (from the looks of event pictures the last few months, Malaysia is a small place after all)

It was quite a crazy experience. I'm not cosplaying a very outstanding character who could stand on their own, again. But omg, group shots were crazy! Melissa grabbed two chairs, sat and posed with the whole group, and swarms of photographers came. FOR ALMOST 20 MINUTES. We stood there, shifted a little, changed poses, mumbled at each other. FOR 20 MINUTES. This is a first for me. o_o And it was hard for Hannah to do different poses, since she's pretty much expressionless/abusedface/worried... You get my drift. xD It was fun wearing a big dress with a cancan too. And since my socks were almost knee-length, I stuffed my handphone, money and gun in it, and hid it under my dress. xD

The big picture (full Trancy Household on the right! :D)


Hannah and Alois (you can see my pretty adult blue lens here)

It was a good experience. |D After that, I had to debate whether or not to change into Leena to accept my award. I was supposed to be ready by the stage at 6pm. I felt that it was too much of a hassle and too short of a time as Hannah if I changed out of it. At 6.30pm-ish, the results still wasn't announced, and the Gempak autograph session just started. Thinking that I might have enough time, I dashed to the toilet and get out of my big dress, switched my wig, get into my other costume while everyone else was already packing up to leave. xD I could hear the PA system from the toilet, and when I heard that it was prize giving time, I dashed out, leaving my suitcase in the toilet (o_o) and ran through the packed event hall. I didn't even have time to wear on my gold bracelets! Still pushing through the crowd, and they announced Chrono Cross as the Best Group Cosplay! Finally reached the stage and walked up with Serge. :3

Radical Dreamers!

This is my 3rd Group Cosplay title in a row! This is the only thing that I do best, I guess. :P After going down the stage, Serge and I started checking our loot. They gave us a lot of stuff this year, since they had more sponsors too! No figurines, but lots of hair product from Hoyu. There were a few DVD's too and other stuff. Since we had to returned the trophy last year (it's like a piala pusingan where they'll engrave our names on it), I assumed that we had to return this one, too. Since I had to go already, and we taken pictures with the trophy, might as well return it.

Me: Excuse me, we have to return this trophy right?
ChibiNeko: Oh no, you can keep it.

SRZSHIZ. o_o They weren't gonna do the whole engraving thing. This trophy was slightly lighter than the one we won as Ace Attorney last year. Yay we're keeping the trophy, what a pleasant surprise! :D

So yeah, end of CF stuff ensues. I went back to the toilet to collect my stuff (the mak cik told me off for leaving it there :P) while carrying the extra bags that I have to bring home too. Michelle and I grabbed a bite at Subway before leaving.

Here's some other pictures of Day 2 to share! :D

View outside the hall from above

Edward Elric!


Melissa and Celine as Alois and Sebastian


I looooove the Sai |D (look closely at his scroll)


Super owhsm RO group! :D I love em' for doing it! ;w;

The hall was empty and I SPOTTED HIM! OMG EDGEWORTH. HIS FINGER. I CAN FEEL THE PASSION THROUGH HIS OBJECTIOOON! (she's cosplaying the younger Edgey too! :3)

Relm Arrowny from FF6! Glad I made her happy for recognizing her. :D And yay Relm! Love the costume design. ;w;

.hack//G.U. Two Haseo's bagged the Solo Cosplay prizes :P

Bleach! (I haven't had the chance to cosplay this series that I've been following so loyally...)

Beatrice and Battler from Umineko! But the point here is OMG SOUL LINKER. I was chasing her down while she was busy! Haha.

Nicked a picture from Facebook that does her more justice. Soul Linker so owhsmmmm. ;w; (now I have competition, haha)

Aftermath of Comic Fiesta. Freed my hair of braids after two days, and the wave actually looks good. o_o

So back home I go! Comic Fiesta has been a blast for me, and a new resolution to make better costumes. Usually after Comic Fiesta, I have to face post-CF and also school, but with school out of the way, my holidays is much more fun. :D Also, because SPM ends the day after CF, Youth Dhamma Camp is pushed to the next week too! Whee!

Stay tuned for the next blogpost about Youth Dhamma Camp 19. :3

Quote of the Day: "Wilt thou change this world... Or wilt thou change thyself?" - Water Dragon, Chrono Cross.

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