Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Step into College


So, the day came where I finally took another huge leap in life and entered the college realm! So, where and what? Taylor's College Subang Jaya, South Australian Matriculation. =)

My orientation was on Wednesday, which was the latest pre-U program to start, not to mention that Thursday is Thaipusam, so our first week at college was pretty much just two days. Got to college really early with Anthea on Felicia's car. Anthea went off for classes at 8am, while I get to wait outside of the Multi-Purpose Hall until 9am.

Observing human behaviour while waiting

After a long while, I got bored. And it was only 15 minutes... Soon enough, we got into the hall, and then I finally saw familiar faces! (I kinda anticipated them though, Facebook! :P) I saw Jeffrey, Catherine, Ling Hui...

Welcome to Taylor's!

So yeah, it's a few hours of talks with over 700 other SAM students. I was of course, sitting alone as usual, being the odd one out taking SAM. After that, we flooded out of the hall to check the class lists to see what group we're assigned to. So I spotted it! Yin Shu Hui, G11! Yes, there's a G6, and people were actually thrilled over it. ("Look! I'm fly like a G6!") I walked off to my classroom, noting all the other classrooms on the corridor, people were up from their chairs and chatting which other. I was looking forward to meeting new people and getting comfortable with my classmates. Opened the door to C19, hello classmates!


Oh. Em. Gee. D: The classroom was already half full, and everyone was rooted at their seats. EVERYONE. It was coooold. I grabbed a seat and attempted to smile at the people around me. NO REACTION. Everyone's either staring into space, or whispering to the person that they know. I don't know anyone there, so I can't create noise. D:

We had an ice-breaking session, which was still equally cold. Later, we had an "assignment" called Photo Run where we had to snap pictures in a groups around the campus.


The "Mother Nature" Shot :P

Classroom Shot!

Breaktime at 11.30am! Walking down the steps, I was invited by a bizarre sight that Guan has warned me about: SAM seniors selling off their textbooks. It doesn't sound that scary in a sentence, but oh my gosh, it was a flea market out there! And the guards didn't permit them entry, so they linger at the walkway outside the college.

Note people shielding themselves with textbooks and harassing asking the people walking out if they needed to buy any

The whole crowd there are carring textbooks and banners. And it goes dooooown the block.

People with their opened car bonnets selling not pirated DVDs, but textbooks! o_o

I had lunch with Anthea and her A-levels friends in the cafeteria. Since I already had my student ID, I started wandering around the place until 1pm. I caught up with Catherine, and later Ling Hui! :D At the corridor near my classroom, I found Eu Mun! We started talking, until Ling Hui came by and joined us at the junction to talk about the ol' days and other stuff. Soon, Jeffrey joined us, and we hogged the junction. :P It was great to catch up with old friends again, and I really hope to see them around for the whole year.

Got back to my classroom and I managed to speak to some of my classmates more, thank goodness! Then the lecturer in charge, Ms. Rachel continued with more college briefing stuff. And orientation was over! o_o Something I noticed at college was that circle lenses were super popular! And the girls were all daring to wear crazy colours in the daylight.(not for cosplay! o_o) There was lots of blues, and even a red lens. Ganaz! When we left, the seniors were still attempting to sell off their textbooks and graphic calculator, HAH!

Honestly, I was hoping for a more exciting day and to get to know more people. But I was slightly disappointed, especially since G11 was pretty shy and quiet that day. But you shouldn't judge people too early!

Thursday was holiday since it was Thaipusam. I went through my time table and map to see where all my classes would be. I even took the effort to colour code everything, haha! Went to college on Friday again with Anthea and Felicia. We were there earlier since it wasn't so jammed. Climbed the stairs towards my classroom at 7.40am+, almost opened the door when I received a phone call.

My principle called and asked me to see her at her office. o_o Zoomed there and she told me that I'll h ave to change into a different class. WHUT? Apparently, the system screwed up and my name somehow arrived at G11, when I was supposed to be in G9. Suddenly I had to reconfigure my whole mind and erase all my colour coded time table and map.

She passed me a new time table.

Mrs. Hoe: Oh, you start at 9am everyday! Isn't it good? Young people these days like to sleep in.
Me: Mm... but I'll be in college at 8am anyway because I carpool. ^^"
Mrs. Hoe: Haha! ...oh! You have a class now! C5! You better go now!

Zoomed off to my new class again. I got in just in time, passing a note to the lecturer. I scanned my surroundings and attempted to familiarize myself. And then I saw Catherine "o_o" at me! Whoop, at least someone I know in this class, it shouldn't be too shabby. And the best thing is, THERE IS NOISE. The lecturers gave us briefings to all their own subjects. It was pretty interesting, although the reality that I have to start studying again kicked in.

Friday was super interesting. All in all, I'm pretty glad to be in G-inverted-6 now. :P There's lots more outstation people, and even a Japanese! I got excited knowing there was a foreigner in my class, considering that there's hardly any in the whole SAM, and it's a Japanese too!

Then something hit me during class... The Japanese girl, Kaoru stood up to turn off the lights. I looked at her for awhile thinking, mmm... Kaoru. Then, hmmm... she looks familiar. Then OMG IT'S PRUSSIA.

Hetalians! Me as Seychelles in the dress, Kaoru as Prussia with the hat!

Kaoru's a cosplayer! :O I asked her during break, and we were both pleasantly surprised. xD I found out that Nana who cosplayed Italy with the white flag was in Taylor's too, but A-levels. Everyone's in Taylor's! o_o We Hetalians will be meeting up tomorrow. :3

After class at 1pm (I end super early on Fridays), Anthea, Meiji and I had lunch, then we hung out at the library! Libraries in college are so owhsm! We (me, Anthea, Eu Mun, Jeffrey...) abused the computers and played Facebook. xD I finally managed to get access into my student portal too.

Random fb is random

Desperate SAM seniors were still trying to sell off their stuff. We kinda messed with them a lot while they were finding for SAM students. :P

Despo: Are you SAM? SAM?
Us: Yes yes yes! I'm Sam! Samantha!

Yes, we are lame. We has come up with new jokes to mess the A-levels seniors with, which we would hopefully use tomorrow. :P

So far I'm pretty happy at college. But it's only been two days, and the recruitment drive for extra-curricular activities only starts next week! I'm going to have more fun! You can bet to see me spend lots of time in Taylor's.

I'll update some other time; I probably piled up this blogpost too much already, haha.

Quote of the Day: "Life is not worth living until you find something that is to die for." - That guy during SAM orientation, who quoted that guy from Discovery Channel.


  1. We have to get 4 and a half credits now.. most of my friends are just getting mediocre internal assessment marks like B grades. How do you seniors cope?? Please helppppp

    1. Hi Anon! Sorry for the late message. 4 and a half credits to enter SAM you mean...?

      Honestly, I didn't do exceptionally well in SAM. When I got my results at the end of it, I had ABBCC (I think?) But I had a 91.35 ATAR.

      I think everyone's study style is different, so what works for me might not be the same for you. I'm the type who just pays attention in class, but only looks at her notes the night before a test/exam, haha. I'm lucky that I absorb stuff fast, but my last minute studying does put me in quite abit of trouble sometimes. Honestly, I think I played a lot during SAM, haha. I was in a lot of clubs and hung out with my friends after class most of the time. Work hard, play hard.

      I think SAM is still 70/30 now? Do put some effort into your assignments and class tests, but know that it's not everything. The marks get scaled based on your external assessment.

  2. SAM Taylor's College Subang Jaya is so hard... the new Quek Principal doesn't listen to my views :(

    1. I'm sorry to hear that. =( She didn't came across as such a person during my time in SAM. I'm not sure what kind of issues you're facing, but it's best to speak to someone about it. You could talk to your classmates or any friendly staff member that you're comfortable with.

      You could try speaking to Miss Wong in the Pre-U office! She speaks to students quite a lot and she's friendly. Tell her Suzanne said hi! :P

  3. Hi, I'm glad i stumbled upon blogs like this, it helps alot. I'm gonna join the SAM programme neext year January. How long did you study for? and was it hard? I heard juggling 5 subjects in 1 year is very difficult.

    1. Hi Risna!

      SAM is a 1 year programme. I'm quite a last minute study type, but I managed to pull through. ^^" (please don't follow my footsteps lol) As for hard... it's a very subjective thing. I found the curriculum rather interesting (I absolutely cannot Physics though). SAM should be quite manageable even with 5 subjects, just remember to balance your studies and assignments. Not sure if I answered your question. ^^" Good luck in your future studies!

  4. Did their schedule pack ? How many classes per day ? Is it from morning till evening?

    1. Hello Anon! Happy new year and sorry for the late reply! The schedule isn't packed (for me). Usually classes start at 8/9am and end by 3/4pm. Some times you may have free periods in between, or even 2 hour lunch breaks. On Fridays, I end at 12pm.


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