Friday, February 25, 2011

I am Yin!

Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together...

I made it! I'm the Student Council President! =) Thanks all of you who supported me through my short campaign. All of you are owhsm! I'm so surprised at the amount of people who actually cared to click "like", and gave me cheers of confidence in my abilities, and all the congratulatory messages... I'm so touched. ;w;

322+1 people liked my page ;) Thanks!

I was super nervous before they announced the results. After we heard it, immediately we had to fit in with our new council, and start working for SAM Fiesta 2011. Whoopieee!

Meanwhile, here are some more random pictures from the week for you. :3

Other pictars from the random camwhore session. Because we are girls and we can. lD

Because Facebook creates owhsm, spontaneous humour :P (ABUKEN HAH)

Remember this? I submitted it on The Star and it's on Tuesday's paper! :D I didn't win the RM50 though, ewww. My picture is so much more owhsm and it got more votes. (and they changed my caption too! D:)

I've been unleashing my hidden Photoshop skills this week, because it so happens that in my whole Student Council, my Photoshop skills are actually the pro-est, haha. I did the "Presenting your Student Council" poster above, which is going to be printed as a banner and hung in campus. :P

So far, I've been doing well with my Student Council! They are all pretty owhsm people, and we're getting along well. Since I'm Student Council President, I guess I'll not be taking up too many leadership positions in other clubs. Besides, I'll probably have to take up another big job once Jeffrey steps down this mid-year. =)

Of course, it's been busy this week. Maths and Bio test WTH. GG and GC plz. ;w; All week I've been staying back till 5pm, having extra Maths classes and student council meetings. Haven't had the opportunity to go for any other club meetings but the Anime Society.

It was Bing Xi's birthday on Friday (Happy birthday again! :D) and we wanted to go lunch with Jasmine, who ffk us without telling us until we called her one hour later. ;w; In the end, we didn't get lunch, but looked for her at the Taylor's Business Club "Just Win It" fair. We ended up sitting and watching the "Take it or Leave it" game, which is just like "Deal or No Deal". It was pretty awesome! Jasmine and JC were the models with the boxes. :P

At the Anime Society meeting, it was a quiz kind of thing. My team didn't win the crossword puzzle, but we totally pwned Jeopardy. Had some laughs, and sold my pretty Japanese school shoe. ;w;

And the weekend is here! Woohoo! Got quite a few events on my schedule this weekend. Meanwhile...

This is the SAM Fiesta I've been working on! I made the whole poster from scratch (except for the background). I'm so proud! ;w; It's going to be the orientation party for the SAM students only. It'll be like a club, minus the liquor! I hope there will be a large turn out and that it be a success, considering that it's so rush now, and that the event is on a Thursday.


I did my best to do a "frequent" update, hopefully having enough content with less walls of texts and being as entertaining as possible. :P Another update to come after my big weekend then!

Quote of the Day: "If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams." - Les Brown

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Russian Culture Through Words

(This commercial break is brought to you once again in the name of Yegor, who should be reading this post, privet-privet! ))) )

Establishing connection with your Russian friend? But need more than just smiles to talk to them?

Now you can has Яцssiaи Koииэctioи!

Yesterday, we sat with Yegor the Russian English teacher, who then became our Russian Russian teacher! We were offered a few words of wisdom, and now you'll be able to type a phrase or two in Russian to bond better with your Russian friend.

Privet: Hello
Pronounced somewhat like "preevet". Can be used in the form of privet-privet to represent "hihi".
Da: Yes
Net: No
Tut: Here
Poka: Bye
Yegor notes that this phrase is rejected by the official Russian language. Use it casually on your Russian friends to show them your friendliness!
Do svidaniya: Goodbye
The official "goodbye" phrase, and official stuff are pretty lame, "poka" wins hands down for cuteness and easy pronunciation.
Ya looblu tebya: I love you
Not the proper spelling, but this is spelt in a way that makes it easy for non-Russians to pronounce. The sequence doesn't matter, can be used as "Looblu tebya ya".
Pelmeni: Meat dumplings
Quote Yegor, the "russian food of students and laziest ppl on earth". Offer virtual pelmeni to your Russian friends and they might love you for it.

With this knowledge of words at the tips of your keyboard, you can now get more Russian friends! )))

Quote of the Day: "Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine." - Robert C. Gallagher

Sunday, February 20, 2011

College Tales!

So, Chinese New Year just ended, so did my Campaign for Student Council! And here's a blogpost with more on what happened at college and other stuff!

As you should already know, I'm studying SAM in Taylor's Subang Jaya in the owhsm class of G9. We has Bollywood guys, cosplayers, Japanese, people from all over Malaysia, efficient workers, tall doods, smart peeps, cute lecturers, and lots of owhsmness overall!

Random College Picture No.1! (blame the spilt bubble tea on Jordy! D:)

My classmates would probably know me as the biggest bubble tea fan. :P My Mocha+Chocolate got knocked over the table last Thursday. Sadz. (it was supposed to keep me awake in classes!)

That Thursday was also the day I had my Student Council interview! It wasn't much of a question answer kind of thing, we were sorted into groups and asked to plan a theme and promotion strategy for the SAM Fiesta. On Monday, Brenda and I found out that we were running for President! Immediately, we were told that campaign starts Wednesday and votings start this weekend.

OWH. AM. GEE. o____o

My mind was racing at 190 ASPD. So little time for preparation! As mentioned the Goddess of Flowers aided me in making my owhsm campaign poster. :3 Here's some behind the scenes pictures!

Oh look! Anthea's cupboard! TAIGA IN A CUPBOARD AAH!


I want YOU

Vote for Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Shu Hui!

Switching around with the coats

So! My campaign! Thank goodness my Maths lecturer was away, I had so much extra time which actually helped me take breathers or spend more time campaigning. Thursday, my class starts at 9am. I got to school, met the Student Council advisor, and I found out that unlike CAL candidates, we can't interrupt classes to give speeches. =( I had to make use of the10 minutes I get in between classes every hour. I jogged off to one of the printing shops opposite Taylor's (not MAC Centre, because they are rip offs D:) and printed 15 pieces of my poster. Immediately started stapling (thanks Jian for the stapler!) them at strategic spots, which was pretty challenging since almost every corner was filled with CAL, ECA and SAM posters already. (later, I borrowed Brenda's tape (thanks again!), which gave me more spots to vandalise decorate my posters with) At every 10 minute break, I was out of class and in someone else's class, telling them why they should vote for me. It was pretty fun, as most of them gave me positive responses, and they reacted to my jokes! And the owhsm pun!

Another good news is my club meetings started on Wednesday! First, I went to my TAYMUN (Taylor's Model United Nations) meeting with Anthea and her CAL friends. The president is pretty owhsm. :3 And we're hoping Anthea gets to take over the reign! After 5pm, I went for my Scrachess Club meeting. I joined the Club because it has owhsm boardgames! :P I was late, so Settlers of Catan was taken (dawwww), instead I learned how to play Jungle Beats (which was pretty simple and fun too!) and Risk, but I didn't have the time to play that, since they just unboxed it and was figuring out the game too. The only thing that makes me uncomfortable in the Scrachess Club is the Cina-ness it exudes. D: I'm not complaining about the language, it's just the way they speak... I'm not being evil lah, but... mhmm...

Anyway! I was pretty much the only person who was interrupting classes so much to campaign. By late Thursday, I was asked to slow down abit, so I kinda let go alot and I didn't really try as hard on Thursday as I did the day before. I had Debate Club meeting! There's almost half the people in Debate compared to TAYMUN. But I like speaking, so it piques my interest.

Random College Picture No.2! (Li Xia made me! :P)

Friday, I didn't enter any other classes for campaign. I tried, but I couldn't find any class that had people and no lecturers. :X And I was socializing with my classmates! Yay! It was a short day and we ended class at 1pm. But I had to stay until 3.30pm before my club meeting starts. Went out of college for lunch for the first time in two weeks. (mum, are you proud of me? :3) Went to Face to Face with Kaoru. Pan mee, nomnomnomnom. And still I had lots of time! Lazed at The Web with Ling Hui. When it was almost time, I went for my Anime Society meeting! First cosplay of the year, yay! I did Mia Fey, along with Jasmine who was Maya-Fey-who-was-almost-two-hours-late. I was surprised to see the familiar faces there! And I never imagined that they, too, would join the Anime Society! o_o

Yes, I know all there's all the nerd, geek, freak tags attached to these sort of stuff, but I do these sort of stuff, and the club's for leisure, so heck, why not? And yes, the club was very casual, so was the meeting. (not very well-organized, I have to say *dodges pie* :X) And I've already anticipated die-hard Anime fans with 87124669129 anime-related articles committed to memory! Not to mention that they have a dying urge to regurgitate the info out. No offence. :O We're not all like that. But yeah, I had fun! Lots of awkward moments, but yup, fun! :D

Have I mentioned that person-in-the-army-gear is a SAM lecturer? o___o

Club Picture! (we had more members, but they went home)

Cosplayers picture! (and more peeps)

And weekends! Yay! I was supposed to be at a convention, but they postponed it at the last minute. Grr! So now I rot at home. Except that I have fun rotting amd I have random pictures to show! :D

Mechanic cat iz in ur karz, fixin ur enjinz (this actually happened)

And Kristy followed after!

BANGZ! (our stuff from Taobao came! So we play. :3)

I have more funny stuff. But next time! :P

Quote of the Day: "First impressions are like fresh painted nails. One false move can ruin it all." - Tan Swea Ching

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If you Vote me Yin

Chinese New Year is almost ending! But college buzyness just started.

So, it's Monday, Valentine's Day. I left my water bottle at Bliss 33 the day before, so I hardly drank any water. ;w; On top of that, I had two hours before classes start (Maths class starts and 9am, but the lecturer wasn't coming), but I realized later that I forgot to bring my files, containing all my notes and homework. orz Had a pretty rough start and had a hard time concentrating on what I was supposed to do.

Then break time! Grabbed bubble tea from Let's A Cup (I think I should do a blog post with food spots around campus :P) and hung out at The Web. Then I saw it!

Dear Suzanne,

Congratulations! We are very pleased to inform you that you have been short listed for a position in the SAM Student Council 2010. We would like you to consider the position of President.

People from INTI should've heard my squeal, except that it was silent. :P Unfortunately, we were told that we were running for these seats so late, and campaign starts Wednesday till Friday. Not to mention, voting is going to be open this weekend already! It's a speedy campaign!

Thank goodness I have Anthea! :3 She's such a goddess, haha. She helped me with my campaign poster the pass two days and finally, it's done! Now, the problem is printing it because the free day they gave to us to prepare our resources just has to be a holiday... Which is good, since I actually used the whole day preparing my campaign; and it's bad, since no shops are open, and I can't abuse the college printers/ask the Student Council Advisors more questions...

Here is the owhsm poster!

Shu Hui for President!

Anthea did the editing and photo-taking, I doodled the stuff coming out of my brainz, and my owhsm brother made my owhsm tagline!

If you vote me Yin, I will Shu you the Hui

If you need me to explain to you what it means... well that's pretty sad, just keep thinking and reading it out aloud. x)

One of the other things I did today was my campaign page! Please visit it and support me! :3

That's pretty much it. Wish me luck!

Quote of the Day: "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Rabbit Year!

It's already the last week, but Happy Chinese New Year anyway! :D

On our last day of class before the holidays, G9 wore red to college. Sadly, no photos to show, yet. =( We have one week off starting on CNY eve, which was a Wednesday. Went back to Melaka with my family+Kristy as usual. I had reunion dinner at my aunt's place.

Steamboat and grill! Nomnom

There's nothing much to say about CNY actually. Just visit relatives, get angpao, stare into space, eat, cross stitch, play mahjung, rinse and repeat. :D Me, my brothers and dad kinda just tags along with my mum, and my relatives (mostly my aunts and mum) makes the visit by drinking at all the houses. :X For 3 days, I never touched the internet, just had Plants vs. Zombie on my brother's iPhone. xD Here are a few pictures to share!

The family and Kristy at our old house!

The zamagawd-full-of-energy-ladies+-of-the-Tan's

One third of the Tan family!
This is the reason why my angpao money never grow. They keep breeding little ones. 8D *bricked*

At night, if you can spot me at the back, you'll see me on my cross stitch :P

The pictures are pretty much just from Day 1 of CNY. o_o What really made my CNY was MAHJUNG! Every night around 11pm-12am, me and my cousins would play mahjung(and gamble) till... 5am. Every night! :P The second night, we actually played till 9am, then went out to buy breakfast, ate, then I slept till 3pm. xP Somehow, bunny luck loved me throughout my whole visit, and I totally swept my cousins and brother. :O I had a clean profit that could get me...3 new pairs of circle lens! :P

So, back to home on Sunday. And I haven't touched any homework yet! We crashed Anthea's place on Monday! Woooh! Finally a chance to meet up with the girls! :3 Me, Anthea, Siew Yen, Debbie, Anjie and Carmen gossipppppp. I brought along my brother's Agricola, and so we play!

Agricola is a European board game(it's the craze now plz!) where you play as a farmer and your goal is to have an all-rounded farmyard at the end of the game. It's super fun! :3

"for the whole day, we played this farming game. and I don't even know the name. but we had fun. the gang had, in the end, 18 points, 16 points, 13 points. I ended up with -3 points. negative 3. that's 3 below zero." - Debbie Liow

How can it be a girl thing without camwhore? :3 (pictures are still with Anthea, YOU SEE THIS ANT? D:)

In the end, I slept over at Anthea's house, haha. Totally failed at doing homework, again. (dad brought over my maths book, but not the book that recorded my homework) In the end, we RO-ed! :D Just recently, I finally made my Assassin Cross! YES! *w*

College started, but for now I can't really think of what to say about it. (I'll post about that later, G9 ftw!) Sadly, none of my clubs started operating yet. On a happier note, I am running for student council! I went for the "interview", which was more of a group discussion thing with the other hopefuls. I hope I did well, because we will only be informed of the results on Monday?

This Friday! I started my three day CNY spree with YS. First up was the D'Lot Open House! It was fun as usual! Food, random chatters, mahjung yee sang(randomsauce ftw!) and imitating other people. :P

Happy New Year Tu You!

The next day was the YS House Hopping! This year was my first time joining the fun, and it was waaaay fun. Played random games like pig, Monopoly Deal(this is owhsm!), Chor Dai Di, Mahjung... It was nice being with my YS family, and funnier to go wild with my "other half", Debbie.

Max, Szeto's adorable dog who cowers, then skids towards you in an ambush. o_o

At Debbie's house, where the main attraction was... her mum! o_o

I stayed back at Debbie's house while the rest went back to SJBA's open house. Anthea joined us later that evening and we spammed YouTube videos. ShamWOOHOO! :D

Lastly, on Sunday, was the annual SJBA CNY Carolling! Times have changed! We too, adopt newer trends. Basically, a bunch of us youths visit houses of people who invited us, and sing Chinese New Year songs to spread the joy. (and joy it is when the spread the angpao and food :P) This year we only had one bus because we were visiting less houses. =(

I don't have much pictures to show... (then again, all my pictures are still in the camera o_o) I left earlier, before even walking into Yee Xin's house. And this year, I opted to go casual-er because I only had red T-shirts and my red dress has been worn to two CNY carollings. Baaaad choice. ;w; Note to self: wear my red dress next time anyway.

More updates to come!

Quote of the Day: "He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery." - Harold Wilson

Monday, February 07, 2011

January 2011

Whoop! As usual, I'm getting a little lazy to blog. :O Besides college, alot happened since my last post that I haven't had the chance to talk about.
Meanwhile, Happy Chinese New Year! :D This needs a blogpost of its own, haha.

22 January, SJBAYS held a Buddhist Fellowship Futsal. It's a futsal tournament between Bhuddist societies in the Klang Valley, which two Singaporean teams joined in as well. I offered to help out with the pompoms, which turns out to be a bad idea because I received the materials late and I'm horrible at asking people for help. Committed suicide by doing everything on my own. o__o

Leftover rafia string from YDC19's Secret Santa revealing :P

After 6-7 hours! I only made 4 of these .__.

In the end, they weren't used I think. orz I had a dance practice in the morning, so I only watched the matches after 12, I was just in time to watch the SJBAYS team in the semi-finals! My cheering skills were so powerful I gave them the win. In the end, our team nagged the championship cup! :D

Bhuddists Can Kick!

Later that night was the YDC19 Reunion! There was really few of us, but it was great to meet up with everyone again. I didn't get the camp pictures though! So I guess the blogpost about YDC will have to wait again. :X

My share of the potluck! Yay for in joke *snaps fingers* :3


Thanks to Lien Chai (my super secret santa!) I am introduced to Munchkins! The next day, after the usual Teen Quest Gathering, me, Lien Chai, Tze Han, Jian Hon and Jerry went to Yan Ming's house. Along with Yan Weng, we played Munchkins!

It is super owhsm possum! The game is really interesting, and the cards and texts and all the effects and stuff are super hilarious! Basically, you start off as a level 1 human with no class (haha!) and you work your way up to level 10 by killing monsters and other stuff! It's pretty much like an RPG with lots of humour. (they have a monster called "Insurance Salesman"!) In a nutshell, YOU MUST PLAY IT. Tze Han had the sneak win. D: EBIL.

After the weekends was back to college again where more work ensued. I finally had a full week of studying, and I'm kinda enjoying myself.
Firstly, we get to wear whatever we want, so the atmosphere is pretty casual.
Secondly, ALL teachers speak in English! EAT THAT KEBANGSAAN SCHOOL.
Thirdly, I don't have a language subject anymore! (English as a Second Language doesn't count) No more worrying over your Bahasa essays and learning grammer! More reading of real facts. xP
Fourthly, I get to spend my free time in the library, on the computer, on the internet! Facebook woohoo! And random Facebook poking still ensues from library sessions. :P
The best of all, BUBBLE TEA.
And I really really love my classmates. SAM G9 ftw! :3 And it's nice to see all my old friends around campus too, eventually I need separate lunch sessions with all of them, especially my primary school friends. Now I'm excited for the extra-curricular activities to start!

Well, that's pretty much it, other than Chinese New Year stuff, which I'll cover in another post. :X So I'll end this post with another epic announcement...


Once again, for the uninformed Video Games Live is:

an immersive event created by the game industry featuring the best game music performed by top orchestras and choirs combined with synchronized lighting, video, live action and audience interactivity. The first and most successful video game concert tour in the world.

You should've seen my reaction when I found out! I almost cried! ;w; They came to KL for the first time last year. I love love loooooved the show sooo much! I'm a video game and music enthusiast, and a much much bigger video game music lover! And I'm so glad their back! Chrono Cross cosplay this year maybe? :3 And I just read from VGL's Facebook page, they're saying they received many requests for Phoenix Wright music. ZOMG. Will we hear Ace Attorney at VGL this year? 8D
Now I can only cross my fingers to hope that the show wouldn't clash with my Melbourne trip this year. =(

Now I'm off to Anthea's house. :D

Quote of the Day: "Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions." - Edgar Cayce

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Russian Culture Through Smiles

(This commercial break is brought to you in the name of Yegor, the Russian teacher from RO)

Do you have a Russian friend? Or would you like to learn how to communicate with them?

Now you can has Russian Connection!

After years of careful investigation, we noted several things that you can use on your Russian friends on the internet to foster a better relationship with them.

1. Type with proper punctuations!
The key to this is that you must remember to capitalize the first letters of the sentence and things like "I" and names.

Bad: hello russian friend! :D
Good: Hello Russian friend! :D

2. Use smileys!
Russians may vary and use different smileys, but they share one common smiley: the ). Yes, you saw the smiley! It's a lazy-russian thing to kill the eyes from the smiley and do ) instead. To show more enthusiasm, multiply the ).

Bad: How are you doing? :)
Good: How are you doing? )
Better: How are you doing? )))))

Now you know these tips, get out there and get some Russian friends! )

Quote of the Day: "(If looks could kill, this woman would be a mass-murderer by now...)" - Apollo Justice, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.
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